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Open Access

What is open access?

Nationally and internationally, there has been a shift towards making research output available online via open access, with the aim of enabling the free flow of information to benefit researchers, institutions, and society as a whole. This guide provides an overview of a range of issues relevant to open access publishing including what open access is, different publishing models, publisher and funding requirements, and copyright.

Open access (OA) is where published scholarly output is made accessible online without charge. Access includes the right to download, read, copy, re-use, distribute and display material subject to the proper citation and acknowledgement of authorship.

OA materials are most commonly peer-reviewed journal articles, but there is a movement towards providing OA to scholarly monographs as well.

UniSA Open Access Policy in a nutshell

  • The UniSA Open Access Policy applies to all research publications from 1 January 2014.
  • An electronic copy of the final refereed, revised draft (post-print) of each research or scholarly output of the University is to be deposited in the University Research Archive by the author within one month of acceptance for publication. Please submit your research.
  • Open access to the full-text will be available as soon as is practicable and not later than twelve months after publication. Embargoes and access restrictions will be applied as necessary.
  • Compliance with this policy automatically confers compliance with ARC and NHMRC open access mandates.