About the Library

Multi Access Suite

Multi access suites have been established in all metropolitan libraries with a modified version available at 101 Currie Street.

  • The multi access suites are only available to patrons during library opening hours.

    The suites are available to all members of the University community and provide a dignified, private and appropriate space that supports the needs of parents, breastfeeding mothers, and people with disabilities, medical or mental health conditions.

    Each campus multi access suite provides:

    • a quiet place to breastfeed, bottle-feed, or express milk
    • a quiet place to attend to disability or medical or mental health conditions
    • a partitioned section for extra privacy
    • comfortable seating
    • a baby change table in each section
    • a height adjustable hydraulic table in the main room
    • hot and cold water
    • a microwave
    • waste disposal
  • UniSA staff automatically receive access to use all multi access suites on their Staff ID. If you are unable to gain access, please contact FM Assist on your campus.

  • UniSA students who wish to apply for once-off or occasional access to the Multi Access Suite should contact FM Assist on their campus.

    Students with a disability, medical or mental health condition who require regular admission to the multi access suites should negotiate access as a part of their Access Plans. To organise an access plan you can make an appointment to see a Disability Adviser with theĀ Student EngagementĀ Unit on your campus.

  • Visitors to the University requiring once-off access should direct their request to Library staff.

  • If you have any questions about the multi access suites please contact the HR Unit or extension 21700.