Brian Condon: Letters and Documents in 19th Century Australian Catholic History

James Dempsey [Builder] to Rev D. Power. 5 November 1827

[Source: Adelaide Archdiocesan Archives copy]



5 November 1827

Reverend Sir,

I am sorry I should have been so unfortunate as to give you any offence on the late occasion in Parramatta as it was very far from being intentional - my want of humility and Christian obedience has often gained the displeasure of my superiors for me in this Colony.

I confess I should have been more submissive to my Director who had his authority from God, but I hope by his assistance to be more guarded for the time to come.

I have to inform your Reverence that the stone mason I intended to send up has met an accident by spraining his ankle which prevents him going at present. With God's help I intend to go up there myself tomorrow morning and bringing my men for two or three days at least to make a beginning. I should wish therefore you would order that plenty of rough stone to work in the foundation be laid on the ground that we may not be obliged to use those already there which are calculated for the upper part of the building than the foundation, and that you have some loam and two or three labourers in readiness to prevent delay.

I remain, Reverend Sir

With great respect

Your obedient humble servant

James Dempsey



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