Brian Condon: Letters and Documents in 19th Century Australian Catholic History

Governor Frederick Weld to Cardinal Barnabò. 6 December 1873

[Source: Adelaide Archdiocesan Archives copy of Archives of Propaganda Fide, Rome: SRC Oceania vol. 10 f. 555. Incomplete?]


Government House


Western Australia

Dec 6 1873

His Eminence Cardinal Barnabò &c &c &c

It is now some four years since I did myself the honour to write to Your Eminence, shortly after I had assumed the Government of that Colony, and from the reply with which you honoured me, I think that it will be agreeable to you that I should again now write.

I have been able since my arrival here not indeed to do all that could be desired in the matter, but at all events to obtain certain funds for the support of Catholic Schools, which before received no assistance from the Government and have also, in obedience in fact to the instructions of the British Government, in other matters had the pleasure of placing the Catholic Church on [page missing?]

I have a high opinion of him so, possibly, [he] may be thought of at some future day as successor to Bishop Griver. I strongly also advise you to keep in mind a young Priest of very great virtue, zeal and ability (who also has polished and agreeable manners), namely Father John O'Reilly. He is a young man in every way refined and of great promise. I do not think I have much more to say to your Eminence. It is not unlikely that ere very long I may be removed to some other Government, so that should you desire to reply or write to me I shall be obliged by your addressing to me thus: His Excellency Governor Weld care of Charles Weld Esqr., Chideock, Bridport Dorset England, which will always find me. I see that my brother Mr Charles Weld had the great honour of carrying the banner of His Holiness at the Paray le Monial pilgrimage.

Permit me to offer to Your Eminence the expression of my wishes for your health and support in your labours and to express my veneration for His Holiness and profound sympathy, far off though I be, in the trials which beset the Church in Europe. That the day of triumph for the Holy Father may not long be deferred is the constant prayer of Your Eminence's attached and humble servant

Fred. A. Weld



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