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           Q5000Nyiri nyangangka tjukurpa tjuta ngaranyi nyakula walkatjunkunytjaku: tjukurpa malatjanguru 11-nguru 21-kutu
           Q5001Nyiri nyangangka tjukurpa tjuta ngaranyi nyakula walkatjunkunytjaku: tjukurpa malatjanguru 1-nguru 10-kutu
           Q5002Nyiri nyangangka tjukurpa ngaranyi nyakula walkatjunkunytjaku: tjukurpa malatjanguru 22-nguru 32-kutu
           Q5003Perfume analogies
           Q5004Personal messages from Jesus
           Q5005Personal prayers of famous people
           Q5006Port Lincoln Times personal notices: January 1989 to December 1989
           Q5007Regional comparative study of motorcycle accidents with special reference to licensing requirements
           Q5008The Ride
           Q5009River Murray Football Association: 1931-1941
           Q5010Sam's story: an unfinished tale
           Q5011Shipping arrivals and departures, South Australia, 1627-1850: a guide for genealogists and maritime historians
           Q5012Ships of the inland rivers: an outline history and details of all known paddle ships, barges and other vessels trading on the Murray-Darling system
           Q5013Small enterprises in Australia: selected readings (1) - financial management
           Q5014Spacebusters: sixteen fantastic paper spacecraft to make and fly
           Q5015The Sporting Car Club's South Australian motoring history book no.10: motor-cycles, 1899-1930
           Q5016The Sporting Car Club's South Australian motoring history book no.1: a collection of photographs, 1898-1918
           Q5017St Stephen's Lutheran Church, 1862-1987
           Q5018Status report
           Q5019The story of the A.L. Fielke cricket bat
           Q5020Surrogacy: bioethical dilemmas in the 1990s; papers of the National Bioethics Conference, November 7 & 8 1990
           Q5021Through the looking glass - a spectrum of legal practice: conference 90
           Q5022TRAM '90 conference: training resources applied to minerals and energy
           Q5023Verse by eye
           Q5024What future for TAFE?: a discussion paper
           Q5025Adelaide Rostrum Club No. 3
           Q5026Auburn Souvenir
           Q5027Australasian Opinion: an independent journal
           Q5028The Boomerang: Xmas no. for the Parkside Xmas Festival, Illustrated
           Q5029The Burra Literary Star: the organ of the Burra Literary Society
           Q5030Christian Worker: and South Australian Christian Endeavour News
           Q5031Directory of Children's Services in Salisbury
           Q5032The Exchange: issued weekly
           Q5033The Eye Opener: a sociological survey, critical iconoclast and satirical searchlight
           Q5034News and notes
           Q5035Annual Report
           Q5036Jeynud's Australian Impudence and Institutional Iconoclast
           Q5037Teachers plan!
           Q5038Pamaba Gazette: and Australian Exchange
           Q5039Port Adelaide Shipping Circular
           Q5040Programme of annual competitions and exhibitions
           Q5042Prospect programme
           Q5043Membership list
           Q5044Annual report
           Q5045The Sports, pastime and theatrical journal
           Q5046St Paul Lutheran Primary School
           Q5047Chairman's report for the Annual General Meeting
           Q5049The Y.M. Battleaxe
           Q5050Report for the year ended ...
           Q5051Records of the Adelaide Pistol Club (including notes of meetings of its predecessor, the South Australian Revolver and Pistol Club) comprising minutes, notes, financial statements and results of national championships [SSL:M SRG443]
           Q5052Further papers of Charles Combe Deland comprising examination reports of Effie Wyllie, letters written by Effie Wyllie and by Margaret Wyllie to Charles Combe Deland on the Western Australian goldfields, letter from Florence Deland, bill from T.E. Sparks to Charles Combe Deland, notification of travel booking to Charles Combe Deland by Thomas Cook and Son, nurse's registration certificate of Agnes Wyllie, papers relating to engagement of Alexander Wyllie as an electrical engineer and letter by Effie Best [SSL:M PRG 90 RESTRICTED]
           Q5053Additional records consisting of correspondence and related papers in English, both to and from Dr Deszery. The material is accompanied by an index [SSL:M PRG 857]
           Q5054Additional records of the Fire and Accident Underwriters Association of South Australia comprising albums of fire survey block plans for Adelaide, Port Adelaide and Mile End, album of country town plans including factory site plans and architectural elevation and site plan for Tea Tree Gully Golf Club [SSL:M BRG 55]
           Q5055Additional records consisting of a photographic album of photographs collected by Captain Hart [1809-1873] during his travels through Asia [SSL:M PRG 218]
           Q5056Additional records of Rotary International Districts 950 and 952 comprising Rotary Club of Prospect Board minutes, Committee minutes, History, correspondence, press cuttings and plan of territory [SSL:M SRG 346 RESTRICTED]
           Q5057Additional records comprising copies of Maurice Salom's will (original in Supreme Court of South Australia), and the Salom coat-of-arms [SSL:M PRG 664]
           Q5058Challa Gardens Primary School's 'Voices of the Past' entry. Interview with Margaret and Kevin Hann. Date of recordings: 7 September 1990. Total length: 15 minutes. Interviewer: Challa Gardens Primary School students [SSL:M OH122]
           Q5059Interview with Colin J. Curtis, Director of Music, Pembroke School. Date of recordings: 30 April 1990. Total length: 1 hour. Interviewer: Elizabeth Kwan [SSL:M OH117]
           Q5060Dairying and milk vending in Adelaide. Date of recordings: 1990. Total length: 1 hour 10 minutes (approx.) [SSL:M OH121]
           Q5061Hannaford Family Reunion recordings, 17-18 November 1990. Addresses by C.R. 'Bert' Kelly and Brian D. Hannaford. Date of recordings; 17-18 November 1990. Total length: 30 minutes [SSL:M OH118]
           Q5063Interviews by E.M. (Betty) Fisher. Date of recordings: December 1990. Total length: 7 hours (approx.) Interviewer: Betty Fisher and David Fisher [SSL:M OH120]
           Q5064Interviews concerning Parndana Soldier Settlement Scheme (and other areas of Kangaroo Island) Date of recordings: c.1977. Total length: 6 hours (approx.) Interviewer: Jean Woolley and Janice Kelly [SSL:M OH119]
           Q5065Interview with Fred Maxwell, Soldier. Date of recordings: c.1977. Total length: 30 minutes. Interviewer: Bill Chamberlain [SSL:M OH102]
           Q5066Salisbury East High School's 'Voices of the Past' entries. Date of recordings: August, September 1990. Total length: 1 hour. Interviewer: Salisbury East High School students [SSL:M OH123]
           Q5067Interview with Janet Lindsay Whitington, b.1919. Date of recordings: January 1990 (in progress) Total length: 11 hours 30 minutes (approx. to date) Interviewer: Victoria Whitington [SSL:M OH88]
           Q5068Aspects of language: five essays on speech (idiom, dialect, disorder, children, the elderly)
           Q5069At Ardilla
           Q5070Barossa humour with Evan Kleemann
           Q5071Barossa humour with Evan Kleemann
           Q5072Barossa humour with Evan Kleemann
           Q5073Barossa humour with Evan Kleemann
           Q5075Bits and pieces: variety in verse
           Q5076Brighton Heritage Survey
           Q5077The cargo cults of Australia: the Multifunction Polis, foreign investment and national sovereignty
           Q5078The diaries of John McConnell Black: Diaries Five to Eight - 1887-1910
           Q5079Different drum
           Q5080Disappearing charity donations in Adelaide
           Q5082Ergonomic design products for the consumer: proceedings of the 26th annual conference of the Ergonomics Society of Australia, 4th - 7th December 1990 Adelaide, Australia
           Q5083Evaluation report
           Q5084Facing all challenges: Salisbury East High School - the first 25 years
           Q5085Tanunda Liedertafel. A festival of song
           Q5086A framework for reviewing the effectiveness of schooling
           Q5087Grocke family history 1838-1990
           Q5088Hospice 90: keynote papers
           Q5089Improving effectiveness: suggestions for TAFE teachers
           Q5090Interim Report
           Q5091Lend me thy sword ... three talks on Shakespeare
           Q5092Lyall McEwin Health Service: report of the Polyoptimum Computerised Nursing Rostering Trial
           Q5093Macclesfield Jubilee 1840-1990: families old and new
           Q5094Making childhood a healthy experience: nutrition guidelines for child-care centres and kindergartens
           Q5095Memories of yesterday
           Q5096The mental travellers: four talks on speculative fiction
           Q5099Problem solving units for the hospitality industry
           Q5100The records of Australian chess: tournament and match tables
           Q5101Report of the Task Force Enquiring into Duck Hunting in South Australia
           Q5102Royal Adelaide Hospital Nursing Division: Polyoptimum Computerized Rostering Trial; final report
           Q5104Some of the Shutze story
           Q5105South Australian diesel pictorial: the 80's
           Q5106Speak out: literacy for living - health management for older women
           Q5107Wallaroo Marina proposal: draft environmental impact statement
           Q5108What is Autism?
           Q5109Women's Studies: a booklist of material held in the Library Resource Centre of Croydon Park College of TAFE
           Q5110Aged care services in the City of Salisbury
           Q5111The Atheist Newsletter
           Q5112City of Brighton Community Directory
           Q5113Community and Local Government Information Review
           Q5114Community Directory
           Q5115Community Resources Directory
           Q5116Consumers' Directory A - Z
           Q5117Directory of Recreational Organisations: Campbelltown Council Area
           Q5118Directory of Health and Welfare Services in Port Pirie
           Q5119District Council of Coonalpyn Downs Community History and Information
           Q5121The Excelsior: a monthly periodical and literary and advertising medium
           Q5122Friends of the "Oscar W." Society Inc Newsletter
           Q5123Goolwa Community News Letter
           Q5124Home and Community Care Services South Australia
           Q5125Information Directory: your guide to community and business services in the Gumeracha District Council Area
           Q5126Information for parents with young children
           Q5127Information for unemployed: Noarlunga
           Q5128Jigsaw: a forum for discussion
           Q5129The Juvenile Times: a fortnightly journal of News, Science, Literature etc
           Q5130Kingswood Contact
           Q5131Leisure Directory for City of Noarlunga
           Q5132Living in Noarlunga: information for school leavers
           Q5133Lucindale Community Development Board Welcomes You To Lucindale
           Q5134Magill Mirror (Magill Institute Fair)
           Q5135The Meteor (The Glenelg Fancy Fair Illuminator)
           Q5136The Meteor (St. Bartholomew's Lily Fair, Norwood)
           Q5140Annual report
           Q5141Organisations list
           Q5142RAPI Bulletin
           Q5143Risky Business [Newsletter]
           Q5144Sullivan's Cove Catalogue
           Q5145Temperance Bells
           Q5146[US]: newsletter from Ellinides of South Australia
           Q5147The Village Voice
           Q5148Hiring Catalogue
           Q5150Course Book
           Q5151The Zebra News
           Q5152Papers of Natalia Davies, civil defence organiser, comprising Civil Defence Society and Women's Air Training Corps papers, lecture notes, service record, badges, photographs of civil defence exercises, press cuttings, scripts of short stories and plays, papers relating to Lampeter and lecture notes, certificates and correspondence of Amylis Laffer together with stretcher and trunk containing bandages, blackout papers, ground sheet, inert gas samples, gas mask and helmets [SSL:M PRG 925]
           Q5153Manuscript of 'Glenelg - Town and City' by Keith Thomas Berry [SSL:M D7092 (Lit Ms)]
           Q5154Letters, all written by Jane Bettess of Mile End to her sister in America with the exception of the last one which was written by Alice Davey advising the sister of Jane Bettess's death [SSL:M D7094 (L)]
           Q5155Records of the Contemporary Art Society of Australia (South Australia) Inc. comprising Volume 1 of Minutes 1942-1948 [SSL:M SRG444]
           Q5156Records of the Co-operative comprising minutes, reports, papers, financial records and photographs. Much of the material was created by co-operatives which merged to form the Dairy Vale Co-operative [SSL:M BRG229]
           Q5157Additional records consisting of duplicate transcripts of letters written by Lady Grey to Francis Stacker Dutton [SSL:M PRG396 RESTRICTED]
           Q5158Papers of Sir Algernon Hawkins Thomand Keith-Falconer, Eight Earl of Kintore, Governor of South Australia, comprising a collection of illuminated addresses presented to him by the Corporation of the City of Adelaide - by Joyner, the Caledonian Society - by Joyner, the Australian Natives Association, the Corporation of Gawler - by C. Colyer, the Corporation of Hindmarsh - by J. Gould, the People of South Australia, the District Council of Laura and the Residents of Oodnadatta - bound by George Robertson [SSL:M PRG927]
           Q5159Records of Henry Conrad Mengersen 1860-1933 auctioneer, valuator and commission agent of Palmer, comprising 5 volumes of press copy letter books [SSL:M BRG 227]
           Q5160Notebook belonging to Samuel Smitham, consisting of an 1847 Almanack with entries concerning his employment and details of household business in Cornwall and South Australia [SSL:M D7090 (Misc)]
           Q5161Papers of Nita Olive Julia Thompson (1888-1970), author, comprising literary manuscripts of novels, short stories and poetry, personal diaries 1923-1961, family letters received and correspondence with publishers, newspaper cuttings, financial records, and three literary manuscripts of her sister Rachel Azalia Lydia Thompson 1883-1965 [SSL:M PRG 926]
           Q5162Records comprising personal diaries, correspondence, a pilot's log book, photographs and slides, and a printed T-shirt [SSL:M PRG 928 RESTRICTED]
           Q5163Presentation volume of photographs and signatures given to Sir Walter Young by the management and staff of Elder, Smith & Co. [SSL:M D7091 (Misc)]
           Q5166Interview with 'Cindy-Lou Lee' [Nurse, abortionist, prisoner, b.1924] Date of recordings: 7 February 1991. Total length: 2 hours. Interviewer: Peter Donovan, for the J.D. Somerville Oral History Collection [SSL:M OH124]
           Q5167Interview with Stanley Holm Watson [Soldier, railway engineer, b.1887] Date of recordings: July - September 1979. Total length: 9 hours 52 minutes. Interviewer: Helen Raduntz [SSL:M OH125]
           Q51681990 International Fire Science Conference: Adelaide Convention Centre and Exhibition Hall, December 3-6 1990
           Q51692nd Australian Parking Convention, September 30 - October 4, 1990, Adelaide Festival Centre, South Australia: Providing Parking for People
           Q5170Aboriginal health indicators in South Australia
           Q5171An appointment to keep
           Q5172Approaches to English studies
           Q5173The Ashes: a complete illustrated history
           Q5174Attitudes to drink-driving: roadside surveys, 1987-1989
           Q5175The Australian Air Mail Catalogue
           Q5176Australian animals for junior primary
           Q5177The Australian Bicentennial Authority: a selected annotated bibliography
           Q5178Australian workers
           Q5179Barossa oom pah
           Q5180Behavioural science in medicine
           Q5181Better barley, better profits [videorecording]
           Q5182Bits and pieces: variety in verse
           Q5183Bits and pieces: variety in verse
           Q5184Changing moods: love, life and laughter
           Q5185The classroom aquarium
           Q5186Clematis and other poems of Matilda Hissey
           Q5187Collection of specimens for laboratory diagnosis
           Q5188Competency-based training: some development and assessment issues for policy makers
           Q5190Conservation of River Redgums (Eucalyptus camaldulensis) in the Flinders Ranges
           Q5191Cook's favourites
           Q5192The Corporations Act: Federalisation of Australian Corporations Law
           Q5193The Corporations Act: prospectuses and offers to the public: a consideration of the most significant amendments to the whole companies scheme
           Q5194The Corporations Act: the takeover provisions of the new Corporations Law
           Q5195Dealing with the news media: based on a handbook prepared by Arndrae Luks
           Q5196The descendants of Sir Richard Butler 1850-1925: including his son Sir Richard Layton Butler 1885-1966
           Q5197Developments in vocational education and training in the United Kingdom and North America
           Q5198The discovery of Coober Pedy
           Q5199Easy reading: an annotated list of books and other materials for new readers and their tutors
           Q5200Energy for the 21st century: are we prepared?; Australian Institute of Energy 1990 Conference, University of Adelaide, South Australia 15-17 July 1990
           Q5201Final report to Wheat Research Committee for South Australia
           Q5202Financial accounting 1
           Q5203A gallery of language ideas
           Q5204Greening of the south: executive summary
           Q5205Greg Brown's guide to fishing Adelaide
           Q5206Guide to records relating to Aboriginal people
           Q5207Guidelines for multicultural public library and information services
           Q5208Guidelines for rehabilitation of the lower Murray River floodplain
           Q5209Half a pair of sox
           Q5210Hands on poetry: a practical anthology
           Q5211The hempen collar: executions in South Australia 1838-1964; a collection of eyewitness accounts
           Q5212Index manager version 1.0 (British date format)
           Q5213Index manager version 2.0 (British date format)
           Q5214Information paper: integration of RGH Daw Park into the South Australian health system
           Q5215Injury management manual
           Q5216Insights: Women in quote
           Q5217Into the future
           Q5218An introduction to concise AACR2 (1988 revision) and ABN data preparation
           Q5219Introductory accounting
           Q5220Jarvis Hill discovery booklet R-3
           Q5221The joy of children's books
           Q5222Juggling the roles: Wonder Woman, Supermum and Me
           Q5223Karoonda Area School and schools of the district: 75 years of schools, 50 years of the Area School
           Q5224Learn to dance advanced ballroom social dancing
           Q5225Learn to knit the Wendy way
           Q5226Library staff development: proceedings of the first national seminar held at the South Australian College of Advanced Education, Adelaide 19-20 July 1990
           Q5227Live life to the full
           Q5228Making South Australia special: South Australian tourism plan, 1991-1993
           Q5229Maths relief
           Q5230Matriculation Physics experiments
           Q5231Misrepresentation and the legislative connection part 1
           Q5232Misrepresentation and the legislative connection part 2
           Q5233Monster love
           Q5234More Barossa oom pah
           Q5235A multicultural Easter
           Q5236National conference: hazardous substances in the workplace, proceedings
           Q5237No ticket no start
           Q5238The northeast busway, Adelaide
           Q5239Occupational health and safety: a bibliography
           Q5240Parent participation in schools: from policy to practice
           Q5241Prayer in everyday life
           Q5242Public law and the South Australian Crown
           Q5243Qualcon '90, Adelaide Convention Centre, North Terrace, Adelaide, 17th-19th October 1990: Visions of excellence
           Q5244Renbeth activity book
           Q5245Report [of the] Committee of Enquiry into Tertiary Arts Training in South Australia
           Q5246Revegetation trials: 1982-86
           Q5247The Rodden III tree seeder [videorecording]
           Q5248Roediger roots in Australia
           Q5249Royal style wars
           Q5250Safe sex program for South Australia: report on the health and community worker survey
           Q5251Saga of the singers - Glenlea style
           Q5252A selective regional bibliography of the architectural history of South Australia, including social histories of churches and schools
           Q5253Self-destructive and suicidal behaviour in adolescents: intervention strategies
           Q5254Sentencing: the problem of balancing freedom and incarceration for persisting offenders and a discussion of Victoria's "Garry David" legislation
           Q5255A short guide to the Bible
           Q5256Financial management in schools
           Q5257South Australia; what's in a name?: nomenclature of South Australia
           Q5258St Mark's College: the building and grounds
           Q5259Stalwart carousal
           Q5260Tales of the Coorong
           Q5261Terse tercets
           Q5262Topic spelling sheets
           Q5263Tree planting - a guide to planting native trees and shrubs [videorecording]
           Q5264The unclaimed prize
           Q5265Visions of Adelaide; a folio of five lithographs - personal visions of the city by five Adelaide artists commissioned by the Adelaide City Council
           Q5266Year 12 Physics syllabus objectives (South Australia)
           Q52673 - Dimensions: a combined monthly publication
           Q5268Adelaide rock mass [service sheets]
           Q5269Advertiser: with which is incorporated "the Tilley graph"
           Q5270Apprentice: of the printing industry
           Q5271ARP bushwalking newsletter
           Q5272Attainment levels teachers newsletter
           Q5273Australasian Public Libraries and Information Services
           Q5274Half-yearly report
           Q5275Cheap accommodation in Adelaide
           Q5276Community information in the City of Salisbury: a guide to the Community Services Directory
           Q5277CYSS projects and Activities Index
           Q5278Directory of Australian Public Libraries
           Q5279Directory of child care centres in South Australia
           Q5280Report to residents
           Q5281Family services directory: Munno Para - Elizabeth
           Q5282School magazine
           Q5283School magazine
           Q5284Foot notes
           Q5285Friends of Parks Newsletter
           Q5286G.D.E. magazine (Graduate Diploma)
           Q5287Gas business news
           Q5288High rainfall pasture research
           Q5289Information for retired residents of Noarlunga Council Area
           Q5290Information for the child-parent-school community in Munno Para
           Q5291Information for the over 50s in Prospect
           Q5292Information weekly
           Q5294Investors' Guardian
           Q5295Leisure activities in the City of Salisbury
           Q5297Monarto CC Newsletter
           Q5298Annual inspection .... Annual report ....
           Q5306Spring Rose Show
           Q5308Salisbury Information Service [kit]
           Q5309SCAE Weekly Bulletin
           Q5310A shop steward's guide to community services
           Q5311Graduate Destination Survey
           Q5312South Australian International Brief
           Q5313Programme of Matches and Record Sheet for ... Annual Prize Meeting
           Q5314Annual report
           Q5315Annual report
           Q5316Sporting Clubs in the City of Salisbury
           Q5317Statistics and information relating to Clare and the Clare District Council Area South Australia
           Q5318Supporting Community Health Services: within the Adelaide Metropolitan Area
           Q5319Sybiz Software Support Centre Members Newsletter
           Q5320Today: Daily Readings
           Q5321Topical Tax
           Q5322Triple P Newsletter
           Q5324Weekly Bulletin
           Q5325Willunga Wheels [newsletter]
           Q5326Young Trust Newsletter
           Q5327Additional records of Adelaide and Wallaroo Fertilizers Limited comprising Adelaide Chemical Works Company plan of acid and fertilizer works at Port Adelaide, Adelaide Chemical and Fertilizer Company plans of Royal Chambers, Currie Street, farmers' price lists in English and German, allocation agreements, file on South East agricultural development, conference notes, diary of discussions and decisions, valuations of buildings and plant, visitors books, scrapbooks of advertisements and press cuttings and photographs of works, plant and experimental plots [SSL:M BRG 165]
           Q5328Additional records of the Amalgamated Society of Carpenters and Joiners comprising Australian reports, State Management Committee minutes membership registers, admission cards, ledgers, journals cash books, arbitration transcripts, awards, legal opinions, industrial files and photographs, Adelaide Branch minutes and attendance books, Port Adelaide Branch letter, proposition, residence, unemployment and stewards' books, Port Adelaide Branch entrance and contribution cards, Port Pirie Branch letter book, Whyalla Branch minutes and letter book, Hummocks Hill Branch proposition book, Quorn Branch proposition book, Barmera Branch letter book and Elizabeth Sub-Branch minutes [SSL:M SRG 239 Restricted]
           Q5329Additional records comprising financial records, membership lists, correspondence, papers relating to St Francis Mission at Back Valley, printed items and the plaque for the old organ (Series M65/18-23) [SSL:M SRG 94]
           Q5330Diary kept by C.J. Barrey of a voyage from South Australia to the United Kingdom on the sailing vessel S.V. Lawhill [SSL:M D7097 (L); D7093 (Lit. Ms.)]
           Q5331Further diaries of Frances Diana Christison, nee Hope, of 'Weroona', Clare, documenting her social and cultural activities in South Australia's Mid North [SSL:M D6750 (L)]
           Q5332Additional records of the Clark family, comprising a diary kept by Mrs Susan Mary Crompton, nee Clark (1846-1940) of a voyage from Melbourne to England 15 May - 21 July, 1866 on the "Great Britain" [SSL:M PRG 389/9/2]
           Q5333Additional records comprising a catalogue for the Exhibition of International Posters which was presented by Cornell Travel [SSL:M BRG 117]
           Q5334Records of George Francis c.1814-1892, analytical chemist of North Adelaide, comprising a scrapbook, newspaper cuttings, analytical calculations and cookery recipes, In Memoriam cards and photographs [SSL:M PRG 930]
           Q5335Letters written by Mrs Mary Gaston, Victoria Creek, Booleroo Centre, to her brother and sister-in-law, William and Marion Graham, in Awitu, New Zealand; together with a letter to the Grahams from Bernard and Mary Tumney [SSL:M D7095 (L)]
           Q5336Additional records comprising news releases (1979-1983); G.M. People Magazine (Volumes 1-19), G.M. World Magazine (1946-1970) with index; G.M. Annual reports (1970-1978), Subject files containing pamphlets on various models and subjects, printed material, photographs, a film, slides and cassette tape [SSL:M BRG 213 Restricted]
           Q5337Transcription by Mary Cash of the diary of William Key aboard the 'Pestonjee Bomanjee' from London to South Australia [SSL:M D7098 (L)]
           Q5338Papers of Geoffrey Thomas McLaren, A.L.P. Senator 1971-1983 for South Australia, relating to the poultry industry and egg marketing; Murray River and water resources, Monarto and timber industry [SSL:M PRG 929]
           Q5339Additional records of the Methodist Church of Australasia, South Australia Conference, comprising a manuscript programme of the Angle Vale Bible Christian Chapel for a public entertainment, 8 November 1878 [SSL:M SRG 4/45/163]
           Q5340Additional records comprising two scrapbooks compiled by John T. Mortlock. One volume titled "Sporting Clippings and Shooting Records" contains not only newspaper clippings but a number of original photographs of hunters and 'bag'. The second volume contains clippings of general interest, including obituaries of J.T. Mortlock [SSL:M PRT 717]
           Q5341Records consisting of an unpublished manuscript entitled "The Place We Call Barryne", a history of the Eldercare Complex at Belair [SSL:M D7096 (L)]
           Q5342Further papers of W.A. Pretty comprising research notes on Goolwa, Currency Creek and topical issues, family photographs, personal correspondence, poems by W.A. Pretty, quotations and child's account of 'Goldilocks and the Three Bears' illustrated by Nigel Pretty [SSL:M PRG 390]
           Q5343Additional records of the Tatlers Club comprising programmes, curricula vitarum for Lilian Bennett, Lois Mander-Jones and May Parham and papers by Barbara Crompton, Lois Mander-Jones and Helen Butterworth [SSL:M SRG 288 Restricted]
           Q5344Additional records comprising minute book of the Tennis Section Committee [SSL:M SRG 395]
           Q5345Letters written by E. Wakefield of Portland Estate, Booleroo Centre to Annie Graham, Awita, New Zealand. Also included is a letter written by Geo. Warren of Gawler to Annie Graham [SSL:M D7096 (L)]
           Q5346Manifest book kept by Captain Thomas Wellsman recording the imprisonment of the crew of the 'Anna Dixon' at Port Adelaide together with manifests of freight and passengers shipped per the 'Anna Dixon', 'Anne', 'Bountiful', 'Fanny', 'Flash', 'Gadfly', 'Margaret Brock', 'Quantro', 'Sea Bird' and 'William Hall' for intercolonial ports [SSL:M D8000]
           Q5347Credit Union Collection. Date of recordings: 1987 - 1990 (in progress) Total length: 6 hours 5 minutes (to date) Interviewer: Campbell Laughton [SSL:M OH134]
           Q5348Dance in South Australia: interviews of the performing arts collection. Date of recordings: 1984-91 (in progress) Total length: 32 hours 30 minutes (approx. to date) Interviewer: Helen Pearce and Meg Denton [SSL:M OH84]
           Q5350Interview with Vi Johns, b.1909, Director, John Martins' Gallery. Date of recordings: 27 March 1991. Total length: 1 hour. Interviewer: Geoff Wilson with Hugo Shaw and Geoff Brown [SSL:M OH135]
           Q5351Andrew and Jacobina Templeton: a Victorian pioneer couple and their descendants, 1788-1990
           Q5352Australian subject bibliography after 1988
           Q5353Award restructuring and the implications for TAFE
           Q5354Candles of various hues (the birthday group)
           Q5355Coombe bicentennial time capsule buried 28th December 1988 to be opened 28th December 2038 [family histories]
           Q5356Disclosures: words and images from the women of the Mount Gambier Community House
           Q5357Evaluation of a cone penetrometer method for determination of liquid limit of a soil: initial report
           Q5358Farm safety seminar resource material
           Q5359Free range: divers essays on the prevention of chaos in the kitchen
           Q5360A genealogical reference and history of the Gordons from Garve, Ross and Cromarty (Ross-Shire) and the MacLeans from Culburnie Muir, Kiltarlity, Inverness-Shire
           Q5361A genealogical reference and history of the Stevenson family of Alva and Menstrie, Clackmannanshire Scotland
           Q5362Murray Plains Farmers' Conference: How to beat the rural crisis: [papers of the] Murray Plains Farmers' Conference, Friday, 15 March 1991, held at Belvidere, South Australia
           Q5363Human services and community centres: service delivery to localities
           Q5364Industrialisation and development in the third world
           Q5365Insights to an island: a personal history as told by Kangaroo Islanders
           Q5366An invitation to employers from the Aboriginal Community College
           Q5367Key terms in cuisine
           Q5368A.L.P. Murray Bridge sub-branch 1906-1991
           Q5369The law handbook: the easy to use practical guide to the law
           Q5370Milton Moon retrospective
           Q5371Morris Oxford Series MO
           Q5372Morris Oxford Series MO register
           Q5373National review of TAFE teacher preparation and development: literature review
           Q5374Natural history of the north-east deserts
           Q5375Operation Hydra: South Australian reference no. 2
           Q5376Part-time employment and the youth labour market: a study of the Australian longitudinal survey
           Q5377Planning healthy communities: a guide to doing community needs assessment
           Q5378Population projections for local government areas within the Yorke and Lower North, Murray Lands, Eyre, South - East, and Northern statistical divisions, 1986-2006
           Q5379Population projections for local government areas within the Adelaide and Outer Adelaide statistical divisions, 1986-2006
           Q5380Resilient modulus characterisation of granular unbound pavement materials: report no. 1
           Q5381Richmond Vale railway album no. 1
           Q5382The right to choose: the case for legalising voluntary euthanasia
           Q5383Robert Henry and Susannah Isabella Roberts family
           Q5384Selected works from the collections of the Art Gallery of South Australia
           Q5385Shadows in the Mallee: Maggea and Boolgun history
           Q5386South Australia quiz book
           Q5387South Australian Firsts 1836-1986
           Q5388South Australian heritage bibliography
           Q5389South Australian shipwrecks 1802-1989: a data base
           Q5390Strempel family history: Carl and Anna Strempel and their descendants 1791-1989
           Q5391Supplement to draft environmental impact statements: development of Glenelg foreshore and environs; four development proposals
           Q5392Three year plan
           Q5393Transport planning for tourism in South Australia
           Q5394The Treasures, 1780-1990
           Q5395Utilizing generic services: are we succeeding in providing the best support available to people with an intellectual disability? Proceedings from a forum held on 21 September 1990. Organizer, Freddie Brincat
           Q5396Voluntary euthanasia and the medical profession: an invitation to dialogue
           Q5397We were Radium Hill: stories and memories of people who once lived at Radium Hill
           Q5399Work and families in the 1990's: [papers of a seminar held on 22nd March 1991]
           Q5401Adelaide Eisteddfod Syllabus and entry form
           Q5402Adelaide Eisteddfod Programme Guide
           Q5403Adelaide Eisteddfod News
           Q5404Better community awards
           Q5405New books
           Q5406AFSA: Air Force South Australia: the newspaper for the South Australian Squadron Air Training Corps
           Q5410Australian Journal of Special Education
           Q5412Miscellaneous publications
           Q5413New Update
           Q5414Australian under 18 men's championship. Basketball
           Q5415Australian Women's Weekly Book for Cooks: supplement to the Australian Women's Weekly
           Q5416Blood pressure interaction: periodical of the Blood Pressure Awareness Programme
           Q5417Bulletin: Library News: Information and news
           Q5418Camry Crows Official Year Book
           Q5419Cancellations profile for ...
           Q5420CEGSA Quarterly: Journal of the Computers in Education Group of South Australia
           Q5421Childhood Services and Facilities: within the Woodville Council Area
           Q5422City Mag
           Q5423Community directory for the aged: information on services, clubs, and organisations available to the aged in the Payneham Council Area
           Q5424Community history
           Q5425Community information: a directory of community services and organisations within the Payneham Council Area
           Q5426Community information directory
           Q5427Community services directory: Gilles Plains, Hillcrest, Holden Hill, Klemzig, Windsor Gardens
           Q5428Community services directory: Walkerville Council Area
           Q5429Cornerstone collection
           Q5431Critical thinking
           Q5432Details of parenting services provided in the central eastern C.U.R.B. region
           Q5433Directory of community services: the City of Whyalla
           Q5434Directory of services for senior citizens in the Riverland of South Australia
           Q5435Enfield Youth Council [kit]
           Q5436Ethnic aged care community services directory
           Q5437Fiesta Adelaide Music Festival Programme
           Q5438Foodland Junior Season Basketball Programme
           Q5439Miscellaneous publications
           Q5440Health news
           Q5442Just health: a newsletter on health in schools
           Q5443The Link / YWAM Adelaide
           Q5444Miscellaneous publications
           Q5445Methodist Church of Australasia. South Australian Conference. Methodist Home Missions. Annual report
           Q5446Mission: Overseas with Churches of Christ
           Q5447Miscellaneous publications
           Q5448Policy Manual
           Q5453Current Awareness
           Q5454Parish magazine
           Q5455The parks xpress
           Q5456Annual report
           Q5457Profit abilility: a special newsletter to employees
           Q5458Quit newsletter
           Q5459Register of freelance publishing services
           Q5460S.A. Budget News: for the Environment
           Q5461Annual inspection
           Q5462Scotch College News
           Q5463Services for the over 50's in the City of Elizabeth
           Q5464Annual report
           Q5465Annual report
           Q5466Miscellaneous publications
           Q5467General Supplies Contracts. Index
           Q5468Annual report
           Q5469Newsletter Update
           Q5470Staff Development Program
           Q5471South western homemaker diary and directory
           Q5474Suds on toast
           Q5475Tea Tree Gully Community Services Directory Information
           Q5476Annual report
           Q5477Tinig Pilipino: an association magazine
           Q5479Two Wells and District Directory
           Q5481Western Regional Directory of Human Services
           Q5482Wheat Board Gazette / Australian Wheat
           Q5483Who needs to know: Resource List: Riverland
           Q5485Yorke Peninsula Community Directory
           Q5486Policy manual
           Q5487Your neighbour
           Q5488Accounts by English as a Second Language class students of their daily life in South Australia with reference to their background in El Salvador, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Vietnam and Poland [SSL:M D 8004/1-22 (L)]
           Q5489Additional records consisting of a transcript of Rachel Deane's shipboard diary, 1838, prepared by Rosalie Sharpe [SSL:M D5711(L)]
           Q5490Additional records comprising a 1989 and a 1990 diary [SSL:M D6938(L)Restricted]
           Q5491Records of the society comprising minutes, correspondence, photographs, scrapbooks and printed material [SSL:M SRG 446 Restricted]
           Q5492Records comprising subject files and correspondence files [SSL:M SRG 445 Restricted]
           Q5493Armpits Soccer Club. Date of recordings: April 1991. Total length: 4 hours 15 minutes (approx.) Interviewer: Rosemary Willis [SSL:M OH136]
           Q5494History of nursing in South Australia. Date of recordings: 1976-1990. Total length: 80 hours 5 minutes (to date) Interviewer: Joan Durdin [SSL:M OH17]
           Q5495Italo-Australian women in South Australia. Date of recordings: 1990-1991 (continuing) Total length: 16 hours 25 minutes (to date) Interviewer: Marina Berton and Caterina Andreacchio [SSL:M OH90]
           Q5496Interview with Dorothy Kingston [Niece of Charles Cameron Kingston] Date of recordings: 15 July 1961. Total length: 10 minutes. Interviewer: G.L. Fischer [SSL:M OH127 (formerly D4464/5)]
           Q5497Interview with Olive Pope [author] Date of recordings: 1 January 1980 and August 1982. Total length: 20 minutes. Interviewer: Hazel Henning [SSL:M OH132 (formerly D6652)
           Q5498Interview with William Clem Sampson [Dam builder, b.1893] Date of recordings: 22 June 1978. Total length: 7 hours 15 minutes. Interviewer: Ronald Sampson [SSL:M OH106 (formerly D6569)
           Q5499Time, gentlemen, please!! The story of the fight to save the Aurora Hotel
           Q5500Preserving historic Adelaide
           Q5501St. Peters heritage survey, 1885-1985
           Q5502Eyre Peninsula heritage survey
           Q5503Moonta Mines Conservation Area interpretive concept plan
           Q5504Moonta Mines State Heritage Area draft management plan
           Q5505City of Unley heritage study
           Q5506Mound Springs heritage survey data sheets for European settlement assessment of South Australian mound springs
           Q5507Peterborough heritage study
           Q5508City of Adelaide heritage study [Further documentation by Paul Stark and Patricia Sumerling. Survey re-issued in two subsequent sets (1982-1986) and condensed and revised by Marsden and Sumerling for publication in 1988]
           Q5509Mount Gambier - National Estate study
           Q5510Hindmarsh heritage survey
           Q5511Kensington and Norwood heritage survey
           Q5512Kangaroo Island heritage survey
           Q5513Sites, routes and items representing early European contact with South Australia, early transport and communications
           Q5514Burnside heritage survey. Part 1 1986; Part 2 (with A. Steinburner) 1987
           Q5515Heritage survey of the Fleurieu Peninsula
           Q5516Glenelg heritage survey: stage 1
           Q5517Gawler heritage study - stage 1, December 1981
           Q5518Mount Barker district heritage survey: stage 1
           Q5519Wallaroo conservation study
           Q5520Burra conservation study
           Q5522South Australian State Historic Preservation Plan Historical Guidelines
           Q5523Noarlunga heritage study
           Q5524Winery buildings in South Australia 1836-1936
           Q5525Summary report: identification of sites, routes and items representing early European contact with South Australia, exploration, early transport and communications
           Q5526Stirling district heritage study, 1984-1985: field notes
           Q5527An environmental and historical study of Norwood Parade
           Q5528Port Elliot and Goolwa heritage study
           Q5529Ngaiawang Folk Province. Preliminary inventory of the cultural landscape
           Q5530Woakwine Folk Province: outline sketch of cultural sites situated within the province
           Q5531Robe conservation study
           Q5532The Moonta Mines area study
           Q5533Port Adelaide conservation study
           Q5534Adelaide Western Region heritage study
           Q5535Barossa survey
           Q5537Lobethal, "Valley of Praise" : a heritage survey carried out for the South Australian Department of Environment and Planning
           Q5538City of Unley. Its development. A Forty Years Review
           Q5539Back to Hamley Bridge Celebrations Souvenir
           Q5540Souvenir of Gladstone's Golden Jubilee, 1883-1933
           Q5541Montacute Centenary of ... First Hundred Years 1846-1946
           Q5542Narridy Centenary: souvenir brochure 1871-1971
           Q5543A concise history of Wallaroo
           Q5544The Barossa Range in South Australia
           Q5545Life around the Light: a history of the Mallala District Council Area
           Q5546They headed for the Hills
           Q5547Hilltown 1915-1978
           Q5548Burra: glimpses of the past
           Q5550Balaklava Change and Challenge: a history of Balaklava and surrounding districts
           Q5551District Council of Coonalpyn Downs: 20 years of local government, 1957-1977
           Q5552Renmark remembers
           Q5553Blewitt Springs 1920 to 1986
           Q5554Carpenter Rocks and beyond
           Q5555The Sporting Car Club's South Australian motoring history book No.8: Motor Car Portraits 1902-1916
           Q5556The Sporting Car Club's South Australian motoring history book No.9: a collection of photographs 1904-1918
           Q5557The Sporting Car Club's South Australian motoring history book No.10: Motor Cycles 1899-1930
           Q5558Review of the City of Port Adelaide
           Q5559Historical souvenir of Port Augusta; sixty years of progress 1876-1936
           Q5560The Sporting Car Club's South Australian motoring history book No.2: Motor Car portraits
           Q5561The Sporting Car Club's South Australian motoring history book No.3: a collection of photographs, 1919-1931
           Q5562Andamooka Then and Now
           Q5563Beachport and the Rivoli Bay District of the South-East of South Australia
           Q5564History of Agery
           Q5565Booborowie Centenary, 1843-1943
           Q5566Eleven tales of Robe
           Q5567Kanyaka ruins: an historic link with the settlement of the Flinders Ranges
           Q5568Over the Hills to Nairne; historical glimpses of a South Australian Town
           Q5569Beyond the Gap: history of Dawson
           Q5570Discovering Kangaroo Island
           Q5571Mt. Gunson: memoirs of a mining community
           Q5572Chandada Run: a history of the Chandada district
           Q5573Light's Vision: the City of Adelaide and surrounding districts; Mount Lofty Ranges, Barossa Valley, Southern Districts
           Q5574History of Spalding
           Q5575Carrieton in the Gum Creek country: a story of one hundred years of the Carrieton district, 1878-1978
           Q5576A history of the "Baker's Range" Settlement
           Q5577A taste of history: Geoffrey Dutton's South Australia
           Q5578Official souvenir booklet
           Q5579History of Bridgewater
           Q5580History of Port Adelaide. Chronology
           Q5581A history of Kingston-on-Murray
           Q5582Wallaroo 1874-1974
           Q5583Their earlier years: Aboriginal educational experiences in their own words; interviews and addresses given to students in Aboriginal Studies
           Q5584Back to Port Wakefield Celebration 1849-1946; souvenir programme
           Q5585Jubilee celebrations
           Q5586Centenary celebrations
           Q5587Back to Lameroo District Golden Jubilee Celebrations, October 3rd to 7th, 1956
           Q5588Loxton Centenary Week
           Q5589American settlement on Kangaroo Island
           Q5590A chronological history of the Meningie district 1866-1966
           Q5591Commemorating the Centenary of the Corporation of Moonta, South Australia
           Q5592A history of Melrose
           Q5593By the waterhole: a general history of Lochiel and district
           Q5594Back to Orroroo District Souvenir, October 5th-10th, 1937
           Q5595Moonta, Wallaroo, Kadina sketchbook
           Q5596Progressive Port Lincoln, Eyre Peninsula, South Australia
           Q5597Port Pirie Official Souvenir of Diamond Jubilee
           Q5598Brighton sketchbook
           Q5599Progressive Wilmington
           Q5600Ardrossan and Cunningham Ward Centenary Book, 1873-1973
           Q5601The Port Broughton story, 1871-1971
           Q5602The story of Narrung: the place of large she-oaks
           Q5603Port MacDonnell Jubilee 150 sketch book
           Q5604Victor Harbor: from pioneer port to seaside resort
           Q5605River Reflections: Berri - the 75 years from 1911 to 1986
           Q5606Yorke Peninsula - a resident's views
           Q5607Shipwrecks in South Australia (1876-1899)
           Q5608The place of waters: a history of the first fifty years of Glenelg
           Q5609To South Australia'a shores they came
           Q5610John Street, Salisbury: a pictorial history
           Q5611Quorn and District Centenary 1878-1978
           Q5612Puttapa: springs from Beltana
           Q5613Return to the Adelaide Hills
           Q5614Rendelsham 1880-1980: the story of the township and surrounding district in the lower South-East of South Australia
           Q5615Dust, sweat and tears [Pata, 1902-1979]
           Q5616Clare, a backward glance: stories of the early Clare district
           Q5617The sites and settlers of the Village of Klemzig, S.A., 1839
           Q5618In deep [Port Lincoln, Wallaroo]
           Q5619Hindmarsh - heritage of a township
           Q5620The Nor' West Bend story, River Murray
           Q5621Keyneton 1839-1980
           Q5622Shipping arrivals and departures: South Australia 1827-1850
           Q5623Memoirs of Winulta
           Q5624Memories of Wyanna
           Q5625Back to Sherlock, 15th October 1977
           Q5626Pictorial history of Renmark: celebrating 100 years, 1887-1987 incorporating the Renmark and Paringa districts
           Q5627Opening the doors of the past: heritage survey of Le Fevre Peninsula
           Q5628History, heritage, humour
           Q5629The birth of American River, 1802
           Q5630Kidman Park and local areas 1836-1986
           Q5631Mount Benson: a history of the Mount Benson district
           Q5632Virginia, the garden on the plains, 1876-1976
           Q5633From the river to the hills: Campbelltown 150 years
           Q5634Glimpses of the North-East: a story of one hundred years of the settlement of Lancelot, Ucolta
           Q5635Marananga, our history and heritage
           Q5636Wedgeholes to windmills [Willalooka]
           Q5637Sanctuary in the Hills: a history of Coromandel Valley, South Australia, since 1837
           Q5638Petersburgh to Peterborough: a journey from 1875 to 1986
           Q5639Parilla Well: a short history of a South Australian country community
           Q5640Gum Trees and Gullies [Yallunda Flat]
           Q5641From Sea to Mallee: an illustrated history of Yeelanna and district
           Q5642Early Barossa settlements
           Q5643Onkaparinga Heritage
           Q5644Fifteenth Anniversary of the Town [Thebarton]
           Q5645Welcome to Sandalwood
           Q5646Stansbury 1873-1973
           Q5647Barossa and beyond
           Q5648Willunga town and district, 1951-1975
           Q5649Living history, Penola - Coonawarra
           Q5650Edithburgh Museum [supplement to the museum's 'A story of Coobowie ...']
           Q5651A story of Coobowie, Edithburgh and district
           Q5652Enfield, Memories of yesteryear
           Q5653Montana 1882-1982
           Q5654Beltana: a survey of significant structures and guidelines for their conservation
           Q5655Gawler Bunyip 1863-1864
           Q5656The price of history: the story of Geranium and district
           Q5657The lands of Yongala Station
           Q5658Quite remarkable: the story of the formation of the District Council of Mount Remarkable
           Q5659Light Pass revisited: a history of people, places and events at Light Pass, South Australia
           Q5660A history of Farrell Flat
           Q5661Leigh Creek - a town on the move
           Q5662Life on the range: historical notes and reminiscences of the Avenue Range district
           Q5663An illustrated guide to historical Kapunda
           Q5664History of Scott's Creek
           Q5665The South Australian Gazette and Colonial Register: a facsimile reproduction of Volume 1, to 29 December 1838
           Q5666The changing valley: Forreston 1839 to 1989
           Q5667Cottages and cameos of Clare
           Q5668Nesfield: a brief history
           Q5669The Gulf Trip
           Q5670Karoonda East Murray: a history to 1986
           Q5671Tatiara: the first 140 years, 1845-1985
           Q5672Sliding Rock: to mine or not to mine
           Q5673Kybybolite, a pictorial history
           Q5674Salisbury, South Australia: a history of town and district
           Q5675Charles Fenner: Scientist Who Would Be An Administrator
           Q5676Malvern sketchbook
           Q5677A pictorial history of West Torrens
           Q5678Marrabel and district: the legend of Curio
           Q5679A glimpse of golden days [Robe]
           Q5680The Coorong and Lakes of the Lower Murray
           Q5681River's End: the story of Goolwa and the Murray Mouth
           Q5682Magpie flyover: an impression of the Tatiara
           Q5683Wood Point: the first 150 years
           Q5684Men of metal: a chronicle of the metal casting industry in South Australia, 1836-1986
           Q5685Back to Balaklava souvenir and programme of celebrations, September 23rd, 24th and 25th, 1988
           Q5686Emmaus to world's end
           Q5687Jabuk on the Range
           Q5688Oceana or England and her Colonies
           Q5689Impressions of Australia
           Q5690'The story of Islam in early South Australia'
           Q5691Australian Paradox
           Q5692The Venning Pioneering History
           Q5693Woodlands: the first 25 years

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