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           U2201"... mine is a wonderful and valuable story ...": a study of Herbert Edward Read (1875-1950), missionary to the people of Raukkan (Point McLeay) and Warrawi (South Goulbourn Island)
           U1631"A halo of the bluest blue": Daisy Bates and the British Imperial Endeavour
           Q2015"A multiculinary society"; proceedings of the third Symposium of Australian Gastronomy [held in ] Melbourne, March 8-10, 1987
           S1219'"Festina Lente": the Adelaide Steamship Company's 100 years of service'
           Q4721"I had one too...": an oral history of abortion in South Australia before 1970
           N2514"In the beginning God ...". Celebrating 100 years of Christian witness through the Methodist and Uniting Church in Millicent, 1880-1980
           L3224"In the interest of the country": a history of the Pastoral Board of South Australia, 1893-1993
           B1180"Much to be proud of"; West Adelaide Methodism: Holder Memorial Uniting Church, 1883-1983
           A0637"South Australia" in D. J. Murphy [ed.] 'Labor in Politics'
           U1684"Teaching the art of living": the development of special education services in South Australia, 1915-1975
           L5601"the Doc" [Callaghan Allan R,.; Roseworthy Agricultural College]
           J1445(Gentle)Men only: a history of social class and male hegemony on the green [Adelaide Bowling Club]
           J1446(Gentle)Men only: a history of social class and male hegemony on the green [Adelaide Bowling Club]
           L1087[8 signed cards by Mary P. Harris
           L4322[Flinders Street Baptist church: 125th anniversary]
           L4455[Mutton family history]
           L0053[SL:M OH 175]
           N3463100 not out: a century of cricket on the Adelaide Oval
           B1107100 years at All Soul's Anglican Church, East Adelaide, 1883-1916, St Peters 1916-1983. Drawings by H.P.R. Shaw
           S0921'100 years heritage of the Great Eastern' [Racing]
           A0541100 years in education: the centenary of the Sisters of St. Joseph
           J0210100 years of Catholic education 1891 to 1991
           Q1105100 years of Christian witness: centenary 1878-1978
           C2847100 years of football in Gladstone, 1882-1982
           L2094100 years of football: a story of the Victor Harbor Football Club
           N4651100 years of Local Government, 1872-1972
           P0794100 years of Local Government: Sedan area, 1873-1973
           C1515100 years of Parliamentary Government in South Australia
           B1833100 years of schooling at Owen; Centenary Celebrations 30th September - 1st October 1983
           C0825100 years of wine making, 1847-1947
           Q3563100 years with the Magpies: the story of Port Adelaide Football Club 1870-1970
           N5704100 years. A century of progress, 1865-1965
           L5553125 years of Schooling at Streaky Bay: history book
           B1356125 years of the Advertiser
           D1828125 years progress, 1838-1933 [Farm Machinery]
           L4895125 years, Bethlehem Lutheran Church, Adelaide
           N4065125th anniversary of Congregationalism in Happy Valley: Happy Valley Uniting Congregation of Reynella Uniting Parish
           X0012125th anniversary of St. George's Church of England, Magill, 1847-1972
           Q4531140 years in Australia 1850-1990: Christian and Anna Elisabeth Ruediger
           L1328140 years in Australia, 1850-1990: Christian and Anna Elizabeth Ruediger, their son Gottfried Ruediger and daughters Anna Elix, Elizabeth Schenke, Dorothea Reiss: an update on the family tree from 1975 to 1990
           L5666144 years: District Council of East Torrens, 1853-1997
           L5461150 years of Settlement by the Mcpharlin family in South Australia & Western Australia
           L0449150 years of settlement by the McPharlin family in South Australia and Western Australia
           Q1782150 years of stained and painted glass
           C3577180 years of Victor Harbor history in many pictures with some words
           P09831846-1971: 125th anniversary of worship at Light Pass Immanuel Lutheran Church, 28th November 1971
           L18801867-1990: Mount Magnificent Farm
           R00101870 - 1970; commemorating the centenary of Glenside Hospital [Parkside Lunatic Asylum 1870 - 1913, Parkside Mental Hospital 1913 - 1967, Glenside Hospital from 1967.]
           D02171879-1979 reunion: descendants of George Bell Baillie and Lumgair Darling [nee Baillie]
           L34761886-1936: Ein dankbarer ruckblick und ein hoffnungsvoller ausblick auch in schwersten zeiten: zum goldenen jubilaum der Lutherischen Mission auf Neu Guinea
           J08851892-1992 District Council of Pirie Centenary
           L31971892-1992: District Council of Pirie centenary
           L25471991 - Turning Point: celebrating the centenary of 'Rerum Novarum' and the future of Catholic social teaching; presentations to the 1991 Turning Point National Forum, Adelaide, October 1991
           L3650200 year celebration of vaccine development, 1796-1996
           S0589'25 years of electricity in South Australia'
           L4590392; March 1997; additional records comprising annual reports, correspondence and printed programmes [SRG 465/23]
           Q354840 Mortlocks: a history of the Mortlock Shield 1938-1988
           Q286540 Mortlocks: a history of the Mortlock Shield, 1939-1988
           D047142 views of Naracoorte Caves and Naracoorte, South Australia
           D104250 years of Australian air mails
           B195850 years of joy [sound recording] sung by N. Eyers. String arrangement: G. Waldron and J. Fraser
           C220950 years of progress, being a history of the Adelaide Electrical Supply Company
           C237650 years of weather: South Australia, 1908-1957
           C008750 years of weather: South Australia, 1908-1957
           N480950 years: 1927-1928 to 1977-1978
           C4229500 class: a social history of George Burton and his family
           C002150th Anniversary of the founding of the Adelaide Steamship Company [see also SSL:M D. 2990]
           M010650th anniversary of the Loxton District Hospital Incorporated, 1927-1977
           C07095DN Adelaide. 21st anniversary, 1924-1945 [Radio, broadcasting]
           S115760 years of Whyalla
           N263160 years of Whyalla: diamond jubilee, 1914-1974
           C049570 years service
           C191775 years of progress
           N459275 years of progress: David Shearer Limited of Mannum: a decentralized industry since 1877
           N246675th anniversary 1903-1978
           P081275th Anniversary Langmeil Church Choir: 1885-1960; Sunday, 17th July 1960
           L156180 years of reaching out together: celebrating 80 years of worship and witness, Westbourne Park Methodist 1913-1976, Uniting 1977-1993
           N7336'A band of pioneers'. A history of the Congregational Churches along the South Coast from 1839-1977 [Victor Harbor]
           L3296A Barber family history (1753 - 1993)
           C2352A bibliography of published references relating to the history and metallurgical developments of the lead smelting industry at Port Pirie, South Australia [SSL:M D 3219]
           Q0844A bibliography of South Australian library history: 1834-1984
           N0378A bibliography of South Australian Royal Commissions, Select Committees of Parliament and Boards of Inquiry, 1857-1970
           Q1630A biographical register 1788-1939; notes from the name index of the Australian Dictionary of Biography
           Q2731A biological survey of the Gawler Ranges, South Australia, in October 1985
           C0304A book of South Australia: women in the first hundred years ['Women in the early days'; Bates, D.; Our pioneer women and the natives; Spence, C. H.; MacKillop, M.; Jackson, E.; Rosman, A. G.; Cocks, K.; Women's Centenary Council]
           B0129A branch of Hartland: the Cook family in Australia
           L4938A brief Account of the Smith of Dunesk Bequest
           C5114A brief historical sketch of the life of the Ovingham Church [Centenary 1881-1981]
           L5586A brief history of Barmera 1838 - 1996
           L5439A brief history of Barmera 1838-1996
           C3662A brief history of Muirden College 1900-1980. With a foreword by I. Muirden
           L3225A brief history of one line of the pioneer family Eckermann
           L6553A brief history of South Australian schools for Deaf and Blind Children (Townsend House)
           N6218A brief history of St. John's Church, Macclesfield, 1857-1957
           C1767A brief history of the Adelaide Parklands [SSL:M RN 523]
           C1094A brief history of the Australian Theatre
           N0027A brief history of the Barossa Valley
           B1658A brief history of the Brownlow District: compiled for the "Back to Brownlow" Centenary Anniversary, celebrated on Sunday September 18th 1983
           L3337A brief history of the Church of the Holy Evangelists, Cadell Street, Goolwa, South Australia
           N5556A brief history of the development of the Murray Valley in South Australia
           D0075A brief history of the Kelly Hall, 1917-1959, and the Kelly School, 1918-1949
           L4953A brief history of the Laws, Policies and Practices in South Australia which led to the Removal of Many Aboriginal Children. we took the Children: a contribution to Reconciliation
           N3833A brief history of the Port Lincoln High School 1923-1976: commemoration of the occupation of stage 1 of the new High School, Sunday 24 October 1976
           N0246A brief history of the Port Lincoln High School, 1923-1976
           C4228A brief history of the South Australian Schools for Deaf and Blind Children [Townsend House] in Brighton South Australia; centenary year issue: 1874-1974
           N5357A brief history of Waikerie
           L3753A brief outline of the history of the Embroiderers' Guild in South Australia
           Q1643A brief sketch of the life of G. C. Henderson, 1870-1944
           L5494A Bush Philosophers Diary
           Q1290A Catholic school remembers - the Hectorville story: St Joseph's Primary School, Hectorville, 1863 to 1985, Adelaide, South Australia
           Q4548A cavalcade of historic church sites: formally the Port Germein circuit
           N1588A centenary history of Morphett Vale Primary School [1880-1980]
           L0978A centenary of Methodism in Port Lincoln, SA: a brief history 1867-1967
           C0442A century in the Pacific
           C2204A century of commerce in South Australia, 1836-1936
           C0608A century of engineering in South Australia
           J0472A century of field days : a history of Yorke Peninsula field days
           C5177A century of Freemasonry in Terowie, 1881-1981
           C0659A century of medical progress
           C2020A century of progress: 1836-1938
           C1986'A century of railways in South Australia'
           C1825A century of service to the Aborigines at Point McLeay, South Australia
           Q2732A century of service, 1889-1989: Saint Raphael's School, Parkside
           N4977A century of worship 1879-1979: Kulpara Uniting Church centenary
           P0839A century of worship and witness: Sunny Vale Uniting Church [formerly Methodist] 1884-1984
           L0738A chemist's line: the family tree and history of Frederick Hermann Heinrich Schultze and his wife Mary Schultze (nee Simon)
           L6328A Childhood in the Bush and Sundry other poems
           N3128A chronicle of fifty years, 1924-1974 [Kadina High School]
           Q5590A chronological history of the Meningie district 1866-1966
           Q1729'A chronology of political events and statistics'. Pp 486-498 in D. Jaensch [ed.] 'The Flinders history of South Australia; political history'
           Q3712A chronology of World Inventions and Firsts
           J1164'A church full of men': masculinism and the church in Australian history
           L2492A Combe chronicle
           C2965A complete catalogue of the works of Percy Grainger. Ed., catalogued and with a foreword, afterword and explanatory notes
           P0844A concise history of Wallaroo
           Q5543A concise history of Wallaroo
           J1120A Cornish South Australian bibliography
           L6120A Country Girl at Heart
           L1321A different river - river trade and development along the Murray Valley network
           L4840A different river: river trade and development along the Murray Valley network
           N0826A different vision [South Australian history in cartoons]
           L2102A directory of private schools in the Port Adelaide and Semaphore districts 1841-1910
           Q1900A diverse land: a history of the Lower Murray Lakes and Coorong
           L6626A Dollar in my Pocket
           L4023A dwelling-place at Bethany: the story of a village church. 2nd ed.
           B1214A dwelling-place at Bethany: the story of a village church
           U2011A fair go?: women in sport in South Australia, 1945-1965]
           L3523A family and South Australia
           Q2516A family history of Carl Friedrich Ernst Schottelius and Johanne Dorothee Julianne (nee Eckert) in Australia: 1849-1989
           L5173A family history of the Forbears [i.e. Forebears] and descendants of Christian Seidler Jorgensen: who immigrated to South Australia in the year 1848
           L0731A family history of the forbears and descendants of Christian Seidler Jorgensen, who immigrated to South Australia in the year 1848
           L0928A family of Thompsons
           L0684A family of Thompsons
           L4706A family portfolio [Ireland, Roe, Hay, Ruffy]
           C4051A family who's who: Woolcock and Field family history in Australia, 1839-1981 [Bottrill, Bower, Burnard, Field, James, Johnston, Martin, Murray, Page, Pratten, Stone, Toy, Williams, Worden, Yelland]
           C0710A few recollections of colonial life
           C1888A few reminiscences of the Northern Territory [SSL:M A.1100]
           L6890A Forbes Connection
           C3252A fragment of riches: true stories about Barossa people
           U0515A functional and occupational analysis of Nuriootpa and its relationship to Greenock, Tanunda and Angaston
           B0820A genealogy of the Bonnett family in Adelaide
           N6200A geographical enquiry into the growth, distribution and movement of population in South Australia, 1836-1927
           Q5679A glimpse of golden days [Robe]
           L0797A glimpse through the pages
           Q1608A glossary of local government areas in South Australia, 1840-1985
           L4328A golden achievement, 1849 to 1929: a record of the work of the Port Adelaide Congregational church
           Q4962A Good Yarn: Lobethal and the Onkaparinga Woollen Mill. Date of recordings: July 1990 (and continuing) Total length: 19 hours 15 minutes (approx. to date) Interviewer: Allen Lyne and Alan Holy [SSL:M OH99]
           L3680A goodly heritage
           N5597A goodly heritage. An appreciation of the life and work of the late Dr. H. Mayo
           J1258A Grand Old Pioneer: Henry John Congreve, 1829-1918
           Q2420A happy life, 1904-
           L3323A history and family tree of Joseph and Sophia March and their descendants 1846-1996
           L4814A history and family tree of Joseph and Sophia March and their descendants 1846-1996
           U1601A history of age grading in South Australian primary schools, 1875-1990
           C1595A history of Australasian steam navigation
           Z0009A history of Australian children's book illustration
           L4815A history of Australian Church women (South Australian Unit), 1936-1996
           C0832A history of Australian literature
           N5358A history of Cadell
           C0501A history of Crafers
           P0463A history of craft masonry in South Australia 1934-1984
           N6941A history of craft masonry in South Australia, 1884-1934 [Freemasons]
           Q5660A history of Farrell Flat
           U0060A history of Girton Girls' School (1915-1973), King's College (1924-1973) and their successor, Pembroke School(1974-1990), Adelaide
           X0359A history of Gumeracha and District. South Australia, 1839-1939
           P0112A history of hockey at Brighton and Seacliffe during 50 years, 1932-1982
           A0103A history of horse racing in South Australia: a statistical approach
           B1148A history of Kangaroo Island schools, 1836-1980. Researched and comp. for the Kangaroo Island Welfare Clubs Association
           Q5581A history of Kingston-on-Murray
           U0466A history of land transport regulation in South Australia: the relevance of public choice theory
           P0881A history of Leopold Lodge No. 31. S.A.C. 1884-1984: one hundred years of Freemasonry in South Australia
           C1006A history of Lyndoch Valley [SSL:M D.4254]
           J0351A history of Maslin Beach
           Q5592A history of Melrose
           A0553A history of meteorological and climatological studies in Australia
           S0865'A history of mining in the Northern Territory'
           C1785A history of Mintaro from its earliest days to 1951 [SSL:M 1394]
           S0695A history of Mundulla and its people 1873-1973
           N6567A history of Naracoorte
           P1265A history of Port Noarlunga Primary School and district
           L2105A history of private schools in the Port Adelaide and Semaphore districts 1841-1910
           R0064A history of radio in South Australia 1897-1977
           P0356A history of South Australia from colonial days to the present
           L3482A history of South Australia: from colonial days to the present. Rev. ed
           T0215A history of South Australian prisons
           E0163A history of St. Mark's College, University of Adelaide, and the foundation of the Residential College Movement
           B0105A history of Stuckeys [family migrated to South Australia 1836]
           Q5576A history of the "Baker's Range" Settlement
           U2063A history of the Adelaide Young Women's Christian Association 1879-1939
           U0302A history of the Adelaide Young Women's Christian Association, 1879-1939
           U2064A history of the Airline Hostesses' Association, 1955-1981
           B1577A history of the Arnold family in Australia 1883-1983
           B1668A history of the Australian National [Railways] Institute Brass Band 1883-1983
           L0064A history of the Australian Women's Movement since 1967: summary record (sound Recording). Interviewers: Kate Borrett, Susan Magarey, Deborah Worsley-Pine and Sarah Zetlein [SL:M OH 346]
           C0186A history of the Beltana Pastoral Company
           Q1120A history of the Catholic Parish of St. Peters, 1934-1984
           L5662A History of the Catholic Women's League Child Care Centre (sound recording). Interviewer: Bernard O'Neil [OH 443]
           B0337A history of the church and its people, including the original primitive Methodist Chapel of Islington Village (now Dudley Park)
           B0930A history of the Church Missionary Society of Australia, South Australian Branch, Incorporated W.A.: 1910-1960 [Anglican]
           B1144A history of the Cunliffe Church 1883-1983: faith amongst the Mallee and limestone
           U2066A history of the education of vision impaired children in South Australia
           T6227A history of the Engineering and Water Supply Department of South Australia [E&WS]
           L1506A history of the Fiegert family in Australia
           L6864A history of the Gawler Catholic Parish to 1901
           N6231A history of the Gawler West Methodist Church
           U2067A history of the industrialisation of voluntary sector social welfare in South Australia
           Q4525A history of the Le Messurier family in South Australia. Date of recordings: February - August 1990. Total length: 22 hours 40 minutes (approx.) Interviewer: John M. Tregenza [SSL:M OH83]
           U0499A history of the League of Women Voters in South Australia, 1909-1976
           Q2668A history of the Maylands Church of Christ in South Australia (incorporated 1924): a continuing story from 1906
           L2418A history of the Maylands Church of Christ in South Australia (incorporated 1924): a continuing story from 1906
           J0418A history of the Methodist Deaconess Order in South Australia
           Q4892A history of the Music Teachers' Association of South Australia Inc
           B0357A history of the New Church in Australia, 1832-1980
           N6179A history of the Overland Corner Hotel
           N1764A history of the Parish Church of St. Clement, Enfield, 1853-1980
           N3331A history of the Pederick family in Australia
           B0878A history of the Putland family in Australia 1840-1842: with a little about East Sussex
           C3032A history of the Royal Adelaide Hospital
           N4552A history of the Saddleworth Baptist Church
           Q1667A history of the society 'in Cameo', presented prior to the Centenary Dinner at Beaumont House on March 16 1985
           L3646A history of the South Australian Amateur Football League 1911-1994
           L0282A history of the South Australian Amateur Football League, 1911-1994
           P0926A history of the South Australian Bridge Association, 1933-1983
           C2108'A history of the South Australian Postal Service' [SSL:M 1426]
           T0616A history of the South Australian Qualifying Certificate Examination
           C1567A history of the South Australian Society of Arts Incorporated 1856-1931
           N1311A history of the South Coast District Hospital, 1929-1979
           J0777A history of the Stanley Wine Company presented at the reunion of the Knappstein family at the Leasingham Winery, Clare on 30 April 1994
           Q1510A history of the use of timber in South Australian road bridge building
           D1073A history of Ungarra School, 1914-1964
           T6242A history of War Service Land Settlement on Kangaroo Island
           L2280A history of Whyalla Town Primary School, 1905-1993
           R0053A history of Woodville
           N5829A history of Wool Auctions in South Australia and seventy-six years in the Brookman Building Wool Exchange
           C1970A hundred years of progress, 1838-1938; Hindmarsh centenary celebrations: official souvenir
           N6487A hundred years of progress, 1850-1950 [Business]
           N6261A hundred years of state forestry. South Australia, 1875-1975
           L1468A Kelley family history
           L5903A Lally family history: 150 years in South Australia 1847-1997
           C3965A land full of possibilities: a history of South Australia's Northern Territory
           Q1559A land transformed: environmental change in South Australia
           L0550A Last Frontier: Eastern Mallee farmers talking about environmental change (sound recording). Interviewer: Merle Piggott [SL:M OH 280]
           U1514A last frontier: an environmental history of the Eastern Mallee country of South Australia, 1901-1971
           L3396A Leedham line: a family history of George and Maria Leedham of Macclesfield, South Australia 1825 to 1995
           L5205A Leedham Line: a family history of George and Maria Leedham of Macclesfield, South Australia 1825 to 1995 [Edmonds, Leedham, Smith and Fry families]
           D0481A letter from Brent of Bin Bin [Miles Franklin]
           N4568A life given to the Antarctic: Douglas Mawson - Antarctic explorer. Authorized translation by T. Tupikina-Glaessner
           J1198A life with South Australian history [J.W. Thiselton]
           L3455A life's journey. Robert Crawford, Australian pastoralist
           L6865A Lifetime in the Bush: the Biography of Len Beadell
           C0022A long history ... Adelaide Steamship Co. [Shipping, commerce and aviation of Australia]
           B2134A long way from "Tipperary": 58 years of South Australian journalism
           Q4476A Madigan family history: 140 years in South Australia, 1850-1990
           C0398A magazine of historical record ... the Bishop's Home Mission Society
           L1325A man for Antarctica: the early life of Phillip Law
           C3314A man on edge: a life of Baron Sir Ferdinand Von Mueller
           D1993A man's reach: the story of Kingston in the South-East of South Australia
           Q3756A maritime history of Australia
           C0958A memoir
           L4839A most suitable place, Mount Gambier: from crater and cave
           L4110A Naulty family history: 150 years in South Australia 1846-1996
           L3463A new life down under
           B0104A newspaper history of Australia
           Q3716A North Terrace walk with history
           Q1641A paradigm of consent: explanations of working class moderation in South Australia
           A0646A 'perfect desert' transformed: the agricultural development of North-Western Eyre Peninsula, South Australia
           B1396A photographic guide to the architecture of Adelaide; No.1. City Centre
           P0480A pictorial history of Quorn and district: commemorating one hundred years of Local Government 1883-1983
           Q2249A pictorial history of the Lutheran Church in Australia
           B0450A pictorial history of the Royal Flying Doctor Service
           Q5677A pictorial history of West Torrens
           N1399A pictorial history of West Torrens
           P0734A pictorial review of Murray River paddle ships
           Q3349A pioneer Australian steamship company (a history of the Hunter's River S.N. Co. and the Australasian Steam Navigation Company)
           F0264A pioneer family on the Murray River [Patey, Renmark]
           Q3601'A Port Adelaide District Historical Chronology' in Port Adelaide 1836-1986: Mudflats to metropolis
           L4702A portrait of John Bray: law, letters, life
           J1432A portrait of John Bray: law, letters, life
           T0790A quantitative analysis of railway investment in the Murray Mallee Region of South Australia, 1909-1910 to 1933-1934
           L6013A Quiet Dignity: a history of Saint Matthew's Anglican Church, Quorn, in the Diocese of Willochra to Mark its Centenary, 1897 to 1997
           L4366A quiet spot within our reach: essays on the old Port Reach
           Q1946A radical life
           S0331'A railway from Adelaide to Darwin'
           C1897A ranking list of the outstanding athletes ... 1905-1955
           T4266A reconstruction of the cultural history of the Lower River Murray
           C2093A remarkable life: Mr. David Sutherland, M. P.
           C3739A remarkable point: Corny Point Lighthouse and Hundred of Carribie
           U0696A review of previous and current planning in relation to the plan for the City of Adelaide
           P0806A review of the history of the Broken Hill and District Hospital, 1922-1967
           U0687A review of water management in metropolitan Adelaide
           N4620A revision of the Australian Cyclostrematidae and Liotiidae. Contributions to a revision of the recent Rissoidae of Australia. Definitions of new species of land shells from South Australia
           J0414A rich tapestry of lives : celebrating the 90th birthday of the Methodist Ladies College / Annesley College Old Scholars' Association
           J1301A rich tapestry of lives [Annesley Old Scholars]
           L0294A rich tapestry of lives: celebrating the 90th birthday of the Methodist Ladies College / Annesley College Old Scholars' Association
           L0767A richness of gifts: an annotated checklist of gifts from the Friends of the State Library, 1933-1992
           S0811A richness of people [Chamber of Manufactures]
           U0625A rural planning strategy in relation to metropolitan Adelaide
           L3194A sail at the north entrance
           W0004A search for identity. History of infant teachers in the South Australian Education Department from the introduction of the position of Infant Mistress in 1917 [sex role stereotyping on work conditions and opportunities. References to Regulations, Acts and Parliamentary Debates]
           L1903'A second history of Pitlochry / Kendal' in the South-East , written by Kenneth Maurice Lowe, March 1993 [SL:M D 8030 (L)
           Q4124A select bibliography of South Australian religious history
           Q0021A Semaphore chronology
           N2084A sense of difference - the history of Adelaide
           L1534A sheep inspector's flock [Watson, Samuel]
           L1016A short history of Balaklava Lutheran Parish 1904-1994
           N3427A short history of Kadina
           C0988A short history of music in South Australia
           C2233A short history of St. Andrew's Church, Walkerville
           X0004A short history of St. Barnabas' Theological College Adelaide, 1880-1965
           D0577A short history of the Hindmarsh Volunteer Fire Brigade: from 1884 to 1942
           D1535A short history of the Private [Memorial] Hospital, Adelaide, 1965
           N1905A short history of the Private Hospital, Wakefield Street
           C0609A short history of the River Murray works
           C4772A shred of autobiography, or the progress of a convict complete for the first time and with a coloured portrait
           E0021A sketch history of the Education Department
           N0446A slice of history: Blackwood Golf Club, 1930-1980. Drawings by J. Peake
           L2328A son of the 'Red Centre': memoirs and anecdotes of the life of road train pioneer and bush inventor of the Northern Territory of Australia
           D0173A souvenir history, 1856-1961
           T0021A sower went forth to sow: the Presbyterian Church in South Australia, 1839-1969
           L0407A statistical and documentary history of the prisoners held at HM Gaol Redruth, Burra, 1853-1894 [computer file]
           Q5651A story of Coobowie, Edithburgh and district
           L0815A story of Vennings and their Jasper cousins
           L6274A Strutton family history
           T0634A study of Catherine Helen Spence, 1825-1910
           T3086A study of the demand for currency in Australia, 1910-69
           U2452A suitable opportunity for consecrated service: the history of the order of deaconesses within the Methodist Church of Australasia South Australian Conference
           E0405A survey of the spelling errors in the upper grades in Class VI Schools in the Northern Inspectorial District of South Australia
           C1541A synopsis of the formation and the historical records of the A.L.P., South Australian Branch [ALP]
           Q5577A taste of history: Geoffrey Dutton's South Australia
           L1503a toast to the future: the supplement; the story of George Johnson and his family
           J0081A transcript from historical information submitted by the descendants of John Charles Wallis 1855-1941, and his wife, Eliizabeth Bell, 1857-1910
           L3419A tree of the Wrankmore / Rankmore family: in Australia 1833 to 1996
           L4450A tribute to Brian Reginald Walker D.S.O.: a legend in his lifetime
           N6196A tribute to the pioneers of Murrayville and district
           Q1765A trunk full of books: history of the State Library of South Australia and its forerunners
           L1562A very remarkable woman: Dr Helen Mayo, 1878-1967
           S0399'A vital role in South Australian education' [Transport]
           C3647A way of life: the pastoral families of the Central Hill Country of South Australia
           L6389A Witness to Faith and Mission: St. Bartholomew's Anglican Church Norwood, 1856-1996
           L3113A woman I admire: Minlaton District School and community commemorates the centenary of women's suffrage; a song of praise in the form of literary anthology
           L1774A world that was: the Yaraldi of the Murray River and the lakes, south Australia
           W0189A.B.C. Personalities Remembered. Broadcast texts, 1970-1971 [MacKillop, M. [Sister Mary of the Cross, Order of St. Joseph]; Jacob, C. [Tormore House School]; Seager, A.; Cheer-up Society; Returned Soldiers' Association; Taylor, D. [Meals on Wheels]; Miethke, A.; the Children's Hour; National Council of Women; Smith, Lily; Girton House; Bates, D.; Hackett, P.; Torch Theatre; O'Brien, Louisa; South Australian Hotel; Davey, Constance; Spence, C. H.; Baker, Mabel Jewell; Walford House; Birdseye, Sylvia : Eyre Peninsula Motor Service [Birdseye's Bus]; Whyte, Mrs. Jackie: Royal South Australian Society of Arts; Tuck, Marie
           N3130A.E. & F. Tolley: the first hundred years
           Q5368A.L.P. Murray Bridge sub-branch 1906-1991
           U1697Aboriginal agency, institutionalisation and survival [Koonibba Mission]
           D1185Aboriginal Australians
           Q2077Aboriginal Australians and Christian missions: ethnographic and historical studies
           T9031Aboriginal children under the law: a history of specific legislative provisions relating to Aboriginal children in South Australia 1836-1972
           L2567Aboriginal families of the South-East [SL:M OH 198]
           Q2866Aboriginal history: a series of articles
           Q2129Aboriginal history: a series of articles reprinted from 'Forum'
           Q0018Aboriginal oral history
           L0585Aboriginal People of the South-East from the Past to the Present
           T5857Aboriginal policy in South Australia
           L2140Aboriginal resource kit: an introduction to primary sources held by State Records relating to aboriginal people
           Q3432Aboriginal women: with special reference to W. Lloyd Warner's 'A black civilization', the influence of Durkheim, and the local groups of Central Australia
           L4542Aborigine: myths and legends
           Q1749'Aborigines and government in the twentieth century'. Pp 488-512 in E. Richards [ed.] 'The Flinders history of South Australia; social history'
           C3988Aborigines, artefacts and anguish [biography T. G. H. Strehlow, anthropology]
           Q3535Abortion in South Australia before 1970. Date of recordings: April 1990 (in progress) Total length: 10 hours 15 minutes (approximately) Interviewer: Barbara Baird [SSL:M OH91]
           Q4428Abortion in South Australia before 1970. Date of recordings: April - August 1990. Total length: 17 hours 35 minutes (approx.) Interviewer: Barbara Baird [SSL:M OH91]
           F0016Account of her childhood at Pewsey Vale, written by D. Gilbert (1885-1973) [SSL:M PRG 266/34]
           Q0828Accounting for a century: a history of the antecedent firms of Touche Ross and Co., Australia, 1882-1982
           P0985Across the bar to Waterloo Bay: Elliston, 1878-1978
           J0837Additional papers comprising baptism, confirmation, school, St. John Ambulance and Civil Defence Force certificates, prize ribbons, and examination papers of Myra, Muriel and Eunice Sitters, pen and ink illustrations by Eunice Sitters, wool card and recipes of Hannah Croft, manuscript of 'Limberger Cheese' by Robert E. Sitters, 'in memoriam' cards and family photographs
           L6413Additional papers comprising certificates in recognition of war service, card in memoriam for Sarah Logan Pretty, research note on flags, poem, photographs of Goolwa and notebooks on local government
           L0002Additional papers comprising certificates, correspondence, reports, research papers, glass-pressed leaves, album for Waite Institute, manuscript biography of Professor A.V. Richardson, papers relating to Truby King Mothercraft League, family photographs and student notebooks, together with autograph album and tutorial log of Effie Wyllie Best and papers deriving from schooldays of her and her children [SL:M PRG 232]
           L6410Additional papers comprising letters and papers relating to the centenary commemoration of birth of C.R. Jury
           L4578Additional papers comprising letters, articles (typescript, manuscript and printed) about Kanak and New Hebrides people, and copies of photographs of New Hebrides subjects [PRG 991]
           J0800Additional papers consisting of a funeral program and 'in memoriam' card from F.M. McGuire
           L1254Additional papers of Clyde R. Cameron, comprising his account of the life of Francis walter Lundie 1866-1933 and his involvement in the Labor Party and Australian Workers' Union [SL:M PRG 431/43]
           L1154Additional papers of Clyde R. Cameron, comprising his account of the life of Francis Walter Lundie 1866-1933 and his involvement in the Labor Party and Australian Workers' Union [SL:M PRG 431/43]
           L0005Additional papers of D.R. Dickson, stud cattle pedigree books, family tree of Ritchie family, photographs, autobiography of D.R. Dickson, citation for mention in despatches, trade school certificates, book 'Cockenzie: a haven for the Johnstons' [SL:M PRG 942]
           L1970Additional papers of Dame Roma Mitchell, comprising letters patent relating to her 1971 OBE, printed statutes of the OBE, congratulatory letters on her award of the AC and governorship of South Australia 1990-1991, general correspondence received 1986-1990, correspondence relating to Adelaide University 1983-1988, files of letters and printed material relating to her patronage of organisations and professional associations, including speech notes, 1987-1989 letters patent for the office of auxiliary Judge 1989-1990, articles of agreement for her father H.F. Mitchell 1903, and her own articles of clerkship 1931-1933, notebook of legal references, music certificates 1922-1926, Intermediate - Leaving Honours certificates 1927-1929, passports 1955-1976 and holiday itineraries, illuminated address to her grandfather S.J. Mitchell 1916, and a letter written by him 1914 [SL:M PRG 778]
           L0957Additional papers of Samuel McIntosh 1867-1939, Director of Irrigation and Reclamation Works and fruit-block owner, comprising diairies, autobiographical notes, testimonials, letters, certificate, Letters Patent relating to official appointments, postcards, menu, journal articles, lists of passengers, typescripts, booklets, newspaper cuttings and photographs[SL:M PRG 16]
           L1646Additional papers of the Livingston family, comprising letters, telegrams, diaries of Frank W. Livingston and sister, invitations, programmes, certificates, records relating to Miss Emily Livingston and her interest in the Girl Guide movement, newscutting albums, printed material relating to the 1911 overseas tour by John Livingston II, and photographs of the Livingston family and their properties in the South-East [SL:M PRG 959]
           Q3533Additional papers of the Portus family comprising certificate of marriage of Henry Dumaresque Portus and Hannah Butler, letters from Henry Dumaresque to Hannah Portus, power of attorney signed by H. S. Portus, will of H. D. Portus, obituary of John Portus, letters relating to the decline of Alexander Brown Portus and obituary of Alexander Brown Portus [SSL:M PRG 204]
           L0004Additional papers, comprising leaves picked in the National Park 1893, Advanced School reports of Effie Wyllie and controversial appointment of Sydney City electrical engineer, will of Alex Wyllie, accounts in estate of Agnes Wyllie, family photographs and Deland crest [SL:M PRG 90]
           L6506Additional records comprising 2 copies of Clarksons' magazine featuring the 150 anniversary
           L6725Additional records comprising a brief history, cycling records, awards held and membership lists
           Q5333Additional records comprising a catalogue for the Exhibition of International Posters which was presented by Cornell Travel [SSL:M BRG 117]
           L5540Additional records comprising biographical notes on Jeannie Forster compiled by Tess Young
           L6502Additional records comprising blueprint and plans of company vessels
           L5320Additional records comprising declaration of trusts
           L4579Additional records comprising diaries of Richard McDonnell Hawker, diaries of Frances Carstairs Hawker, papers relating to estates of Richard McDonnell Hawker, Andrew Tennant, John Andrew Tennant Mortlock, Abraham Gardiner, Adelaide Louisa Rymill, Sidney Rymill and Mary Carstairs Baker, returns for Carriewerloo, Kokatha, Martindale, Nangwarry, Yudnapinna, Nullarbor, Tallala, Willippa, Wirryilka and Yudnapinna stations together with family correspondence and papers of Hawker family companies [PRG 847]
           L6290Additional records comprising diary 1867-1869, power of attorney, photograph album, portrait, photograph and two sketches by Eden H. Babbage, autograph album of Zara G. Babbage, letters of administration of Henry S. Babbage, sale brochure for the Castle estate and historical extracts
           J0781Additional records comprising diary of William Campbell, family trees and 35 photographs
           L5655Additional records comprising Edwardstown Methodist Ladies Guild cash book
           L5648Additional records comprising Family Budget newsletters, indexes, diaries, research notes, correspondence and newspaper cuttings;
           L6407Additional records comprising family tree of the Hackett family
           Q5329Additional records comprising financial records, membership lists, correspondence, papers relating to St Francis Mission at Back Valley, printed items and the plaque for the old organ (Series M65/18-23) [SSL:M SRG 94]
           L6899Additional records comprising floor plan of residence Strangways Terrace for W. Isbister, floor plan of 24 Palmer Place and plans of residence, Palmer Place, for Norman Darling
           L4881Additional records comprising letters written by C.J.Jury to D.C. Muecke
           J0767Additional records comprising membership and financial records; 1869-1960 and membership records; 1861-1960 and membership records; 1861-1960
           J0819Additional records comprising memorandum of transfer 1942, balance sheets and statements re dissolution of partnership 1897, Articles of partnership 1891, letter 1897, ledgers, journals and daybook
           L4567Additional records comprising minute books 1928-1950, 1955 -1970, and book of results for exhibitors in the Black and white prints monthly competition [SRG 43]
           L5324Additional records comprising minute books of general committee and cash book
           L6130Additional records comprising minutes, subscription book, score sheets, photographs, watercolour cartoon, architectural elevation, registers of awards, draft histories and cuttings book
           Q5336Additional records comprising news releases (1979-1983); G.M. People Magazine (Volumes 1-19), G.M. World Magazine (1946-1970) with index; G.M. Annual reports (1970-1978), Subject files containing pamphlets on various models and subjects, printed material, photographs, a film, slides and cassette tape [SSL:M BRG 213 Restricted]
           L6131Additional records comprising notes on the founder, Ella Cleggett, written by longtime member of the Society, Noel Drysdale
           L6721Additional records comprising photographs and personal resume and information; 1948-1950s, 1980s
           L5646Additional records comprising photographs of staff and nurses at Mareeba Hospital
           L6726Additional records comprising reminiscences mainly of life in Koolunga
           L5536Additional records comprising speech made by A.E. Simpson about Sir Mark Mitchell
           L4583Additional records comprising Sunday School account book, minute book, and Junior Christian Endeavour minute book [SRG 4/53]
           L6719additional records comprising transcript of Robert Davenport's letters
           L6504Additional records comprising transcripts of the Taplin diaries
           J0825Additional records comprising Two Wells RSL correspondence, financial records and minutes, 1944-1979, and Kalangadoo RSL comprising constitution and rules, minutes, monthly returns, cash book, sale agreement; 1920-1995
           Q3032Additional records consisting of 2 certificates of discharge for Robert Campbell (1918 and 1920); Certificate of Proclamation (1930); Baptismal certificate (1894); First Class Engineer's Certificate (1927) and extract of marriage certificate (1857). [SSL:M PRG 734]
           Q3945Additional records consisting of a minute book of the Wongana Circle [SSL:M SRG 149]
           Q2939Additional records consisting of a vestry record book from All Hallows, Karoonda: 1892-1986; black and white photographs of Saint Francis of Assisi, Christies Beach c 1983; photograph of the Reverend C. Winch, 1908-1909; and advertisement for a monthly market held at Christies Beach [SSL:M SRG 94]
           Q3007Additional records consisting of an unpublished manuscript entitled "The Life of Sir Charles Todd". [SSL:M PRG 138]
           J0744Additional records consisting of correspondence between Forsyth and Dickey
           J0836Additional records consisting of correspondence, poetry and songs, genealogy and photographs
           Q4825Additional records consisting of minute books (3) and a marriage register from St John's, Coromandel Valley; and a minute book for the Mission of the Nativity, Eden Hills [SSL:M SRG 94]
           Q2929Additional records consisting of reports, minutes, newspaper cuttings and correspondence [SSL:M SRG 381]
           L6127Additional records consisting of student exercises, autograph books, botanical drawings, diaries, manuscripts by F.M. and D.P. McGuire, book illustrations, McGuire and Cheadle family correspondence, photographs and certificates, together with an illuminated manuscript presented by Professor La Pira to Paul McGuire when Ambassador to Italy, tapes of choral work recorded in Italy, talks on domestic and historical topics by F.M. and D.P. McGuire and interview of Paul McGuire by Hazel de Berg
           J0756Additional records consisting of typescript history, scrapbook, photographs, negatives, civilian buttons, and family history notes
           Q3254Additional records from Glanville Lodge No.4 comprising minutes, sick pay books, roll books, programme, cash books, ledgers and night books [SSL:M SRG 169]
           Q5327Additional records of Adelaide and Wallaroo Fertilizers Limited comprising Adelaide Chemical Works Company plan of acid and fertilizer works at Port Adelaide, Adelaide Chemical and Fertilizer Company plans of Royal Chambers, Currie Street, farmers' price lists in English and German, allocation agreements, file on South East agricultural development, conference notes, diary of discussions and decisions, valuations of buildings and plant, visitors books, scrapbooks of advertisements and press cuttings and photographs of works, plant and experimental plots [SSL:M BRG 165]
           L1548Additional records of Cape Horners - Australia Inc. , being papers of Tor Edvin Lindqvist OAM, a Cape Horners member, comprising an album of certificates of service on and discharge from sailing vessels, crew lists, accounts of wages, photographs, newspaper cuttings, letters, awards and postcards [SL:M SRG 356/11]
           J0754Additional records of Concord, Areas, Leopold and Harmony Lodges
           Q4193Additional records of Herman August Thomson, Master Mariner, comprising photographic negatives of the barque "Garth Neil" together with autograph book of Lancelot Martin Thomson signed by crewmen of H.M.A.S. Sydney and World War II identity card of Eileen Marjorie Thomson [SSL:M PRG 905]
           L2636Additional records of Hindmarsh Congregational Church (Whitefields), comprising minutes of Ladies Guild & Mission Auxiliary, Sunday School and choir records, financial ledgers, papers relating to special anniversaries, orders of service, printed material and a photograph [SL:M SRG 95/136]
           L1043Additional records of J.B. Cleland, comprising two folders of personal accounts, a report about the Evandale Private Hospital, and two invitationsSL:M PRG 5]
           Q4832Additional records of J.S. Watts and Sons, brickmakers of Nairne, comprising brickyard income book, brickyard annual journal and partners' drawing statements together with copy of "Watts' Brick Business 1838-1985" by Joseph Samuel and Estelle Yvonne Watts [SSL:M BRG 128]
           L1553Additional records of Jackman Gooden Architects, comprising plans of urban and rural houses, hotels, churches, shops, warehouses, grandstands and institutions by Thomas English, J. English, English & Soward, English & Rees, D. Garlick, Garlick Jackman & Garlick and Garlick & Jackman [SL:M BRG 238]
           Q3531Additional records of John Martin and Co Ltd comprising advertising fan, box label and advertisement for the Needlework School together with papers relating to the twenty-fifth anniversary of the Elizabeth store, including competition forms, visitors' book, bank book, souvenir key ring, invitation, photographs, poster and copy of 'Messenger News Review' [SSL:M BRG121]
           Q2955Additional records of John Martin and Company Limited comprising photographs, including collage of World War I servicemen from John Martins, photographs of World War I Australia Day celebrations, John Martin's football and cricket teams, staff members, John Martin's store, store fire, Hayward family portrait photographs, photographs of E. W. Hayward's grave, architectural elevations of John Martin's store, illuminated address to W. E. Moss, caricature of Colonel Freeman, Y.M.C.A. premiership certificate awarded to John Martin's cricket team and plan of John Martin's company structure [SSL:M BRG 121]
           L4592Additional records of Mitchell Memorial Presbyterian Church, Goodwood (series 550-552,558). 1922-1974; 10 cm
           L5326Additional records of Murray Bridge Presbyterian Church (series 561-567)
           L2126Additional records of Rev. John Beukers, comprising diaries (1889-1902, 1908-1912) and the following publications: 'The drill of the foothills' (incomplete), beginning No. 8, June-July 1916 and May-June 1918, 'The King's writ on the Duke's Highway', covering Coomandook / Ki-Ki / Coonalpyn, SA Volume 1 - April 1937-March 1940, Volume 2 - April 1940-July 1941, and two books: 'Humour and the pathos of the Australian desert', 'From the fo'castle to the pulpit' [SL:M PRG 401]
           L2552Additional records of the Adelaide Lyceum Club, comprising minutes of meetings, House Committee and Literature Circle, visitors' books, correspondence, pamphlets, rules and constitution, art Appreciation talks, articles, letters and plan of Club's Centenary accommodation [SL:M SRG 438]
           Q5328Additional records of the Amalgamated Society of Carpenters and Joiners comprising Australian reports, State Management Committee minutes membership registers, admission cards, ledgers, journals cash books, arbitration transcripts, awards, legal opinions, industrial files and photographs, Adelaide Branch minutes and attendance books, Port Adelaide Branch letter, proposition, residence, unemployment and stewards' books, Port Adelaide Branch entrance and contribution cards, Port Pirie Branch letter book, Whyalla Branch minutes and letter book, Hummocks Hill Branch proposition book, Quorn Branch proposition book, Barmera Branch letter book and Elizabeth Sub-Branch minutes [SSL:M SRG 239 Restricted]
           Q3001Additional records of the Anglican Church of Australia, Province of South Australia, Glenelg Parish, comprising St Peter's church registers of baptisms, marriages, burials and confirmations, vestry minute book, vestry minute book digest and vestry record books. [SSL:M SRG 94/A37]
           L2634Additional records of the Anglican Church of Australia, province of South Australia, Glenelg Parish, comprising St Peter's Glenelg Church Trust memoranda, indentures of appointment, petition for consecration, deeds of consecration, land conveyance, specifications, accounts, annual return, Parish Council minutes, vestry minutes, baptismal register, burial register and marriage certificate, St Martin's Glenelg'vestry record books and St Swithun's Morphettville marriage registers, burial register and vestry record books [SL:M SRG 94]
           L4570Additional records of the Australian Natives Association comprising South Australian Board of Directors minutes 1888-1978, branches conference minutes 1939-1940, historical note and newspaper cuttings 1888- 1897 [SRG 280]
           L0952Additional records of the Cyclists' Rifle Club, comprising record book, cash books, match programmes, historical notes, map of location of range and photograph [SRG 38]
           Q5054Additional records of the Fire and Accident Underwriters Association of South Australia comprising albums of fire survey block plans for Adelaide, Port Adelaide and Mile End, album of country town plans including factory site plans and architectural elevation and site plan for Tea Tree Gully Golf Club [SSL:M BRG 55]
           Q3936Additional records of the Methodist Church of Australasia, South Australia Conference, Hamley Bridge Circuit, comprising Hamley Bridge Central Trust Fund Committee Minutes, Trustees and Deeds Register, Parsonage Trust Register, Members' Rolls, Sunday School Treasurer's Book, Ladies Guild Minutes and Correspondence, Women's Fellowship Minutes and Correspondence, Youth Council Minutes, Junior Endeavour Society Record books; Stockport Trustee Minutes, Correspondence and Treasurer's book; Wasleys Library Register, Trust Committee Registers of Wasleys, Owen and Templers, Templers Cemetery Burial transcriptions; and annual returns of the Adelaide Plains Circuit [SSL:M SRG 4/26]
           L2046Additional records of the Methodist Church of Australasia, South Australia Conference, Maitland Circuit, comprising circuit deeds register, circuit schedule book, quarterly accounts, quarterly meeting minutes, rolls, register of baptisms, preachers' meeting minutes, leaders' meeting minutes, parsonage trust minutes, church trust cash books, Band of Hope minutes, Christian Endeavour minutes, comradeship minutes, Rays' minutes, Port Victoria church trust minutes and journals and Point Pearce collection journal [SL:M SRG 4/59]
           L1764Additional records of the Methodist Church of Australasia, South Australia Conference, Malvern Circuit, comprising Malvern Circuit roll, register of baptisms, Mitcham Circuit quarterly meeting minutes and annual returns, Mitcham Methodist Church Trust journal, Mitcham Methodist Parsonage trust minutes, Mitcham Methodist Sunday School Teachers' meeting minutes, Mitcham Methodist Men's Fellowship minutes, Mitcham Methodist Youth Worship Group roll and Mitcham Methodist Young Worshippers' League roll [SL:M SRG 4/119]
           Q3033Additional records of the Methodist Church of Australasia, South Australia Conference, Modbury circuit, comprising Houghton Methodist Sunday School roll book and honour roll. [SSL:M SRG 4/112]
           L1904Additional records of the Methodist Church of Australasia, South Australia Conference, Mt Barker Circuit, comprising Mt Barker Methodist, formerly Wesleyan Methodist, circuit quarterly meeting minutes, quarterly accounts, trustee register, preachers' meeting minutes and members' roll, Mt Barker Wesleyan chapel stewards' accounts, Mt Barker Methodist Sunday School teachers' meeting minutes, journal and rolls, Dunn Memorial Church Trust minutes, accounts and architectural plans, Mt Barker Parsonage Trust minutes and loan accounts, Salem Cottages Trust minutes, Mt Barker Methodist choir minutes, Macclesfield guild minutes, guild cash book, fellowship minutes and Christian Endeavour minutes, Wistow guild minutes and cash book and Littlehampton Church collection journals [SL:M SRG 4/66]
           Q4057Additional records of the Methodist Church of Australasia, South Australia Conference, Murray Bridge Circuit, comprising members' rolls, Quarterly and Leaders' Meeting minutes, Church Trust cash book, passbooks, Parsonage Trust cash book and minutes, Manse Trust cash book, Carnival minutes and treasurer's book, Ladies Guild minutes and annual reports, members' rolls and cash book, Women's Auxiliary of Overseas Missions minutes, Women's Fellowship minutes, Girls' Comradeship minutes and treasurer's book, Order of Knights minutes; Murray Bridge South Church Trust financial statements, Women's Fellowship minutes, Committee minutes and roll book; Tailem Bend Sunday School financial statements; Mypolonga Church plan, specifications and correspondence; Annual Returns of Murray Bridge and Murray District [SSL:M SRG 4/151]
           Q4419Additional records of the Methodist Church of Australasia, South Australia Conference, Semaphore Circuit, comprising Semaphore Circuit members' roll, Semaphore Methodist Church Trust minutes, Semaphore Wesleyan Methodist Sunday School admission book and roll book, Semaphore Methodist Sunday School attendance records, absentee record and annual reports, Semaphore Methodist Women's Fellowship minutes, Semaphore Methodist Girls' Comradeship roll, Semaphore Methodist Order of Knights minutes and Semaphore Methodist Basketball Club minutes [SSL:M SRG 4]
           Q3002Additional records of the Northern Agricultural Shows Association of South Australia Incorporated comprising further extracts from the minutes compiled by J.R. Kellock. [SSL:M SRG 278]
           Q4838Additional records of the Presbyterian Church of South Australia comprising records of Goodwood Presbyterian Church (Presbyterian Women's Missionary Union minutes, photographs, photograph album and oil painting) [SSL:M SRG 123]
           L2302Additional records of the Presbyterian Church of South Australia, comprising papers of the General Assembly and its organisations [SL:M SRG 123]
           Q4059Additional records of the Returned Services League, South Australian Branch Incorporated comprising Returned Sisters Sub Branch, formerly Returned Army Nurses Association, minutes, annual reports, correspondence, service lists, casualty lists, obituary and portrait photograh together with Returned Sisters Comforts Fund minutes, cash book and unit returns [SSL:M SRG435]
           L2553Additional records of the Society, comprising a minute book 1878-1888; 'The new guide to Carpentry, General Framing and Joinery' by R. Scott Burn, c. 1867-186;'Practical Carpentry, Juinery and Cabinet Making', 1826; correspondence of the Federal Office with the SA Branch, 1950s; history of the Society, 1982; and emblem of the society (reproduction from the original, c. 1980) [SL:M SRG 239]
           L1765Additional records of the South Australian Horticultural Association Inc., comprising records of the SA Fruit Growers and Market Gardeners Association - 9 volumes of minutes, ledger for 1939-1945 and membership list [SL:M SRG 455]
           Q4844Additional records of the Stock Exchange of Adelaide Limited comprising articles of association, minutes, letter books, registers, share scrip, journals, balance sheets, illuminated address, official listing applications, company files, call sales books, including predecessor Adelaide Stock and Share Association daily sales record, turnover books, memoranda, historical abstracts and motion picture reels [SSL:M BRG 103]
           Q4522Additional records of the Unitarian Church of South Australia Inc., consisting of minutes, cash books, subscription and seat rent lists, financial statements and reports, receipt books, receipts, annual reports, membership lists, Secretary and Treasurer's correspondence, subject correspondence files, trust deeds, rules and constitution, Sunday School library catalogues, rules of the Unitarian Funeral Society, orders of Service, Sunday School Cradle Roll, printed sermons and lectures, posters, prayer book, religious verse, newspaper and magazine of the Unitarian Church and notes on the Shady Grove Church [SSL:M SRG 122]
           Q4194Additional records of the United Church Tennis Association Incorporated comprising premiership team photographs and divisional challenge shields [SSL:M SRG 314]
           L2563Additional records of the Unley Park Baptist Church, comprising minutes of officers' meetings, correspondence. Lists of members, annual reports, Sunday school papers, statements, Treasurer's Report, Youth Council, Youth Club, and Christian Endeavour papers, rules, deacons' rosters, printed material and photograph [SL:M SRG 465/39]
           Q4685Additional records of the Wigley family comprising a photocopy of W.R. Wigley's diary; "A Story of Henry Rodolph Wigley (1794-1876) and his son William Rodolph Wigley (1827-1890) concerning their Glenelg, S.A. Connections" prepared by R.E.W. Cornish; letters between family members concerning family history; and a photograph of a portrait of a Mrs Wigley [SSL:M PRG 897]
           Q4425Additional records of Woods Bagot Architects Pty Ltd comprising alternative scale drawings for front of St Peter's Cathedral by E. J. Woods, blueprints for rose window of St Francis Xavier's Cathedral, sectional drawing for Calvary Hospital Chapel, elevations, ground plan and tracings for North Adelaide Hotel by Cumming and Davies, photograph of Parliament House elevation, elevation for Citizens' Building by L. Laybourne Smith, sketch of Lion Brewing and Malting Company bottle showing trademark, measured drawing exercises, including measured drawings by W. H. Bagot and student exercises by R. B. Davies [SSL:M BRG 18]
           L2364Additional records to PRG 40, Davenport family, comprising transcript copies of correspondence of Robert Davenport, Mary Fulford Davenport, Ernest Deveraux Davenport, Howard Davenport and Samuel Alfred Davenport [SL:M PRG 40]
           L1262Additional records, comprising a copy of 'A history of the League of Women Voters in South Australia 1909-1976' by Vivienne Szekeres and photographs of early members (2) [SL:M SRG 116])
           L1162Additional records, comprising a copy of 'A history of the League of Women Voters in South Australia 1909-1976' by Vivienne Szekeres and photographs of early members (2) [SL:M SRG 116])
           L1643Additional records, comprising a file relating to the design and production history of GMH [SL:M BRG 213]
           L0165Additional records, comprising bank books, journals, stock book, minute book, share register, share certificates, partnership agreement and mortgage [SL:M BRG 206]
           L0157Additional records, comprising diaries, correspondence, wills, probate records, cash books, pass books income tax records, memos of agreement, leases, receipts, licences, menus, photographs, orders of service and World War 2 nursing papers [SL:M PRG 462]
           L0946Additional records, comprising marriage and burial registers, Vestry record books, minutes, cash book, parish magazine and miscellaneous papers [SL:M SRG 94/A33]
           L0158Additional records, comprising minutes of original Blackwood Club Hall and Blackwood Community Recreation Association Board of Management minutes [SL:M SRG 248]
           L0117Additional records, comprising minutes of the Board, financial records, legal documents, safety policy, and correspondence [SL:M BRG 121]
           L1896Additional records, comprising photographs and papers of Clarkson's Bowling Club, photograph of delivery vehicles, letter re order, 1911, and history of the bowling club written by Mr J.B. Stewart [SL:M BRG 172]
           L1377Additional records, comprising subject files on different products and processes [SL:M BRG 9. (Series 24)]
           L1550Additional records, comprising those from Adelaide Lodge No. 2 and Lodge of Unity No. 7 [SL:M SRG 490]
           L0166Additional records, comprising two photographs and an annual dinner programme [SL:M SRG 289]
           L2366Additional records, comprising two postcards of a famous Joyner photograph - 'Boiling the billy' [SL:M PRG 476]
           L1644Additional records, comprising various leaflets and booklets produced by GMH [SL:M BRG 213]
           L0703Additions to Branch Y9, the family of Andrew Telfer Young and Sarah Dingle
           Z0280Address at the Jubilee Celebrations, 1927
           L0051Address by Enid L. Robertson [Ashby, Wittunga] [SL:M OH 363]
           R0088Adelaide 1836-1976; a history of difference
           D2408Adelaide at a glance [Photos]
           C0012Adelaide Botanic Gardens. Centenary Volume: 1855 - 1955
           J1407Adelaide can claim Claret Ash as its own [Wollaston, Raywood]
           L0195'Adelaide Chronicle' Personal Notices Index [microform]
           Q1098Adelaide from colony to jubilee: a sense of difference
           L6737Adelaide Gaol Tours: Audio Tour [Sound Recording]. Commentator: Keith Conlon [OH 487]
           L6298Adelaide Gaol: Visitors guide
           C0017Adelaide Glee Club Annual Smoke Social [Includes a history of the Club]
           B1641Adelaide High School: 75th anniversary, 1908-1983; souvenir book
           C3653Adelaide Lutheran messenger
           Q4062Adelaide nostalgia
           Q1822Adelaide Oval Test Cricket, 1884-1984
           S1001Adelaide road passenger transport 1836-1958
           N2679Adelaide road passenger transport, 1836-1958
           C2866Adelaide Rowing Club, the first hundred seasons: a narrative history, 1882-1982
           L1563Adelaide snapshots: a series of 25 audio portraits of some of the city's statues and monuments [sound recording]
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           L4349Adelaide trams [sound recording]
           L4289Adelaide trams. Part 2
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           B0916Adelaide University Cricket Club: 75 years, 1908-1983
           C4334Adelaide University Football Club 75th anniversary 1906-1981
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           C2995Adelaide West Beach Airport; a history of operations
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           J1361Adelaide's 125 years of visual blight [telegraph, telephone, electricity]
           L3409Adelaide's architecture and art: a walking guide
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           Q1283Adelaide's old West End
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           C2132Adelaide's Union Hall
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           E0198Adult education sets a new course [landmarks, new directions]
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           T0328Afforestation in South Australia, 1870-1950
           C4949Afghans in Australia
           L0704After Darke; the history of the Darke Peak, Kielpa area covering the Hundreds of Darke, Pascoe and Smeaton: the 150 years since John Charles Darke 1844-1994
           L4683After Light: a history of the City of Adelaide and its council 1878-1928
           L4454After Light: a history of the City of Adelaide and its Council, 1878-1928
           L1475After the golden cockatoo: Cornwall and the story of the Thomas Curnow family and others
           L6032Against the Odds: a Pictorial history of 100 years of South Australian Women in Sport and Recreation
           L0558Against the odds: a pictorial history of 100 years of South Australian women in sport and recreation
           L4136Age of transition: a study of South Australian private girls' schools 1875-1925
           U1570Age of transition: a study of South Australian private girls' schools 1875-1925
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           N6148Air and land cruises to 'Back to Macclesfield' centenary, 1937
           C0964Air transport in Australia
           L0028Album of manuscript musical scores including a composition by Joseph William Elliott, and a separate composition by him, both songs [SL:M D 7298 (Misc)]
           Z0103Alexandrina's shore: a history of the Milang district
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           P1186All her labours
           P0987All our working lives: a project by working people documenting their struggles and achievements
           L1656All Saints Anglican Church, Colonel Light Gardens
           L1246Allendale North memories
           L1146Allendale North memories
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           L6474Along the Track: a Stock Agent's Tales Reflecting life in Rural Australia
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           L4338Ambrose Redman (1859-1929): a biographical look
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           L2101An alphabetical index of private school pupils in the Port Adelaide and Semaphore districts 1841-1930
           D0791An analysis of the changing distribution pattern of educational facilities in the Murray Mallee Area, 1914-1974 [Schools]
           T6115An analysis of the development of birth control advocacy in Australia
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           N5582An archivist looks back
           B1653An atlas of Local Government boundary changes in Adelaide: 1840-1980
           Q3711An Australian History chronology
           L4063An Australian journey: images from our transport history [CDROM]
           C2607An Australian legal history
           C2265An autobiography [SSL:M D3627(1)]
           L5735An autobiography, together with the story of Reid Murray Holdings
           S1371'An early aircraft engineer'
           C1906An economic history of Australia
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           Q5527An environmental and historical study of Norwood Parade
           U1228An environmental life raft for Hahndorf: a quest for dominant social forces that shaped its built form and spatial organisation since 1839, with a view to the future
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           C2058An era of transport through Walkerville
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           N5590An introduction to Australian Legal History
           L2243An introduction to some descendants of Johann Christian Schubert of Klemzig, Prussia: an interim family tree
           L0739An introduction to some of the descendants of Johann Christian Schubert of Klemzig, Prussia: an interim family tree
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           J0593An introduction to the history of Swan Reach
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           U1800Analysis and interpretation of the Holdfast Bay historical artefacts
           L1359Ancestors in archives
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           L1174Ancestors in archives: a guide to family history sources in the official records of South Australia
           L5137Anchor under the Southern Cross: O'Loughlin [Family]
           C5223Anchored in a new land: Johann Carl and Anna Rosina Ernestine Zacher; a history and family tree, 1856-1981
           L4006And I always been moving!: the early life of Jessie Lennon
           L0705And Memory Live Forever: the family of Thomas Cowley in Australia
           Q5562Andamooka Then and Now
           N0903Andamooka: then and now. By secondary students of the Area School
           N3065Anderson: Peter & Marion of "Archerfield", Alexander and Barbara of "Mossgiel"
           L0713Andrew and Jacobina Templeton: a pioneer couple and their descendants, 1788-1990
           L4109Angaston's brass bands and their community heritage role 1856-1971
           L1695Angels of mercy: district nursing in South Australia 1894-1994
           Q3526Anglican Church in Australia. Records of St Augustine's Anglican Church, Victor Harbor, comprising marriage registers, 1870-1973; baptism register, 1870-1962; vestry record books, 1876-1978; minutes of Annual vestry meetings, 1883-1985 (also includes accounts 1892-1903, and pew rents 1900-1903 in Volume 1 and other minutes and accounts in Volume 3, minutes of Parish Council Meetings in Volumes 4 and 5); envelope giving accounts book, 1935-1948; general appeal 1955-1956 together with Sunday School accounts; minutes of the Women's Guild, 1926-1974; (also include Junior guild minutes and balance sheets); items relating to the Church Centenary in 1970; inventory of furniture and equipment, 1937-1959; documentation relating to a deed of gift, 1944; and photograph of the Rev. T. Boyer [SSL:M SRG 94/M65]
           A0459Angus, W. Agriculturalist, 1871-1965. ADB7
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           D1292Annual report
           C4611Annual report
           N4489Annual report
           C4687Annual report [Orphans, Anglicans]
           Q3584Annual Report 1898+
           D1308Annual report and accounts
           B1566Annual report. - No.19 (1928) - No.71 (1980)
           B1178Annual report. [Home for Incurables] - No.1 (1880) - No.2 (1981)
           B0748Annual report. -1903-1981
           C4667Annual report. Orphan Home Incorporated
           D1181Annual reports 1891-1892+
           Q3573Annual Reports, 1872 to date
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           B1937Another way of life: Eden Hills 1883-1950
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           N6114Appila Lutheran School 1875-1975
           N0973Appleton family history, 1839-1979
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           U1654Archaeology and post-contact indigenous Adelaide
           U1804Archaeology and post-contact indigenous Adelaide [Kaurna]
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           C0301Artillery in South Australia, 1840-1960
           L0972Artist on the land
           L2384As I grew older: the life and times of a nunga growing up along the River Murray
           Q3271As it was ...: memories of rural schools in the Hundred of Bonython, Goode and Wandana
           L5143As the Seed Grows: essays in Quaker thought
           N2558As the twig is bent: the childhood recollections of sixteen prominent Australians
           L4668As time goes by: a window on the past: selected historical articles on early Australian general stores and manufacturers of goods
           L4339As time goes by: window on the past; selected historical articles on early Australian general stores and manufacturers of goods
           L1224As we were in black and white
           L1124As we were in black and white
           N3704Ascot Park Primary School. Golden jubilee, 1926-1976
           A0463Ash, G. Journalist, Lawyer, Politician [Minda], 1859-1897. ADB7
           A0464Ashby, E. Estate Agent and Naturalist, 1861-1941. ADB7
           L0422Ashton Memorial Church: the story of 127 years
           L2323Ashton Memorial Church: the story of 127 years
           A0465Ashton, J. Artist, 1859-1935. ADB7
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           T0004Attitudes to law-breakers and discharged prisoners, Adelaide 1880-1914 [Yatala, Crime, Punishment, Jail, Gaol]
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           P0405Australia's forgotten migrants: the Sorbs of Lusatia, German Democratic Republic
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           Q3754Australia's maritime heritage
           A0554Australia's rural population changes
           C2489Australia's wild heart [Lake Eyre]
           D0019Australia's worst shipwrecks
           D0621Australia-wide expansion: a brief history of the firm
           X0010Austrian Jesuits in Australia
           M0262Back to ... Pirie High 1976. Centenary Port Pirie, 1876-1976
           C3804Back to ... Pirie High 1976; centenary Port Pirie 1876-1976, May 1-2
           L4763Back to Amyton: Methodist church jubilee, 1877-1927
           N6723Back to Ardrossan Easter celebrations [Ardrossan 1873-1955]
           C0079Back to Auburn Carnival
           Q5539Back to Hamley Bridge Celebrations Souvenir
           N0169Back to Littlehampton Primary School, 1900-1975
           N5749Back to Littlehampton Primary School, 1900-1975
           D1570Back to Marryatville School; jubilee celebrations, 1881-1931
           N5626Back to Mount Pleasant centenary celebration, March 1947. Souvenir history
           N0490Back to old Noarlunga, October 20th-21st 1979 [1859-1979]
           Q5594Back to Orroroo District Souvenir, October 5th-10th, 1937
           D2260Back to Salisbury Public School [1877-1970], November 1970. Programme
           Q2626Back to school 1988: celebrating 110 years of education in Quorn and 20 years of the Area School
           L2256Back to school: through a glimpse of early schooldays in South Australia, 1875-1925; ideas and activities for primary school students
           D0038Back to Semaphore Baptist Church: eightieth anniversary celebrations, 1878-1958; souvenir brochure
           C0124Back to Semaphore. Pictorial and historical souvenir
           Q5625Back to Sherlock, 15th October 1977
           N4229Back to Sturt Street Public School. Jubilee celebrations, 1883-1933
           C2239Back to Warooka celebrations
           L1512Badcocks of Watervale with the Cowleds of Nonowie story
           A0466Bagot, E. D. A. Businessman and Political Organizer, 1893-1968. ADB7
           A0467Bagot, W. H. Architect, 1880-1963. ADB7
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           A0470Baker, T. C. R. Soldier and Airman, 1897-1918. ADB7
           Q5550Balaklava Change and Challenge: a history of Balaklava and surrounding districts
           N4642Balaklava High School jubilee, 1922-1972
           N6727Balaklava Primary School centenary, 1877-1977
           N0755Balaklava Soldiers' Memorial District Hospital Incorporated golden jubilee, 1922-1972
           Q4928Balance Sheet for the year ending...
           B2151Ballooning in South Australia 1871-1983
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           C2380Banking in Australia, with special reference to the Commonwealth Bank, and to Banking Legislation, 1911-1951
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           B0874Battling the bush at Butler. Illustrated by K. Whitford
           L1987Be fruitful and multiply: the family history, showing direct and collateral relationships of John Mark Davis, a fourth generation Jewish Australian
           L3406Be still: a history of the Congregational church and the Ferguson Memorial - United and Uniting Church in Salisbury S.A. [Providence Chapel]
           L3524Beach boats, press boats and Semaphore
           Q5563Beachport and the Rivoli Bay District of the South-East of South Australia
           L1604Beaumont House: the land and its people
           N0372Beautiful valley: a history of Wilmington and district 1876-1976
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           L0231Because of their beliefs
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           A0556Before the Country Party: the Farmers' Mutual Association of South Australia
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           Q5654Beltana: a survey of significant structures and guidelines for their conservation
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           P0532Beneath whose hand: the autobiography of R. M. Williams, with Olaf Ruhen
           A0481Benham, Ellen I. Teacher, Lecturer, 1871-1917. ADB7
           L0483Bennett Family History of Mid-Northern South Australia and Broken Hill, New South Wales, incorporating the Anderson, Milnes, Rob(b)ins, Davies, Barry and Sullivan families
           C2679Bennett Memorial Reserve, Manningham, South Australia (corner of North East Road, Ways Road and Bennett Avenue, Manningham 5086) a history
           A0484Benny, S. G. Local Government, 1872-1944. ADB7
           A0485Berry, W. Marine Engineer, 1857-1928. ADB7
           L0910Bert's story [Whatmore]
           P0826Bethany centenary 1842-1942: the Herberge Christi Lutheran Church Incorporated celebrates its centenary Thanksgiving Services on the 14th Sunday after Trinity, September 6th 1942
           L4497Betsy Daly
           Q1781Between city and sea; a history of West Torrens from settlement in 1836 to the present day
           S0059Between the ranges: a centenary history of land settlement at Appila 1872-1972
           Q5569Beyond the Gap: history of Dawson
           A0659Bibliography of A. G. Price
           E0100Bibliography of Australian education from colonial times to 1972
           C0783Bibliography of the migrant press in Australia: 1847-1962
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           Q2398Bicentennial Australia history in rhyme
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           A0488Bidmead, M. S. Nurse, 1862-1940. ADB7
           J0230Big trees in water: Kalangadoo, the town and the people 1850-1990
           L6757Binnum: Beyond the Sheoaks
           Q1421Biographical index of South Australians 1836-1885
           J0759Biographical note on Bonnie Hambly-Clark, a well-known motor sport personality
           L1632Biographical note on Edna May Hutton (nee Wait) written for her 90th birthday [SL:M D 8038 (L)]
           L0021Biographical note on Sister Olive L.C. Haynes [SL:M D 7315 (L)]
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           Z0158Birdwood High School, 1931-1981
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           Q0855Bishop's Court - Adelaide: a short history
           L5994Black Diamonds Project (Sound Recording) interviewer: David Wilson [OH 457]
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           C3214Black out in Alice: a history of the establishment and development of town camps in Alice Springs
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           A0493Blacket, J. Wesleyan Methodist Minister, 1856-1935. ADB7
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           Q5553Blewitt Springs 1920 to 1986
           Q3542Bloods, sweat and tears: history of the West Adelaide Football Club
           L6583Blumberg Birdwood: a history 1848-1998
           A0494Blundell, R. P. Tobacco Twister, Unionist and Politician, 1871-1945. ADB7
           J0232Blyth: a silo of stories 1860-1990
           A0495Boas, A. T. Rabbi, 1842-1923 [family]. ADB7
           L0427Boat Load of Dreams: journeys by European immigrant workers 1947-1994
           A0496Boehm, T. W. Schoolmaster, 1836-1917. ADB7
           L0712Bolt from Devon, c. 1760-1994: the known history of the descendants of Richard and Grace Holt
           Q5565Booborowie Centenary, 1843-1943
           C2261'Books on leaders and leadership in Australian politics 1900 to date'
           X0094Bool Lagoon School, 1888-1965; a history
           M0293Booleroo Centre Uniting Methodist Church centenary, 1880-1980
           N1708Booleroo Whim Uniting [Methodist] Church centenary 1880-1980. April 1980: Order of Service
           N1817Booleroo Whim Uniting [Methodist] Church centenary 1880-1980: 27 April 1980
           L3916Boomerang: behind an Australian icon
           L4068Boomerangs: echoes of Australia [CDROM]
           A0497Boothby, G. N. Novelist, 1867-1905. ADB7
           L6611Born Lucky
           A0498Borthwick, T. Medical Practitioner, 1860-1924. ADB7
           A0499Bosanquet, D. H. Admiral and Governor, 1843-1923. ADB7
           S0697'Botanical exploration in the Southern Flinders Ranges South Australia 1800-1970'
           A0500Bottrill, D. H. Philanthropist, 1866-1941. ADB7
           A0501Bottrill, F. Blacksmith and Inventor, 1871-1953. ADB7
           C1198Boundaries of South Australia
           Q1686'Boundless salvation': the rise of the Salvation Army in South Australia
           A0502Boxall, A. D'a. Artist, 1895-1944. ADB7
           T1096Boys' craft in the rural environment [Chapter 2 Boys' Craft in South Australian Country Schools, 1941-1972]
           L4560Bradman: an Australian hero
           A0503Bragg, W. H. 1862-1942. Bragg, W.L. 1890-1971. Physicists. ADB7
           C3267Branching out: the family history of Richard and Elizabeth Sandercock and their descendants, 1740-1981 [Bond, Bowey, Cossey, Gregory, Lockyer, Mitchell, Moore, White]
           L0993Braunack family (West Germany) 1827-1986
           B2137Braunack family 1850-1983
           N1513Brentwood Methodist Church centenary celebrations, 15th to 17th April, 1977
           N4430Brentwood Rural School, 1879-1979
           C2835Breweries of South Australia, 1836-1936
           L2033Brewers and aerated waters manufacturers in South Australia, 1836-1936
           L4281Brewing a tradition: the story of brewing Southwark and West End beers
           P0830Brewing a tradition: the story of Brewing Southwark and West End Beers
           L0237Brian MacMahon: a quiet achiever
           B0051Brickmakers in South Australia, 1836-1936
           A0504Bridges, G. T. M. Governor, 1871-1939. ADB7
           N6752Bridgewater scrapbook. Produced on the occasion of the 70th anniversary of the opening of the present Main School Building at Bridgewater, September 1977
           N4981Bridgewater Uniting Church: golden anniversary - 1928-1978
           L6123Brief account of the life of Beavis Benjamin Beck from his departure from England in 1883, through his career in the book trade, to his death in 1943
           L0959Brief autobiographical note compiled by Dr Eleanor Rymill, showing key periods in her life [SL:M D 8032(L)]
           C1960Brief biographical notes of the lives of some of those sailing ship captains of the Semaphore
           P0999Brief encounters at Victor Harbor, 1802-1982
           N4864Brief history of the "Herberge Christe" Church and of Bethany, South Australia
           C1898Brief history of the Field Naturalists' Section of the Royal Society of South Australia
           J0794Brief history of the South Australian Gas Company compiled by G.P. Maloney in 1980 for the SAGASCO Historical Group, with copies of plans of the Brompton Gas works ca. 1912-1958
           D0854Brighton Methodist Church: these hundred years
           L1363Brighton, SA Cemeteries [microform]
           C0069British Emigration to Australia
           C1182British Medical Association, South Australian Branch [SSL:M A579; A.859]
           L5155Broadbent Pioneers: a family history from 1791: Luke and Harriet Broadbent and their descendants
           N4313Broken Hill sketchbook. Drawings by Frank Beck
           C3045Broken Hill: a pictorial history
           A0505Brooker, T. H. Politician, Wood Merchant and Salesman, 1850-1927. ADB7
           A0506Brookman, G. Businessman, Politician, 1850-1927. ADB7
           B1204Brother P.A. Treacy and the Christian Brothers in Australia and New Zealand
           C3441Brown men and red sand: journeyings in wild Australia
           A0507Brown, H. Y. L. Geologist, 1844-1928. ADB7
           A0508Brown, M. Teacher, 1858-1952. M.H. ['Mamie'], 1878-1968. ADB7
           A0509Brown, W. J. Political Thinker, Professor of Law, Judge, 1868-1930. ADB7
           A0510Bruce, T. Auctioneer and Politician, 1847-1911. ADB7
           A0511Bruce, W. Insurance Broker and Commission Merchant, 1878-1944. ADB7
           L1507Buchsfelde: a summary of its history
           U1856Bucket and spade: an overview of South Australians holidaying at the coast, 1900-1938
           J1304Building the Central Market
           U0336Buildings as historical documents
           L2600Built from nothing: a history of the building industry in Australia
           P1113Built with living stones: a story of Methodists and Methodism in the Hawker district
           Q4546Bullock wagons to clutterbucks: a history of James Martin & Co. Perry Engineering and Clutterbuck Bros., plus starting and maintenance instructions and original manufacturing drawings of Clutterbuck Stationary Engines
           Q1915Bulls, Bears and Wildcats: a centenary history of the Stock Exchange of Adelaide
           N0186Bundaleer through the ages
           T4239Bungaree - a study of landscape changes by pastoralism
           L0501Bungaree Yarns (sound recording). Interviewer: Kel Watkins [SL:M OH 292]
           L1690Bungaree: land, stock and people
           L0987Burden family history
           A0512Burgess, H. T. Wesleyan Methodist Minister, 1839-1923. ADB7
           A0513Burgoyne, T. Politician, Builder, Journalist, 1827-1920. ADB7
           F0102Burke's Landed Gentry [Mayo]
           F0100Burke's Landed Gentry Vol 1 [Coombe]
           F0101Burke's Landed Gentry Vol 2 [Crookshank, De Crespigny, Lloyd]
           L2223Burnside Christian Church 1864-1989: 125 years
           Q5514Burnside heritage survey. Part 1 1986; Part 2 (with A. Steinburner) 1987
           C0325Burnside, South Australia; 1856 - 1939
           L4080Burnside: then and now
           C4342Burnside: 125 years of growing with the community
           L4284Burra 1845-1851: a directory of early folk
           U0322Burra and its townships
           B1765Burra Burra: reminiscences of the Burra Mine and its township
           L3974Burra centenary souvenir: 1845 - 1945
           Q5520Burra conservation study
           N3707Burra in historical perspective
           L3215Burra Jubilee 150 pioneers' notes
           D0752Burra School centenary book [1877-1977?, Model]
           C3276Burra sketchbook. Drawings by M. Perry
           Q5548Burra: glimpses of the past
           D2094Bush Doctor
           D0759Bush lawyer [Naracoorte, 1910-1970]
           N3610Bush surgeon [Naracoorte, Medicine]
           A0514Bussell, W. J. Anglican Clergyman, 1854-1936. ADB7
           C4314Bustles and beaus: fashion in South Australia, 1881-1981
           L1779Bute Agricultural Bureau: the first hundred years; a short history and summary of extracts from minute books 1893-1993
           A0515Butler, H. J. Aviator, 1889-1924. ADB7
           A0516Butler, R. Premier, 1850-1925. ADB7
           A0517Butler, R. L. Premier, 1885-1966. ADB7
           A0518Buxton, T. F. Governor, 1837-1915. ADB7
           L4087By castle cottage and chimney: through the Adelaide Hills
           Q5593By the waterhole: a general history of Lochiel and district
           A0519Byrne, F. Catholic Priest, 1834-1915. ADB7
           C3812C. J. Dennis and Hal Gye in association: a survey based upon a collection of the works of both poet and artist comprising their first editions, inscribed and extra-illustrated copies, autograph letters and manuscripts in the library of, and annotated by, H. F. C.
           C5156C. J. Dennis in 'The Herald and Weekly Times'
           Q1316C. J. Dennis: a supplement to a comprehensive bibliography together with a consolidated index to the compiler's Dennis Publications
           A0520Cain, J. R. Businessman, Lord Mayor, Politician, Author, 1867-1938. ADB7
           N6547Call back our yesterdays: 1. A Wirrabara boyhood: 2. A salute to the pioneers. For the Wirrabara centenary, 1874-1974
           L1678Called to account: a history of Coopers & Lybrand in Australia
           L1318Called to love: Mary MacKillop
           N1737Caltowie Methodist Church, 1876-1976
           D1717Caltowie through the years: 1871-1965
           L1280Camel tracks in the outback
           L1180Camel tracks in the outback
           C5132Camel train and aeroplane: the story of Skipper Partridge
           D0233Cameos of a century and a quarter: 125 years, 1846-1971
           L0382Cameron Country [MacKillop]
           T0440Campanian migration to South Australia, 1875-1969 [Italian]
           A0522Campbell, D. Engineer, Newspaper Proprietor and Politician, 1886-1945. ADB7
           N4028Campbelltown Primary School centenary, 1876-1976
           N4312Campbelltown, 1868-1968
           L3046Can we, whose souls are lighted: South Australian Methodism and overseas missions, 1902 - 1939
           A0523Cann, W. H. Bible Christian Methodist Clergyman, 1857-1942. ADB7
           C4159Canon F. Slaney Poole M.A., and his family
           C2226Captain Harry Butler [SSL:M D 3430]
           L0426Captive Audience: the story of Albert Jones MBE, prison chaplain
           D0229Caralue - near and far
           L5678Caring and sharing from city to sea: a brief history of the Plympton Methodist, (formerly Wesleyan Methodist), now All Saints Uniting, Church
           L1827Carl Samuel Aumann: the family history 1853-1993
           L0792Carl Samuel Aumann: the family history, 1835-1993
           J1234Carnegie benefactions
           Q5575Carrieton in the Gum Creek country: a story of one hundred years of the Carrieton district, 1878-1978
           L1467Carter family history (Johns, Jago, Flower, Roberts) 1813-1985: the record and family history of Thomas and Jane Carter (nee Trithall), who migrated from Cornwall to South Australia in 1840
           J0108Catalogue of old and forgotten books about the garden
           E0101Catholic education in Australia, 1806-1950
           L0674Catholics in Kingswood: the Catholic Church in the Mitcham district 1869-1994
           L2120Caught for life: a story of the Anglican Deaconess order in Australia
           B1529Cause to rejoice: the life of John Bishop
           A0524Cawthorne, C. W. Music Seller and Concert Manager, 1854-1925. ADB7
           L3377Celebrating History Day, Sunday, 24 March, 1996 at 'the Brocas' museum, 111 Woodville Road, Woodville, South Australia: recalling the life and deeds of John Robert Langman
           L1392Celebrating our centenary: a public forum (sound recording) [SL:M OH 142/35]
           L4486Celebrating our centenary: a public forum (sound recording) [SL:M OH 142/35]
           U1548Celebrating the past: the growth of amateur history in South Australia
           C1636Celebration of 100 years of responsible Government in South Australia
           L2092Cemetery survey: Glen Osmond Anglican Cemetery South Australia
           C2373Census reports: 1841, 1851, 1855, 1861, 1871, 1881, 1891, 1901, 1911, 1921, 1933, 1947, 1954, 1961, 1966, 1971, 1976
           D0572Centenary 1862-1962. Oct 7, 1962
           X0013Centenary booklet; the Parish Church of St. Augustine of Canterbury, Unley South Australia, 1870-1970
           D1826Centenary brochure 1865-1965
           Q5586Centenary celebrations
           L0220Centenary celebrations October 31 1954 to November 14 1954: St Andrew's Presbyterian Church, Mount Barker
           L4924Centenary Celebrations, October 31 1954 to November 14 1954
           D0248Centenary celebrations: Goolwa Primary School Building, 1879-1979
           N6350Centenary Eucharist 1875-1975
           C1672Centenary history of the Municipal Corporation of the City of Port Adelaide
           Q3729Centenary history of the Municipal Corporation of the City of Port Adelaide
           C1974Centenary in Australia of Society of Jesus [Jesuits]
           N6260Centenary Koolunga souvenir 1869-1936
           N6802Centenary of a railway town
           C0929Centenary of Langmeil Congregation
           N1575Centenary of Methodism in the Laura area, 1873-1973
           L1109Centenary of Monbulla school
           P1001Centenary of North Rhine St Peter's Lutheran Church, Keyneton, 1866-1966
           D1477Centenary of South Australia, 1836-1936; Preliminary programme
           L5156Centenary of St Aidan's Church Payneham, 1884-1994
           P0837Centenary of St Peter Evangelical Lutheran Congregation, Eden Valley 1862-1962, 23rd Sunday after Trinity, November 25th, 1962
           P1129Centenary of St Peter's Anglican Congregation in Peterborough, South Australia, 1884-1984
           Q0550Centenary of St Silas Anglican Church, Crystal Brook, South Australia 1885-1985
           Q3762'Centenary of the Adelaide and Port Railway, 21st April 1956'
           N4211Centenary of the Adelaide and Port Railway, April 1956
           C0804Centenary of the Adelaide Hebrew Congregation
           C1985'Centenary of the discovery of copper at Wallaroo - Moonta'
           A0636Centenary of the Sisters of Mercy South Australia, 1880-1980
           P0838Centenary of Trinity Lutheran Church, Rowland Flat, 1867-1967. 14th Sunday after Trinity, August 27th 1967
           M0009Centenary Services, March 6 1977
           N5018Centenary souvenir 1871-1970
           N4269Centenary souvenir 1872-1971
           C0572Centenary souvenir of the Holy Trinity Church, Adelaide
           M0470Centenary souvenir program [1880-1980]
           N3382Centenary souvenir, 1874-1974: 100 years of service to telecommunications
           N4108Centenary souvenir, South Adelaide Football Club, 1875-1975
           L2389Centenary St Agatha's Catholic Church, Arthurton 1893-1993
           N5805Centenary Tarlee Primary School, 1875-1975
           N6153Centenary year rally April 1975. Programme
           N2628Centenary, 1874-1974
           N6979Centenary, 1877-1977
           N3362Centenary, St. John's Church, Coromandel Valley, 1837-1973
           A0089Centenary: Fort Glanville, Hawker, Gladstone: the Constitutional Museum, Anthropological Society, P. McGuire Maritime Library
           N3143Centennial souvenir of the Corporation of the Town of Hindmarsh, 1874-1974
           N0135Centennial souvenir of the Corporation of the Town of Hindmarsh, 1874-1974
           D2249Centennial souvenir of the Corporation of Unley, 1871-1971
           C0555Central Australia - its undeveloped interior and its possibilities
           C0605Century of South Australian shipping
           Q1794Ceramics in South Australia 1836-1986: from folk to studio pottery
           N3793Chaffey Brothers life history: founders of Renmark and Morgan Irrigation Settlements
           N3736Challa Gardens Primary School 1926-1976: 50th anniversary
           Q5572Chandada Run: a history of the Chandada district
           R0101Change on change; a history of the Northern Highlands of South Australia
           N5762Changing boundaries: a history of 100 years of Local Government in the area which in 1975 constitutes the District Council of Jamestown
           D0798Changing land use in the Murray Mallee 1915-1975 [Farming]
           L1068Changing pastures: Arnolds in Australia 1848-1993; the history and family tree of the descendants of Johann Gottfried Arnold and his wife Johanne Elisabeth Anders
           L0470Changing with the times
           A0526Chapman, R. W. Engineer, Professor, 1866-1942. ADB7
           A0527Chapple, F. Headmaster, 1845-1924. ADB7
           A0528Chapple, Phoebe Medical Practitioner, 1879-1967. ADB7
           T6059'Charity, work, loyalty'. A history of the Catholic Women's League in South Australia, 1914-1979
           L1273Charles and Sarah Verrall and their descendants
           L1173Charles and Sarah Verrall and their descendants
           C2326Charles Birks and Co. Ltd ... 1864-1954
           A0010Charles Cameron Kingston, 1850-1908. Part 1
           L4767Charles Chinner & his descendants in Australia: Chinner, Crabb, Chinner, 1845-1995
           J0922Charles Chinner and his descendants in Australia: Chinner-Crabb-Chinner 1845-1995
           R0100Charles Hawker
           T6363Charles Hawker
           D2164Charles Hawker; Soldier, Pastoralist, Statesman
           D0489Charles Rischbieth Jury: poet of Adelaide
           C0519Charles Sturt: his life and journeys of exploration
           A0529Charleston, D. M. Engineer, Unionist, Politician, 1848-1934. ADB7
           C0250Checklist of Royal Commissions ... Part one ... 1900-1950
           L1395Cheltenham Cemetery Inscriptions [microform]
           A0531Cheney, S. A. Car Salesman, 1883-1968. ADB7
           L0491Cherry Gardens History
           A0530Chewings, C. Geologist, Anthropologist, 1859-1937. ADB7
           A0532Chidley, W. J. Sex Reformer and Eccentric, 1860?-1916. ADB7
           L3610Child of the valley
           U0713Childhood and compulsory education in South Australia: a cultural political study
           P0212Childhood memories
           Q1401Childhood memories of life on a sheep station
           E0007Children and their law-makers: a social-historical survey of the growth and development from 1836-1950 of South Australian laws relating to children
           U1701Children's culture and the state: South Australia, 1890s-1930s
           L0415Children's nursing 'in our day'
           L1665Chlann Fhionnlaidh: the descendants of William and Ann Finlay who arrived in Australia in 1847
           P0757Christ Church Anglican Church, Parish of Balaklava, South Australia, 1884-1925, 1925-1984: celebrating 100 years of Church life and worship
           X0011Christ Church Strathalbyn, 1871-1971; a short history
           N4472Christ Church, Kadina, centenary 1862-1962: souvenir
           D1818Christ Church, Mount Barker 1865-1965
           L0854Christ Church, O'Halloran Hill: index to register of marriages, 1849-1963
           L4471Christian and Caroline Schultz of Greenock Creek, 1845-1945
           J0491Christian and Caroline Schultz of Greenock Creek, 1845-1995
           F0593Christian Friedrich Seidel, 1798-1976 - from Schloin to Schoenthal [Drogemuller, Konig, Kuchel, Kumnick, Neumann, Nitschke, Pietsch, Sickerdick, Vorwerk]
           L4074Christian Seidel from Prittag Silesia: commemorating 155 years in Australia 1841-1996
           L5644Christian Seidel from Prittag Silesia: Commemorating 155 years in Australia 1841-1996
           L4428Christmas comes to Australia: the Harrold family history
           Q0862Chronicle of a century: 1854-1984
           C0823Chronicles of a Gay Gordon
           L2355Chronological list of shipwrecks in South Australia
           D1876Chronology of Moonta, Wallaroo, Kadina and surrounding districts as reported in the Yorke's Peninsula Advertiser 1872-1914
           L4955Chronology of the Newspaper People's Weekly, Moonta
           L5188Church notes
           C0532Church of Christ, Robert Street, Hindmarsh
           N4438Church of England Boys Society song book
           N3565Church of Saint Mark, Woodside. the first fifty years, 1885-1935 [Church of England]
           N4554Church of Saint Mary the Virgin, Burra 1879-1979
           C4490Church of St Margaret of Scotland, Woodville: a brief summary of its first 125 years
           N3564Church of St. John the Evangelist, Salisbury. Centenary Dedication Festival, 1846-1946 [Church of England]
           M0399Church of St. Margaret of Scotland, Woodville: a brief summary of its first 125 years
           N5384Church of St. Mary the Virgin, Burra. Centenary celebrations
           N2758Church of St. Mary the Virgin, Burra. Souvenir history & guide
           N3838Church of St. Philip, Broadview, 1926-1976
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           N4783Churches of the Barossa Valley. Sketches by R. Schubert
           T0411Cinema in Adelaide to 1945
           F0647Cinemas of Australia via U.S.A [Cinema]
           P1142City life in old Australia
           Q5508City of Adelaide heritage study [Further documentation by Paul Stark and Patricia Sumerling. Survey re-issued in two subsequent sets (1982-1986) and condensed and revised by Marsden and Sumerling for publication in 1988]
           L4197City of Munno Para heritage survey
           J0390City of Munno Para: Cemetery restoration project
           B0928City of Payneham Centenary 1883-1983
           S1073City of Salisbury: historical notes on Salisbury
           Q5505City of Unley heritage study
           L1581Clare Presbyterian Church 1856-1988
           N4439Clare Primary School centenary, 1878-1979
           Q5616Clare, a backward glance: stories of the early Clare district
           F0373Clare, Chapman J. 1853-1940, Naval Captain. ADB8
           N6663Clarendon: the town, its people
           L1698Clarrie Grimmett: the Bradman of spin
           F0374Cleland, Edward E. 1869-1943, Barrister and Judge. ADB8
           D0322Cleve on the Yadnarie Plains: a story of the people of the district and their changing lifestyles during one hundred years, 1879-1979
           Q0865Cleve Uniting Church Celebrating one hundred years of worship, 1885-1985
           Q2872Clinton Centre Uniting Church (formerly Methodist) centenary: 1886-1986, 100 years
           L5709Clipped wings or memories of my childhood and youth
           T8598Closer settlement in South Australia: Yongala, a case study, 1902-1982
           T0332Closer settlement in the South-East, 1897-1915 [Land Repurchase Act 1897, Government Subdivision]
           A0043Coaching days
           N0771Coad: 140 years and seven generations in South Australia, 1839-1979
           Q3744'Coast Artillery 1854-1962' in 'South Australian Artillery 1840-1966'
           C3813Coat of Arms and State Insignia of South Australia
           L1336Cockenzie to Goolwa
           L2435Coerced and free migration from the United Kingdom to Australia, and indentured labour migration from India and the Pacific Islands to various destinations: issues, debates and new evidence
           Q0025Cold off the press: district geography [Hills Towns, Satirical Descriptions]
           Q3293Colin Clark reminiscences: an unscripted discussion with Bruce McFarlane and Derek Healey
           J1413Colin Thiele: our home-grown greenie!
           C4036Collected papers of George W. Symes, 1896-1980. Prepared for limited circulation
           L3220Collected talks and contributions: CPA 75th anniversary seminar
           J0927Collected talks and contributions: CPA 75th Anniversary Seminar
           S0267'College of Advanced Education feature: a century devoted to teacher training'
           L1284Collies of Rothiemurchus
           L1184Collies of Rothiemurchus
           L4575Colonel Light Gardens Methodist Circuit. Additional records comprising Treasurer's book and Ladies Guild minutes from Colonel Light Gardens [SRG 4/137]
           Q1322Colonel Light Gardens Uniting Church
           L5204Colonel Light Gardens, City of Mitcham: Walk Brochure
           T5856Colonel Light Gardens: a study of the garden suburbs in Adelaide, South Australia
           Q1886Colonel Light's 'Theberton Cottage' and his legacy to Maria Gandy: a re-consideration of the evidence
           L0785Colonial cameos and genetic gambits - the Stacy Brown story
           C2200Combing the southern seas
           C1929Commemorating 100 years of real estate
           P0842Commemorating the centenary of Lutheran Worship at Robertstown, South Australia, and Emu Downs, 1871-1971, souvenir
           Q5591Commemorating the Centenary of the Corporation of Moonta, South Australia
           N6531Commemorating the centenary of the Port Augusta Hospital 1875-1975
           C0055Commemoration of proceedings ... 80th anniversary of the Lodge of Truth
           C3217Commemorative biography of Maximilian Ferdinand Weidenbach [Science Art Research Centre Monograph]
           Q3772Committed Historians: Charles Pearson and Hugh Stretton
           C0449Commonwealth Club of Adelaide. Fifty years
           C2410Community development [SSL:M D 4602]
           T0633Compulsory attendance in South Australia circa 1868-1915
           C2494Comrade no more: the autobiography of a former Communist Party Leader
           R0107Comrades come rally; recollections of an Australian communist
           Q4555Concordia 100 years Murtoa - Adelaide: a history of Concordia College, Adelaide
           N1520Concordia College commemoration service: 1905-1980
           C4533Condensed history of the Maitland Institute Library, issued on the occasion of the Library's centenary, 19th September, 1980
           L0561Conference Papers of the Belts to Bytes Factories Act Centenary Conference, November 17-18, 1994
           T8052Conflict between Europeans and Aborigines along the Murray River from the Darling to the Great South Bends 1830-1841
           C1230Congregationalism in Angaston, 1844-1944
           Q1099Conquest to conservation: a history of human impact on the South Australian environment
           L6683Conrick of Nappa Merrie: a Pioneer on Cooper Creek
           T0048Consensus and division; the non - Labor political parties in South Australia, 1932-1944 [Country Party, Liberal Federation]
           J0021Conservation study of "The Grange", Jetty Street, Grange
           B1019Conserving our historic shipwrecks
           R0046Consolidation of land, Hundred of Way, 1850-1978 [Sheringa]
           L2361Constantine Cornwall to Adelaide South Australia: the Chegwidden family and Chegwidden Farm
           Q1714'Constitutional and political development, 1857-1890'. Pp 95-177 in D. Jaensch [ed.] 'The Flinders history of South Australia; political history'
           J1444Constructing the Glass Ceiling: economics, gender and supply in the South Australian office, 1900-1935
           Q1768Contemporary Art Society recollections
           B2346Continuing education at the University of Adelaide, 1876-1983: an exhibition of documents, photographs, newspaper cuttings and publications. 4th level, Barr Smith Library, 5-23 March 1984
           E0146Conversazione in honour of the State centenary celebrations and of the sixtieth anniversary of the University
           C5050Coober Pedy 65 years ... young, 1915-1980
           Z0117Coober Pedy: 60 years young, 1915-1980
           N0063Cooke Plains Hall jubilee celebrations, 1922-1972
           N3487Cooke Plains Hall: jubilee celebrations, 1922-1972
           T0317Co-operative enterprise in the South Australian wine industry; an economic history
           U0380Coopering in South Australia, 1900-1940
           T8136Cooper's and the brewing industry in South Australia, 1862-1923
           D2386Coothidie [illustrated by J. Oliver]
           Q4705Copper city chronicle: a history of Kadina
           C4753Copper in South Australia
           B1127Copper to gold, a history of Wallaroo: Wallaroo, South Australia, 1860-1923
           L2519Coral's story
           C4355Cornish Association Seminar [1981: Adelaide]. Notes of addresses given by Dr. A. Hunt, Cornish Association Seminar, May 12-13, 1981. Contents: First session - the Cornish background. Second session - Methodism and Cornish migration
           L1472Cornish connections: the Coombe family history
           L2494Cornish connections: the Coombe family history
           M0280Cornish heritage: a miner's story
           Q5667Cottages and cameos of Clare
           C0874Country and calling
           L0753Court Houses in Adelaide, 1837-1988
           L3586Cousin Jacks & Jennys: the Cornish in South Australia
           L3263Cousins and others: the ancestry and history of the descendants of Lewis Wiseman and Margaret McPherson Grant
           L3072Cousins and others: the ancestry and history of the descendants of Lewis Wiseman and Margaret McPherson Grant
           L4929Cowandilla Presbyterian Church: Fifty years, 1924-1974
           L1699Crafers Primary School, 1866-1966
           N3133Crafers Primary: the story of a school
           Q4963Creating new traditions: The Port' past, present, future. Date of recordings: October 1990 (and continuing) Total length: 26 hours 30 minutes (approx. to date) Interviewer: Catherine Murphy [SSL:M OH111]
           L4248Credit Union Collection: summary record
           T0383Cricket and South Australian Society
           L1352Cricket memorabilia of Sir Donald Bradman, comprising cricket bats, balls, stumps, cricket apparel, writing and resording aids, ceramic and silver objects, artworks, architectural plan, mementos, scorecards, newspaper banners and posters, photographs, motion picture films and duplicate volumes of Sir Donald's scrapbooks [SL:M PRG 682]
           Q3554Cricket Rebels
           L4745Cricket score books 1920-1921 and 1930-1931 together with photographs of various Postal Institute Cricket Club members 1904-1931
           Q1757Crime trends in twentieth-century Australia
           C2406Crime, punishment, police, Adelaide Gaol: RN 183; Police force: RN 32, 41, 43, 147, 220, 229, 278, 286, 456, 574, 598, 607; Bushrangers: RN 170 [Pro]
           A0626Criminological materials in the parliamentary papers of Australia and New Zealand from 1901: a finding list
           P0381Crisis, conflict and consensus: selected documents illustrating 200 years in the making of Australia
           L6490Croatian and Slav Pioneers of South Australia and Victoria
           L1493Croser family history: the history of William and Elizabeth Croser and their seven children who emigrated to South Australia in 1850
           L5908Crossing the Dead Heart
           D1823Croydon School jubilee, 1915-1965
           C3816Crystal Brook District Hospital: jubilee 1925 - 1975
           M0274Crystal Brook District Hospital: jubilee, 1925 - 1975
           N6798Crystal Brook School, 1877-1977
           L1790Crystal Brook: Bowman Street storekeepers 1873-1993
           L0857CSR in South Australia
           L4930Cudlee Creek Uniting Church: Centenary of the present Church Building, 1882-1982 ; also the 125th Anniversary of the Formal Establishment of the Original Church in 1857
           Q3810Cummins: a Council and community effort
           Q2506Cummins: its people and history
           B1674Cungena country: a story of the Cungena district, commemorating 70 years of settlement
           L6371Curiosities of South Australia
           R0043Curramulka, 1876 - 1975
           P0448Czerny's 101 exercises [Music]
           A0666D. Lindsay, 1856-1922: Explorer, Surveyor and Northern Territory Apologist
           Q5060Dairying and milk vending in Adelaide. Date of recordings: 1990. Total length: 1 hour 10 minutes (approx.) [SSL:M OH121]
           L0665Daisy Bates in the Desert
           N5612Daisy Bates: 'The great white Queen of the never never'
           N0288Daisy Bates: the great white Queen of the never-never [Aborigines]
           S1296'Daisy Bates: the world she lived in'
           L3310Daly, Boyce, Tainsh, Hintz, Hehir, Mole [Family history]
           Q3421Dance in South Australia: Interviews of the performing arts collection. Date of recordings: 1984-90 (in progress) Total length: 20 hours 30 minutes (approximately) Interviewer: Helen Pearce and Meg Denton. (Additional material - comprising approximately 5 hours 25 minutes of recordings - has been added to this collection during the current month) [SSL:M OH84]
           Q5348Dance in South Australia: interviews of the performing arts collection. Date of recordings: 1984-91 (in progress) Total length: 32 hours 30 minutes (approx. to date) Interviewer: Helen Pearce and Meg Denton [SSL:M OH84]
           L6049Dancing with Unicorns: a love story
           Q2996Date of recordings: 17 May 1985. Total length: 1 hour 30 minutes. Interviewer: Beth M. Robertson. Documentation: Full transcript available. 32 pages [OH33]
           Q2951Date of recordings: 1937-1981. Total length: 25 hours (approximately) Documentation: None currently available SSL:M OH29
           Q2995Date of recordings: 1979. Total length: 25 hours (approximately). Interviewer: Beth M. Robertson. Documentation: Synopses available and some transcripts [OH31]
           Q2994Date of recordings: 1981-1983. Total length: 18 hours (approximately). Interviewer: Beth M. Robertson. Documentation: Synopses available and some transcripts [OH32]
           Q2976Date of recordings: 1986-1988. Total length: 17 hours 40 minutes. Interviewer: Joan Durdin. Documentation: Full transcripts available. 193 pages. (New items have been donated to this collection during the current month) [OH17]
           Q2949Date of recordings: 1988 (in progress). Total length: 20 hours 45 minutes (to date) Interviewer: Gawler Oral History Society. Documentation: Interview logs available for all items, some transcripts also available. 42 pages. (New items have been added to this collection during the current month) [SSL:M OH16]
           Q2980Date of recordings: 1988 (in progress). Total length: 4 Hours 15 minutes (to date). Documentation: Interview logs available [OH13]
           Q3022Date of recordings: 7 June 1988. Total length: 30 minutes. Interviewer: Mount Barker High School students. Documentation: Full transcripts available. [OH34]
           Q2979Date of recordings: August 1977 - November 1978. Total length: 17 hours 30 minutes (approximately). Interviewer: Susan Marsden (Project Officer) and young unemployed persons. Documentation: About half of the interviews have transcripts available [OH24]
           Q3024Date of recordings: August 1988. Total length: 1 hours . Interviewer: Renmark High School students. Documentation: some notes and summaries available. [OH40]
           Q3023Date of recordings: August 1988. Total length: 3 hours (approximately). Interviewer: North Adelaide Primary School students. Documentation: None currently available [OH39]
           Q3019Date of recordings: August 1988. Total length: 40 minutes. Interviewer: Magill Primary School students. Documentation: Notes and questions available. [OH42]
           Q3020Date of recordings: August 1988. Total length: 6 hours. Interviewer: Mary MacKillop College students. Documentation: various: see item entries [OH44]
           Q3018Date of recordings: July - September 1988. Total length: 2 hours 30 minutes. Interviewer: Kildare College students. Documentation: Various: See item entries. [OH45]
           Q3021Date of recordings: July, August 1988. Total length: 35 minutes. Interviewer: Moculta Primary School students. Documentation: None currently available [OH41]
           Q3025Date of recordings: June 1988. Total length: 1 hours 7 minutes. Interviewer: Seymour College Junior School students. Documentation: A folder of students' projects based on the interviews, entitled 'The old scholars and their memories of P.G.C. in the early days'. [OH43]
           Q3026Date of recordings: June, July 1988. Total length: 2 hours 45 minutes(approximately). Interviewer: Simone Tur. Documentation: Partial translations available for Antikirnya language interviews. [OH37]
           Q2978Date of recordings: September-December 1979. Total length: 40 hours (approximately). Interviewer: Susan Marsden, Ray Broomhill and Ian Davey. Documentation: Full transcripts available for most interviews. It should be noted that the transcripts have not been proofread and contain numerous spelling errors. [OH25]
           L0573David Dallwitz: sixty years of art
           L1004David the leper ... a history of the Measday family
           C3819Davies family history, 1855-1981
           Q4848Day journal of E.A. Twining, an agricultural / horticultural / viticultural labourer and contractor in the South-West sector of Adelaide. Contains random entries [SSL:M D7083 (L)]
           A0525De Crespigny, C. T. Champion Medical Practitioner, 1882-1952. ADB7
           L1477De Garis, in Australia since 1854
           F0402Dean, Edwin Theyer 1884-1970, Soldier and Pastoralist. ADB8
           F0403Dean, George Henry 1859-1953, Soldier, Stock and Station Agent and Grazier.
           B0728Dear descendants: a family history [Watkins, Carey, Bennett, Sara, Tiver, Price, Allbon, Barltrop, Mattingley, Huelin. Personal insight formative years of T.A.A.: Trans-Australia Airlines]
           D1180Debates 1857+
           L4481Deception Bay: the pioneer years of Port Willunga; a history sketch record
           Q1898Decision and disasters: alienation of the Adelaide parklands
           L3807Decorative cast iron
           N6480Dedicated pioneers. Echunga, 1839-1939
           C4978Defence not defiance: the development of organised labour in South Australia
           C2362Defences in the 1860s and 1870s: D 3118C; Early military history: RN 25, 35, 118, 154, 186, 234; Early naval history: RN 100, 502, 609; Boer War: RN 213, 528, 528A; Twentieth century defences: RN 586; Place names of German origin for which English names were substituted in 1918: A 720 [SSL:M]
           C0284Democracy in the dominions
           L2404Descendants of Charles March - fifth child of Joseph and Sophia March, arrived in South Australia on 31st July 1846 with their five sons and two daughters
           C4238Descendants of Christian Lange in Australia 1838-1981
           L2325Descendants of John and Mary Hillam in Australia from 1840
           L0741Descendants of John and Nancy Hillam in Australia from 1840
           L2500Descendants of Nicholas Williamson Esther Ankers
           N3486Descendants of William Kalisch, September 3 1855 - September 3 1972
           L4171Descendants of William Milne 1787 - 1996
           N6092Destination ... paradise: a technical and photographic review of the electric trams and trolley - buses of the Municipal Tramways Trust, Adelaide
           L3265Destiny at Woorongboolong [Win and Howard Buckley]
           C2141Deutsche in Australien
           U1568Developing an awareness of professionalism: nursing in Australia, 1899-1975
           N0102'Development of geography curricula in South Australia'
           R0103Development of street transport in Adelaide, 1907-1974; official history of the Municipal Tramways Trust
           Q1437Development of street transport in Adelaide: official history of the Municipal Tramways Trust, 1907-1965
           T8578ADevelopment of the arid frontier. A study of the Tarcoola Region in the North West of South Australia.
           T5853Development of the South Australian Civil Service, 1836-1916
           C0562Devlin's Pound centenary celebrations
           N5022Diamond jubilee 1919-1979. [History of the] Avenues of Honour: Alexandra Avenue, Prescott Terrace
           B0402Diamond jubilee cookbook 1922-1982: St. Michael and All Angels' Anglican Church, Henley Beach
           Q2211Diaries and letters of John Hotham
           F0032Diary of Christiana Smith [SSL:M PRG144], and Duncan Stewart 1834-1913, in 'Two notable South Australians' (Beachport 1977) [SSL:M PRG144]
           C1903Dictionary of Australian biography
           L0273Dictionary of old trades and occupations
           C2996Digger Smith. Ill. by H. Gye
           N3543Digging stick to rotary hoe: men and machines in rural Australia
           Q1438Digging through time: a display illustrating the history of drainage in the South-East of South Australia
           B1403Discover Port Adelaide's past: a visitor's guide to the district
           L4362Discovering Australia's pictorial heritage with Rod Williams: Volume one: the river boats
           B0853Discovering South Australia: investigating past and present
           N0741Dissent in paradise: religious education controversies in South Australia
           L4645District births, deaths and marriages indexes: [microform]
           N0014District Council of Burra Burra 1872-1972
           N3183District Council of Munno Para: a brief history, 1853-1974
           N0212District Council of Munno Para: a brief history, 1853-1974 [Local Government]
           C4566District Council of Munno Para: historical kit
           S0338Doctor and the Aborigines [Duguid]
           L0229Dog with one eye: the history of the Doig family in South Australia [Buttfield]
           T6046Domestic service in South Australia, 1836 to 1961
           L6118Donnan: Down to South Australia
           N3672Don't smoke
           B0328Dorothy Mary Forbes Price (Mrs E. T. Price), 1926-1982
           L1843Douglas and Caroline Harrold and descendants, 1860-1991
           N4204Douglas Mawson
           P0053Douglas Mawson the survivor
           L5564Douglas Mawson, Explorer/ Scientist
           D1822Dowlingville 1876 to 1965
           N0550Dowlingville Church centenary 1879-1979: Wesleyan Methodist - Uniting
           L2158Down a country road: a history of the Edmonds and Dunn families of Petersburg
           P1213Down memory lane: memoirs of Helen Jericho
           Q3631Down the drain: the story of events and personalities associated with 125 years of drainage in the South-east of South Australia
           N7328Drawn from life [Autobiography. Epilogue by Julia Loewe]
           U1961Dreams contested: a political account of relations between South Australia's Pitjantjatjara and the government, 1961-1981
           D0550Dreamtime justice [Aborigines, Law, Police]
           B0403Dreckow and Stubing Australian family history 1858 1982
           L3462Drendel in Australia 1858-1996
           L5195Drendel in Australia, 1858-1996
           L0775Drogemuller family history 1854-1986
           Q1557Drought or deluge; man in the Cooper's Creek region
           C0715Droughts in Australia: from the earliest years of settlement to 1955
           L1399Dudley Park Cemetery Inscriptions [microform]
           L2109Duncan Goldfinch
           L0664Dunfermline to Down Under: James and Elizabeth Adamson and family, early colonists of South Australia
           L2051Dunjiba Community Oodnadatta Oral History Project [SL:M OH 149]
           Q5615Dust, sweat and tears [Pata, 1902-1979]
           U1964Dusting off archival cobwebs: a new approach to the history of intellectual disability
           D0365Dusty distances: yesterday's Australia
           L0858E. and W. Hackett's illustrated manual for the garden and farm, with a descriptive catalogue of vegetable, agricutural and flower seeds, bulbs and tubers
           L3025Early achievements
           D1764Early days at Morchard; a history
           L0565Early Homestead Gardens of the South-East of South Australia
           C4128Early Methodism in the Adelaide Hills
           R0083Early Millicent. Drawings by J. Richards
           N5313Early minutes: a hundred years of education in Port Broughton and surrounding districts, 1879-1979
           C2363Early 'Outrages' by aborigines in various country districts: RN 21, 36, 64, 70, 135, 174, 227, 237, 238, 252, 253. Aboriginal reserves: 1324, 166 [SSL:M]
           C3747Early Presbyterianism in South Australia
           L2501East Adelaide School
           L2157East Adelaide School, 1886-1986
           L4290East End Market
           C0159East Parade Methodist Church: eightieth anniversary celebrations
           N5000Echoes from the past: a story of Wudinna and the surrounding schools 1919-1979
           L2177Echunga, Echunga township, Bigg's Flat, Jupiter Creek, Chapel Hill: a title search
           Q1701'Economic and social development - industrialization with consensus'. Pp 31-59 in K. Sheridan [ed.] 'The state as developer ...'
           C2291Economic development of the Australian iron and steel industry
           L4809Ecumenism by default: the contribution of the London Missionary Society to the wider church in the Pacific
           N6818Eden Valley School 50th jubilee, 1919-1969
           Q5650Edithburgh Museum [supplement to the museum's 'A story of Coobowie ...']
           Q3746Education at Glanville and Ethelton 1873-1975 [SSL:M D5864(T)]
           N0008'Education Department History'
           A0558Education in Australia since Federation
           T0373Education of the blind in South Australia, 1874-1952
           E0001Education. In "The centenary history of South Australia"
           T0002AEducational policy and the provision of popular post-elementary education in eastern Australia, 1880-1914
           C4673Edward Sidney Kiek: his life and thought. Uniting Church [Gordon Rowe Memorial Lecture 1980]
           P0642Eighty golfing years: a history of North Adelaide Golf Club
           Q3560Eighty not out: the story of Arthur Richardson
           Q3561Eighty not out: the story of W. J. Whitty
           N3809Eighty years of football, 1878-1961
           L2255Eisen: journey to freedom; a journal of Christian Eisen and his three children Samueo Eisen, Loiuse Jantke, Eleonore Grocke in Australia 1838-1993
           L1515Eisen; journey to freedom. A journal of Christian Eisen and his three children: Samuel Eisen, Louise Jantke, Eleone Grocke in Australia, 1838-1993
           C0619Elder, Smith & Co. Ltd: the first hundred years
           U0905Elders: the corporation and its employees; a study of class and ideology
           Q2412Eleanore's decision - our heritage: the history and family tree of Johann Friedrich Munchenberg and Johanne Eleanore Munchenberg and their descendants 1839-1989; celebrating 150 years in Australia
           C1840'Electoral methods and the Australian Party System 1910-1951'
           L1417Electricity supply in Mannum: a general history of events until the takeover by the Adelaide Electric Supply Company in 1940
           L1913Electricity supply in Murray Bridge 1919-1954
           L1418Electricity supply in Pinaroo: a general history of events until the takeover by the Electricity Trust of South Australia in 1961
           Q5566Eleven tales of Robe
           L0176Elizabeth: from dusty plains to royal names. Summary record. Interviewers: Pauline Payne and Pam Gallery [SL:M OH 391]
           L0984Elliott Edward Burnell, Elsie Lydia Phelps
           N6995Elliston. A brief outline of the history of this area of Eyre Peninsula
           L0918Elusive ancestors: members research directory
           C3528Elysian fields: sport, class and community in colonial South Australia 1836-1890
           Q1878Emanuel Swedenborg and the New Church in South Australia
           T5854Emergence of the sportsgirl: the growth of women's sport in South Australia, 1836-1939
           L0919Emil Darsow and his descendants, 1856-1993
           Q1034Energetic, united and loyal: St Agnes' Church, the Grange, 1885-1985
           Q5652Enfield, Memories of yesteryear
           Q3453Engineering education in the University of Adelaide, 1889-1980: a Registrar's retrospect
           L4987Enos and Fanny Dyer, Pioneers
           J1351Ensuring Uraidla is not forgotten
           U1547Environmental history of the Willunga Basin, 1830's to 1990s
           D1807Epworth Book Depot Incorporated South Australian Methodist Book Depot: centenary lecture, 1865-1965
           Q1324Epworth Uniting Church
           L5399Erin to Australis: Centenary of the Dalys in Australia, 1896-1996
           L1500Ernst Wilhelm Hueppauff and 1. Albertine Dorathea (Jahnke) Jantke, 2. Johanna Rosina Falkenberg nee Nitschke: a history and family tree, 1820-1984
           Q3303Escalation of natural hazards by human factors: the South Australian experience
           B0876Estcourt House: a history
           L4183Ethnic and sociological study of an Australian mixed-blood group in Alice Springs, Northern Territory, with reference to ethnic assimilation and interaction of groups
           L3808ETSA: the story of electricity in South Australia
           D2150Eudunda 1870-1970, a history of a town's first hundred years
           L2003Euthanasia - a new world order?: essays in honour of the late Dr D. Ch. Overduin 1929-1992
           Q3792Evan Richard Stanley, 1885-1924: pioneer geologist in Papua New Guinea
           P0927Evangelical Lutheran St Thomas Church of Stockwell jubilee 1904-1954. November 14th 1954
           Q2153Evergreen Annie: the life of Annie Green of the Adelaide Central Mission, 1858-1936
           Q2815Everybody has a story to tell: Renmark 1910-1985
           C0002Everybody's friend ... Kate Cocks
           N2358Experiences of a meteorologist in South Australia
           L4177Explaining the modern mortality decline: what can we learn from sea voyages?
           C2634Exploring historic Glenelg by walking or cycling: route 1
           L1933Extracts from the memoirs of Hristo Shaldev: Macedonian revolutionary 1876-1962
           N7451Extracts pertinent to a philosophy of Lutheran Education from 'The Australian Lutheran', 1913-1966
           D1927Eye-witness: selected documents from Australia's past
           Q5502Eyre Peninsula heritage survey
           T3156Factors influencing oil exploration in Australia: an historical view
           L2489Fading footprints: pioneers, runs and settlement of the Lower Eyre Peninsula
           L5213Fairway to Heaven: the story of Enfield, Australia's first Lawn Cemetery
           C5020Fairways on the mount: a history of the Mount Osmond Golf Club, 1937-1977
           L0559Faith, Love and Endurance: the history and influence of religion in the South-East
           Q1182Falie: portrait of a coastal trader
           L4943Family history of Aldenhoven 1772-1994
           L3984Family history of Christian and Anna Fechner of Fechner's Bridge 1844-1996
           L5165Family History of Christian and Anna Fechner of Fechners's Bridge, 1844-1996
           N4755Family history of Christian Rothe, 1838-1972
           L3608Family history of George and Cecilia Brown 1832 to 1993. 2nd. ed.
           L4830Family history of George and Cecilia Brown, 1832-1993
           L5599Family history of George and Cecilia Brown, 1832-1993, Updated to 1996
           L1593Family history of George and Celia Brown, 1832 to 1993
           C4201Family history of James Ward 1830-1901, and his wife Lucy Ward nee Eaton 1831-1900
           D0078Family history of Johann Wilhelm Hein 1803-1887, his wife Johanna Dorothea Strauch 1810-1893 and their descendants in Australia, 1854-1978
           D1389Family history of Johann Wilhelm Wilksch and his wife Johanne Eleanore [nee Auricht] and their descendants, 1805-1973
           Q3635Family history of Johann Wilhelm Wilksch and his wife Johanne Eleanore, nee Auricht, and their descendants, 1805-1973: a tribute to our pioneering ancestors
           L2503Family history of John and Elizabeth Goodes, in Australia 1852-1992
           L1331Family history of John William and Susanna Adams
           N6220Family history of K.A.H. Grosser and his wife A. Rosina nee Wogisch
           L4655Family history of the great grandchildren of Leopold Herrmann: commemorating 150 years of settlement in Australia, 1847-1997
           C5025Family history of Thomas Boulden and his wife Susan Justina nee Richards
           C3439Family history of William Merrett, 1837-1901, and his wife Mary Ann Painter, 1836-1916
           D0021Family of Johann Gattlieb 1843-1902 and his wife Elizabeth nee Eckert 1851-1934
           L2570Family Planning Association Oral History [SL:M OH 197]
           L1950Family Planning Association Oral History [SL:M OH 197]
           A0082Family structure in colonial Australia
           B1513Family tree Marsham: Robert 1827-1891; Hannah 1829-1903
           L0925Family tree of James Easton, 1817 to 1994, 1st marriage [Power, Harding, Grosvenor]
           L2079Family tree of James Easton, 1817-1992
           B1064Family tree of Traugott Noske and his wife Johanne Auguste Lehmann, 1834-1982
           L1526Family tree of William and Susannah Hannaford 1790-1990
           L0920Fania: an exhibition for the Women's Suffrage centenary of South Australia, 1894-1994
           B0406Far called: the Flavel and associated families in Australia 1838-1982. Comp. by the Flavel Family History Association Incorporated
           B1145Far from a low gutter girl: the forgotten world of state wards; South Australia, 1887-1940
           B1518Fares please: reminiscences of an Adelaide tram conductor
           C1782Father Wise; Rector of St. George's, Goodwood
           N0683Feast of St Peter, Sunday, June 29, 1947 at 4pm: centenary of the foundation of the Diocese of Adelaide; Consecration of the Peal of eight bells given to the Cathedral by the late F. A. Lakeman
           Q0031Feder Schleissen and other old-time wisdom
           C2232'Federalism and the Northern Territory'
           C1223Federalism in the Commonwealth: a bibliographical commentary
           N3180Feet across Australia
           C4115Felicia: the political memoirs of Don Dunstan
           T8230Female adolescents in South Australia - a socio-historical analysis
           L0564Feminae [sic] Ludens: women's competitive sport in SA 1936-1956, and the influence of sportswriter Lois Quarrel
           B0351Fertile valley to open plain: the Nantawarra and Beaufort Districts
           L2004Festival of music: our centenary year [video]
           L3594Feudalism to freedom: 400 years of Yelland family history
           L5175Feudalism to Freedom: 400 years of Yelland family history: including Abbott, Russell, Turner, and Mann
           U2017Few and far between: aborigines in Australian cricket 1850-1939
           C1902Fifty famous Australians
           N5695Fifty years fishing for men [Religion]
           C0955Fifty years history of the Girls' Friendly Society in South Australia
           P1159Fifty years of game fishing
           N5607Fifty years of Local Government, 1916-1966
           C0946Fifty years of progress: a history of the South Australian Farmers' Co-Operative Union Ltd
           C1362Fifty years of sympathetic care and practical service
           D2377Fifty years of the newspaper cartoon in Australia
           Q2817Fifty years: from Keswick to Plympton
           L0578Filling in the Maps: a cameo of the Royal Geographical Society of Australasia, South Australian Branch Inc.
           C2381Finance and banking. Savings banks: RN 44; Commonwealth Bank: RN 82; Bank of South Australia: RN 96; Banking statistics 1840 - 1892: RN 65 [Pro]
           Q1629Fine run by Napier Car [Adelaide to Melbourne record, 1909]
           L0732Finlayson: a family history of Scottish pioneers of South Australia: William and Helen Finlayson and their known descendants
           N5427Fisheries Act, 1917-1938: regulations and proclamations together with some points from the Act
           L1658Fishing under sail
           N5915Fitted for the voyage: the Adelaide Steamship Company, 1875-1975
           L2505'Fitzgerald to the Waterloos': a story about the Fitzgerald family
           B1163Five generations: evangelism in South Australia; a study of the Methodist Church, 1836-1976
           C3683Fleming family history
           J0410Flight of an eagle: the dreaming of Ruby Hammond
           N5787Flinders Street Baptist Church. The centenary programme, 1861-1961
           L5178Florey and the Miracle Mould [Cdrom]
           B1050Florey: the man who made penicillin
           Q2417Flour milling in South Australia: a history
           Z0074Flour mills in South Australia
           Q2740Focus on the Fidges, 1839-1989
           J0282Focus: 17 Australian women focus on the progress of women in society over the past 100 years: Adelaide Central Gallery, October 7 - November 1, 1994
           L0924Folklore of the German people in South Australia
           Q0364Followers of God: the Church of England in Whyalla, 1901-1981
           L4736Following the Falkenbergs: Gottlieb and Johann Falkenberg from Nekla, Posen, Prussia: commemorating 150 years in Australia, 1847-1997
           N3789Football at Moonta, 1876-1976: the first 100 years
           D1368Football in South Australia 1907-1972
           B1801Footprints in the dust: an historical summary of school days in Hawker, 1883 to 1983
           L1204Footprints within a family 1849-1988: a history of George and Mary Holland, Richard and Maryann Holland and their descendants
           L1304Footprints within a family 1849-1988: a history of George and Mary Holland, Richard and Maryann Holland and their descendants
           L5033For all to Worship: a history of Worship in Whyalla by people of the Presbyterian and Anglican Faiths
           B1277For education and entertainment: the Hahndorf Institute, 1861-1982
           L3682For faith and freedom: the story of Lutherans and Lutheranism in Australia 1838-1996
           L4018For God, home and humanity: National Woman's Christian Temperance Union of Australia: centenary history 1891-1991
           L3632'For I have ever so much more faith in her ability as a nurse': the eclipse of the community midwife in South Australia 1836 -1942
           U2019'For I have ever so much more faith in her ability as a nurse': the eclipse of the community midwife in South Australia 1836-1942
           J1245For Renmark and the South Australian Riverland: Harry Samuel Taylor and the Murray Pioneer, 1873-1932
           J1488For show or comfort? A history of Victoria Square
           Q2741For the benefit of the people: a history of Hindmarsh Adelaide Building Society
           L1460For their sake: the Jonas family in Australia, 1855-1987
           L5888Forests and Woodlands of the Adelaide Plains in 1836: a Native Vegetation Planting guide [Map]
           L0733Forever Young: the story of William and Elizabeth Young and their descendants
           S0982'Former site for State Capital now South Australia's biggest fishing port' [Port Lincoln]
           C1043Forreston, its pioneers and people
           B1433Fort Dundas Melville Island, 1824-1974: a brief account of the early settlement of North Australia from 1824 and a programme of events during the week of celebrations, 22nd to 28th September, 1974
           A0106Fort Glanville centenary [October 1980] issue
           N6208Fortieth Anniversary Lowaldie Institute, 1935-75
           Q1384Forward in faith: a history of selected South Coast Churches
           L4928Four Churches Become one [Hawker, Catholic]
           N5746Four make one: the District Council of Yorketown celebrates 100 years of Local Government, 1875-1975
           Q1687Four nineteenth-century graduates [W. E. Cooke, W. G. Duffield, W. Kingsmill, F. W. Young]
           L1589Frail flesh and blood: the health of South Australians since earliest times
           W0181Frances E. Willard centenary book ['Chieftain of the White Ribbon Host': W.C.T.U.]
           Q2602Franklin Harbour District Council, 1888-1988: one hundred years of local government
           Q2742Freebairn: a family history, 1849-1987
           B0846Freedom found: a history of the Altus family in Australia [Biele, Doecke, Lieschke, Peltz, Schneider, Thomas, Weiss]
           T0368French attitudes to Australia, 1850-1914
           Q2880Fresh evidence, new witnesses: finding women's history
           B1336Friedrich Wurfel family history 1800-1982 and family tree of known descendants [Doering, Fischer, Lienert, Schnoock, Stephen, Waldhuten]
           L0489From 1925 ...West Croydon Uniting Church 70th anniversary celebrations Sunday 9th April 1995 [1925?] ... to 1995
           Q0406From a rush hut ... a chronicle of the first 100 years of organisation of Master Printers and Allied Trades in South Australia 1885 - 1985
           L5215From across the Sea: Walden / Walding families of SA 1839-1997
           L2336From Aughton to Australia: the story of William and Hannah Nutley
           L4358From barrier rise: the history of horse racing in the S.E. of S.A.
           C0192From black to white in South Australia [Aborigines]
           L1079From Bristol to Australia 1853-1992
           Q1923From Colonel Light into the Footlights: the performing arts in South Australia from 1836 to the present
           L3478From Colonial Surgeon to Health Commission: the government provision of health services in South Australia, 1836-1995
           L3904From conflict to conservation. Native vegetation management in Australia: a focus on the South Australian program and other Australian initiatives, past present and future. Seminar proceedings, Adelaide, 21 November 1995
           L1484From Cortnitz to South Australia: the Mickan story; the story of their emigration and of their growth and spread throughout Australia
           D2505From cottage days: Jamestown Hospital story
           C3682From Darley to Campbelltown: a history of the Campbelltown Uniting [formerly Methodist] Church, 1847-1981
           T0609From health exercises to physical education
           L6849From Heather to Saltbush: a history of the Mckenzie family
           B0157From heather to wattle: the story of McCallum, D. & McCallum, C. and their descendants 1852-1982. Comp. by the McCallum Book Committee with editorial assistance from K.J. Ireland
           L6813From Here to Eternity: a history of Christ Church Cemetery
           D1487From horse to horsepower
           U2022From hospital to college: the transition of nurse education in south Australia 1967-1987
           L0512From Many Places: the history and cultural traditions of South Australian people
           U0425From market town to industrial suburbs: development along Port Road, Hindmarsh, Bowden, Brompton
           U1741From market town to industrial suburbs: development along Port Road, Hindmarsh, Bowden, Brompton
           Q0927From Mary Ward to Marryatville: 1585-1985
           Q0376From midgets to giants in agriculture, 1894 - 1985: a summary of minutes taken from the minute books commencing with the foundation of the Northern Yorke's Peninsula Agricultural Bureau Field Trial and Show Society in November 1894
           U1284From neutral stuff to resource: a dichotomy in the Gumeracha district - 1840 to present
           U1692From neutral stuff to resources: a dichotomy in the Gumeracha District - 1840 to the present
           Q1386From Omnibus to Obahn: the tramways and buses of Adelaide's North-East Suburbs
           Q1913From our broken toil: South Australian Catholics, 1836 to 1905
           L3390From park lands to sea coast: City of Hindmarsh Woodville
           L1195From pines to peppercorns: a family record of the descendants of Hinrich Cramer, 1815-1866
           L1295From pines to peppercorns: a family record of the descendants of Hinrich Cramer, 1815-1866
           L1591From pioneering to automation: Althorpe Island, South Australia
           J0506From Plymouth to Glenroyal : a family history of William & Elizabeth Stevens, 1850-1994
           L0490From Plymouth to Glenroyal: a family history of William and Elizabeth Stevens 1850-1994
           N5930From quill to biro
           S0463From quill to biro [Schools]
           L1339From royalty to us [Van Kampen, Murray-Prior]
           Q1146From sand and swamp to seaside city: a chronicle of the Henley and Grange area, 1836-1986
           L1485From sea coast to gum trees: history of Edward Farrow family
           L2506From sea coast to gum trees: the history of the Edward Farrow family
           Q5641From Sea to Mallee: an illustrated history of Yeelanna and district
           L1564From settlement to city: history of the district of Tea Tree Gully, 1836-1976, 1976-1993
           R0108From settlement to city: a history of the District of Tea Tree Gully 1836-1976
           L2073From the axe and the brue: a Harding family history
           L0779From the borders to the bush: Telfer family history
           L6306From the Circus to the Pughole: a 100 year history of the West Torrens Cricket Club
           B1966From the Coorong to Port Bonython: the history of the oil industry in South Australia; proceedings of a conference held in the Adelaide Festival Centre, South Australia, on Thursday, 27th October 1983
           L0933From the records of Clarice Joan Penna
           Q5633From the river to the hills: Campbelltown 150 years
           L0241From tribal land to township: a social history of Thebarton [Kaurna]
           L5403From Valley to Downs and Beyond: a history of the Johann Christian Heinrich family in Australia, 1857-1997
           L2160From weavers to wapstraws: the story of Margaret Maxwell Kelly, her family and her descendants
           L4865From whence they came [Twartz, Sorbs]
           N5662Frontier territory. The colourful story of the pioneering of North Australia
           A0654Frontiers of settlement in Australia - fifty years on
           L0806Frost: footsteps of faith, 1844-1994, 150 years
           L5624Frost: Footsteps of Faith, 1844-1994, 150 years
           L0902Fruits of the Pietsch tree: Pietsch family history
           L1313Fullgrabe family history
           L1213Fullgrabe family history
           Q3637Fun without games: autobiograffiti of a teacher
           Q5331Further diaries of Frances Diana Christison, nee Hope, of 'Weroona', Clare, documenting her social and cultural activities in South Australia's Mid North [SSL:M D6750 (L)]
           Q3168Further papers comprising family photographs, including portrait photographs of Henry John and Elsa Birch Butler, certificates of registration in nursing and midwifery, record of service, testimonials and letters relating to the nursing career of Elsa Birch Butler, craft prize certificates and invitations. c1897, 1928-1952. [SSL:M PRG 207]
           Q3031Further papers of Charles Richbieth Jury comprising several poems by Charles Jury, letters written by Charles Jury to Warren Derry and correspondence between Charles Jury and Barbara Wall. [SSL:M PRG 20]
           Q4523Further papers of Gladys Evelyn Ward, schoolteacher, comprising music student's manuscript, notes on teaching music, teacher's work programmes, exercises by pupils of Croydon Primary School, letters relating to the history of Yongala, transcript of letter by Joseph Metcalf aboard the "Ann Holzberg" and photograph [SSL:M PRG 893 Restricted]
           L1268Further papers of Gladys Evelyn Ward, teacher and writer, comprising school exercises and teaching method exercises of Gladys Ward, school exercises of pupils of Gladys Ward, personal correspondence, correspondence relating to history of Yongala, account of a trip to Fowler's Bay per SS Yandra and photograph of Gladys Ward, together with copy books and drawing books of Susan Thompson Stewart, mother of Gladys Ward [SL:M PRG 893]
           L1168Further papers of Gladys Evelyn Ward, teacher and writer, comprising school exercises and teaching method exercises of Gladys Ward, school exercises of pupils of Gladys Ward, personal correspondence, correspondence relating to history of Yongala, account of a trip to Fowler's Bay per 'SS Yandra' and photograph of Gladys Ward, together with copy books and drawing books of Susan Thompson Stewart, mother of Gladys Ward [SL:M PRG 893]
           L5657Further papers of Harry James Rawson comprising family photographs, qualifying certificates, testimonial letter to H.J. Rawson on service, published short story, diaries and public service applications
           J0203Further papers of Harry Wheaton Rowe and descendants comprising family photographs, Norwood Primary School photographs, Norwood Primary School report book, Norwood Primary School prize ribbons, undertaker's account and Salvation Army orders of service [SSL:M PRG 914]
           Q3029Further papers of Penelope Hetherington comprising correspondence between her and her parents Ron and Liza Loveday used in the writing of The Making of a Labor Politician, a biography of Ron Loveday. [SSL:M PRG 754]
           J0192Further papers of Percy John Baillie, local historian, comprising manuscript of A Pictorial History of Port Lincoln, sketches, photographs, Frank Hawson Memorial Fund cash book, research papers, including reminiscences of D.R. Myers and a paper by A. Grenfell Price, correspondence, gun licences and genealogical data [SSL:M PRG 458]
           J0193Further papers of Percy John Baillie, local historian, comprising manuscripts of research papers for publication titled The Coming of the Battara Tribe to Port Lincoln, West Coast Native Myths and Legends, and The Western Mail Truck [SSL:M PRG 458]
           Q2944Further papers of the Faehrmann family of Hahndorf comprising Biblische Predigten fur Landleute inscribed with birth and death dates, two gesangbucher, ten family photographs and two cash books [SSL:M PRG 817]
           L1368Further papers of the Hackett family, horticulturalists and seed merchants, comprising letters from Thomas and Mary Smith to an aunt, letters by William Jenkins informing his sister of the shipwreck and subsequent emigration to the Victorian diggings of Samuel (Jenkins?), letters from Emmeline Hackett to her mother, and letter from George Sussex Hackett to his grandmother [SL:M PRG 421]
           L1633Further papers of the Lewis family, comprising correspondence, press cuttings and advertisement promoting Bagot Shakes and Lewis Limited [SL:M PRG 247/1, 4, 18, 23, 30]
           Q4418Further papers of Thomas Robert Noel Lothian O. B. E., Director of the Botanic Gardens, comprising personal correspondence, service papers, Justice of the Peace papers, house plans, diaries of botanical garden tours, scripts of radio broadcasts, texts of addresses and journal articles, manuscript and proofs of "The Practical Home Gardener", Cultivar Authority registrations, consultancy reports, minutes and reports relating to membership, committees and councils of Burnley Horticultural College Past Students' Association, Order of the British Empire Association, Returned Services League, Rotary, Workers Educational Association, International Association of Botanic Gardens, ANZAAS, Forensic Science Society, local advisory committees, tree planting committees, Flora and Fauna Advisory Committee, Roadside Vegetation Committee, Field Naturalists Society, Australian Conservation Foundation, Royal Australian Institute of Parks and Recreation, Australian Institute of Landscape Architects, Royal Australian Planning Institute, New Zealand Camellia Society, Arbor Day, National Flower Day and Jubilee 150 committees [SSL:M PRG 560]
           Q3418Further papers of W.A. Pretty comprising research notes on the Bible Christian Society, Methodist Church, St Peter's Collegiate School, the Greenhouse Effect, Goolwa, Currency Creek, Port Elliot, the Murraylands, Wasleys, Strathalbyn, Balaklava, Port Wakefield, Ardrossan, Owen and Beachport, Goolwa diaries and notebooks, papers relating to Beaufort Squadrons Association reunion, Gilles Plains and Hampstead RSL Sub Branch, Gaza Sports and Social Club and Enfield and Districts Historical Society, photographs of Klemzig, Poppy Day, Onkaparinga Racing Club and the opening of Signal Point together with family photographs, research correspondence, personal correspondence, Gift Duty return, quotations, poems by W. A. Pretty and poems by D. A. Pretty 1977 - 1990 [SSL:M PRG 390]
           Q2958Further papers of William Voules Brown and family comprising cased medal presented to John Alexander Voules Brown by the Royal Humane Society, photographs, press cuttings, letters, transcripts and historical extracts together with family tree, cassette tapes, video recordings and album of photographs and printed items relating to the Brown family reunion [SSL:M PRG 373]
           Q2956Further papers of William Voules Brown and family comprising square of hide reputed to be from Governor Hindmarsh's cow, letter relating Brown family tradition and photographic portraits of William and Harriet Brown [SSL:M PRG 373/6a311, 13c/5 and 5/1]
           Q2957Further papers of William Voules Brown and family comprising Way College progress report issued to Victor Voules Brown, letter from Surveyor General to Victor Voules Brown approving credit agreement purchase in the Hundred of Wilson, sketch plans of land purchased, two World War 1 photographs and photograph of Borrika cricket team including Victor Voules Brown [SSL:M PRG 373]
           L0041Further records of Mile End Baptist Church [SRG 465/17]
           N5030Future of Australia: 'Crying need of population'. Prize essay ... with comments by G. G. Newman
           Q1645G. C. Henderson's appeal ... to all those who have in their possession original documents relating to the history of South Australia
           L2400GAL pioneer airline: Guinea Airways Limited
           L1453Gallasch of Grunthal revisited: a revision and expansion of the history and family tree of Johann Joseph Gallasch and descendants
           C3930Gallasch of Grunthal: a history and family tree of Johann Joseph Gallasch and descendants [Haebich, Hirte, Rohr, Sandow]
           F0318Gang forward: a Stirling notebook
           L1667Garden of earthly delights: the work of Fiona Hall
           L2162Gartner: the descendants of Rich James and Ada Matilda Gartner
           Q5517Gawler heritage study - stage 1, December 1981
           N3576Gawler Institute Literary Societies' Union Combined Programme, July to October, 1906
           Q3072Gawler, Colonel Light's country town: a history of Gawler and its region - the hills, the plains and the Barossa Valley
           Z0272Gawler's industrial buildings 1839-1939
           L1659Genealogical tables of the family of Robert and Ann Shepherd
           L0710Genealogical tables of the family of Robert and Ann Shepherd
           J0704Genealogy papers of the Toler-Rowley family comprising pedigree, correspondence, portraits, Grant of Arms and miscellaneous notes
           L6294General ledgers and share book of the South Australian Woollen Company, later known as the Onkaparinga Woollen Company
           L4291General Post Office
           C1317Geographical observations upon Port Pirie and district
           L0337George and Eliza Shephard and family of South Australia, 1838-1994: the buildings and the land, vols 1 & 2
           R0019George Cockburn Henderson: a memoir [originally published in 'South Australiana', March 1964]
           Q1642George Cockburn Henderson: a tribute
           L0473George Cole of Chichester England, arrived in South Australia by sailing ship 'Lysander', 6th July 1839: a record of the family to the fifth generation 1792-1978
           L1542George King and his descendants: family history
           F0426Gerard, Alfred Edward 1877-1950, Merchant and Aboriginal Welfare Worker. ADB8
           A0650German geographical literature on Australia, 1810-1940: a preliminary bibliography and comment
           L2507German settlement in South Australia: resource booklet
           Z0110German speaking settlers in Australia
           L4120Germans in South Australia. Rev. ed.
           C3013Give our love to Mary Henry: historic letters from Bradford
           B0414Gladstone Gaol South Australia
           Z0127Gladstone, a meeting of creeks - a breaking of gauges; one hundred years of development in the Gladstone district 1880-1980
           C4512Gladstone: a meeting of creeks - a breaking of gauges; one hundred years of development of the Gladstone District 1880-1980
           L2596Glanville Refinery from beginning to end: 100 years of sugar refiing in South Australia
           L2104Glanville School where were you?
           B2363Glen Osmond Baptist 1883-1983. Illustrated by P. Smith
           C3540Glencoe West Primary School, 1902-1972
           C0791Glenelg Centenary Committee official souvenir booklet
           N0379Glenelg from the foundation of the colony to the present day
           Q5516Glenelg heritage survey: stage 1
           C4120Glenelg Primary School, 1881 - 1981
           C4121Glenelg School centenary cookbook 1881-1981
           C1046Glenelg. Birthplace of South Australia
           D2077Glenside Hospital 1870-1970: commemorating the centenary
           N3810Glenunga Methodist Church golden jubilee, 1926-1976
           N7410Glimpses of Napperby since 1840, commemorating the centenary year
           Q5634Glimpses of the North-East: a story of one hundred years of the settlement of Lancelot, Ucolta
           C2344Glimpses of the past
           L0849Go west young woman
           B0334Gobell family history
           L6192God is Faithful: a Leaf in the File of Colebrook Home
           Q1791Godliness and good order; a history of the Anglican Church in South Australia
           N7444Golden anniversary 1927-1977. Kalangadoo Football Club. Souvenir issue May 1977
           D0247Golden Grove Church 1866 - 1966
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           C0433Golden heritage: a story of Renmark
           N7049Golden jubilee of St. John Lutheran Church, Lyndoch
           L1584Golden Jubilee souvenir about the League of Women Voters in South Australia (Women's Non-Party Political Association), 1909-1959
           N4812Golden jubilee souvenir about the League of Women Voters of South Australia, Women's Non-Party Association 1909-1959
           N4549Golden jubilee, 1928-1978; souvenir booklet
           N1593Golden jubilee, October 21st 1979: memorial plaque unveiled by the Governor of South Australia - Mr. K. Seaman O. B. E., K. S. J.
           D0025Golden jubilee: a history of the club from 1928 to 1978
           Q2221Golfers to the fore: heritage and records of South Australian golf clubs
           S0482'Good foundations: the Adelaide Children's Hospital, 1876-1976'
           Q1684'Good roads are the best test of civilization': South Australian Roadmaking, 1836-1936
           N0036'Goodbye, Alby Jones' [Education Department]
           L1172Goodwood Orphanage oral history [SL:M OH 201]
           L2378Goodwood Orphanage Oral History [SL:M OH 201]
           L1272Goodwood Orphanage oral history [SL:M OH 201]
           D2443Goodwood Primary School centenary, 1879-1979
           N4531Goolwa Institute celebrations, 1878-1978
           F0438Gordon, Sir D. J. 1865-1946, Journalist and Politician. ADB9
           C3454Gottlieb and Hedwig Schultz of Waltong: the story of their emigration and the families of their children: Juliane Traeger, Ferdinand Schultz, Pauline Beinke / Sais, Gottlieb Schultz, August Schultz, Susanna Krueger, Marie Heintze, Carl Schultz
           L0420Gottlob and Amalie Schulz: a new land - a new life
           L3793Gottlob and Amalie Schulz: a new land, a new life
           T8238Government and unemployment in South Australia, 1920-1981: a study in state policy formation
           L4292Government House
           Q2521Government House, Adelaide: the house and grounds
           N3474Governor Fergusson's legacy. A history of the early days of the Maitland - Kilkerran Districts
           S1267Grains of mustard seed
           A0045Grandma of Milbrook and Paracombe. Reproduced from 'The Grandmother Book', edited by B. McGoug
           Q1303Grandma's reminiscences: my jubilee book 1986
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           U2048Gravestones and graveyards: an archaeological examination of commemoration practices in South Australia 1836-1979
           C2493Great Australian disasters
           Q3582'Great Prospects': a history of Prospect District Cricket Club 1928-1979
           L3513Great women of the good country
           Q1601Greater than their knowing ...: a glimpse of South Australian women, 1836-1986
           T0543Greek communities in Australia
           T0542Greeks in South Australia
           B1112Greenock Institute Centenary, 1883-1983
           N4402Griff: an account of the Methodist Inland Mission and particularly the service rendered by Rev. and Mrs. H. Griffiths
           Q1754Gross domestic product of South Australia 1861 to 1938-1939
           N6263Grosvenor Hotel Limited, 1918-1968
           N0126Growing up in the outback
           N5114Growing with Crystal Brook, 1873-1973
           U0252Guests or fellow countrymen: a study in assimilation. An aspect of the German community in South Australia, 1836-1918
           B2055Guidance notes relating to Part XIXb of the Real Property Act 1886-1979: "Division of lands by Strata Plan and titles to units created thereby"
           L3602Guide to fine and rare Australasian books
           L2514Guide to fine and rare Australasian books. Volume Three
           L0682Guide to maps in the South Australian Parliament Papers, 1852-1971
           B2057Guide to sources of genealogical information held in the South Australian Archives
           N0464Guiding Golden Jubilee Committee: Kimba 1929-1979 [Girls]
           L2337Guinea Airways Limited operations on the Australian mainland
           Q5640Gum Trees and Gullies [Yallunda Flat]
           N6700H. Heysen centenary retrospective 1877-1977. Catalogue of an exhibition presented at the Gallery, October 1977
           L5077H.E. Carey (1881-1955), Presbyterian Minister: a Memoir by his Daughter
           N6838Hahndorf. A brief look at the town and its history
           M0232Hahndorf: past, present and future. Papers given at a University of Adelaide Seminar at Hahndorf on October 1976
           D1494Haigh's: 50 years, 1915-1965
           N5811Halbury centenary, 1875-1975
           D1915Hamley Bridge centenary 1868-1968, Friday 4th - Sunday 6th October 1968. Booklet
           N0037Hamley Bridge centenary, 1868-1968
           L4178Hanckel 1846-1996
           L4427Hanckel, 1846-1996
           L1301Handke pathways: history of the family of Gottlieb and Augusta Handke in South Australia
           L1201Handke pathways: history of the family of Gottlieb and Augusta Handke in South Australia
           N0229Hans Heysen centenary retrospective 1877-1977, Art Gallery of South Australia
           L2617Hans Heysen: the creative journey
           L3702Hansjoerg Eichler, 1 April 1916-22 June 1992
           C1696Happy highways
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           L3598Hares on the hill: a history of the Harsletts
           C1990'Harnessing the River Murray'
           C1228Harris Scarfe Limited: Ninety memorable years
           Q1911Harry Kneebone: a son of 'Little Cornwall' (1876-1933)
           L1427Harry Muir - Bookman; a memoir [Beck Book Company]
           J1366Harry Samuel Taylor, the 'William Lane' of the South Australian Riverland
           D2303Harry Taylor
           L0673Hately family history: a history of James Samuel Hately, Mary Lane Drew and their descendants
           L0990Hately family history: a history of James Samuel Hately, Mary Lane Drew and their descendants
           L4009Having fun without working too hard: (my life story with apologies where I stumble)
           C4106Hawker centenary 1880-1980: ballads of the district [Sound recording]
           F0463Hawker, C. A. S. 1894-1938, Politician and Pastoralist. ADB9
           L2074Haystacks to cul-de-sacs: Golden Grove community oral histories
           C0557Head of the Great Australian Bight
           L2324Head of the rivers, a district history: Black Springs, Manoora, Waterloo
           L4354Headstones in the old portion of the Moonta cemetery 1978
           A0617Health and the State in Australia, 1788-1977
           L0458Heaslip Descendants 1851-1977
           L0388Heath [family tree]
           L5430Heather Gell's Lessons in Music through Movement for Four to Six year Olds
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           J1477Hellenism in South Australia: decline or survival? [Greek]
           L1592'Hello out there': Althorpe Island
           C5018Hell's airport and Lasseter's lost legacy
           J1318Help sought with SA bee history
           J1338Help, please, for Gawler Ranges research
           B1177Henderson on history & archives
           N2443Henley-on-Torrens. Official programme
           L5372Henry Foreman's family
           D1264Henry Simpson Newland: a biography
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           L5580Henschke Heritage: Henschke families in Australia 1841-1995
           C4337Her story: Australian women in print 1788-1975. Photographs by A. Roberts
           Q4094Here comes the Pastor, and other yarns
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           L4334Heritage of the City of Adelaide: an illustrated guide
           L0740Heritage of the City of Adelaide: an illustrated guide
           Q4571Heritage of the City of Adelaide: an illustrated guide
           L0516Heritage Survey of Kadina Railway Yards
           Q5515Heritage survey of the Fleurieu Peninsula
           C5143Heritage watch: an overview of Australian conservation
           N0171Hermannsburg: a vision and a mission
           C4373Heroic Australian air stories
           Q1445Herstory in history: women in Australian history
           L4102Hewett family 1996 update: progressive record of the descendants of five of the children of Charles Thomas and Hannah Jane Hewett
           L4837Hewett family 1996 update: progressive record of the descendants of five of the children of Charles Thomas and Hannah Jane Hewett
           N0324Heysen of Hahndorf
           F0471Heysen, W. E. H. F. 1877-1968, Artist. ADB9
           N6456Heysen's early Hahndorf. Illus. with early works by Sir H. Heysen, including drawings from his sketchbooks selected by D. Heysen
           J1342Heysen's home, studio 'a timeless place'
           N0447Hibernian - Australasian Catholic Benefit Society. General laws for the government of the society in the state of South Australia
           L1090Hiern family affairs]
           L1091Hiern family correspondence from the Wollocombe papers
           X0072Highgate Primary School jubilee celebrations, 1923-1973
           L1804Highlights of my life
           L2200Highwaymen and bushrangers who operated throughout the South-East
           A0358Hill, H. J. Mail Contractor and Coach Proprietor, 1847-1926. ADB4
           L2257Hill, McCarthy, De Souza: a family history
           T6043Hillcrest Hospital: an historical study
           N0806Hillcrest Hospital: the first 50 years; commemorating the golden jubilee of Northfield Mental Hospital 1929-1964, Hillcrest Hospital from 1964
           Q5547Hilltown 1915-1978
           U1641Him walkabout: aspects of the development and diffusion of Pidgin English in South Australia, 1889 to 1939
           Q5619Hindmarsh - heritage of a township
           J0300Hindmarsh Bridge: heritage record
           N0134'Hindmarsh Building Society: big safe and friendly for 100 years'
           L1405Hindmarsh Cemetery inscriptions [microform]
           L1406Hindmarsh Cemetery records, 1846-30 June 1987 [microform]
           Q5510Hindmarsh heritage survey
           N3261Hindmarsh town: a history of the Village, District Council and Corporate Town of Hindmarsh, South Australia
           N0362'Historic Beltana'
           J0586Historic buildings of South Australia
           N1198Historic Glenelg: birthplace of South Australia 1855-1979: a history of the City of Glenelg to June 1979, incorporating the book compiled by W. H. Jeanes O.B.E. in 1955
           L4103Historic hotels in Thebarton
           L0226Historic organs of the Barossa Valley, Volume 1 (sound recording)
           L3235Historic Quorn: a brief history for visitors
           J0429Historic shipping on the River Murray
           L6339Historic Shipping on the river Murray
           N6738Historic Terowie. A pictorial history
           B0955Historic trees in South Australia
           C3215Historical buildings in Burnside
           Q1622Historical guidelines
           L1851Historical notes on Salisbury: extracts from historical accounts
           L6903Historical notes relating to the Gumeracha Baptist Church, compiled about the time of its centenary
           A0110Historical pictures index, South Australian Art Gallery
           C0630Historical records, 1853-1935
           N5525Historical souvenir of Mount Remarkable area. A brief historical account of some events of importance in the early records of the district
           Q5559Historical souvenir of Port Augusta; sixty years of progress 1876-1936
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           L2265History and descendants of John Fox of Leeds, 1789-1983
           C2024History and growth of the South Australian Jockey Club
           N3761History and role of Government Geological Surveys in Australia
           L2182History forum '88 [sound recording]
           J1282History in the making at Bank SA
           L3418History of a Varley family; England and Australia
           F0643History of Adelaide's theatres [Cinema]
           Q5564History of Agery
           Q0860History of Arthur Robinson, 1850-1941
           C3305History of Australia. A down under story of Australia. Illustrated by J. Cane
           C1801History of Australian land settlement, 1788-1920
           Q5579History of Bridgewater
           C4045History of Burnside, a seminar - Friday, 31 July 1981: Burnside built heritage
           L1212History of coal mining in Australia: the Con Martin memorial volume
           L1312History of coal mining in Australia: the Con Martin memorial volume
           N6169History of copper smelting at Wallaroo, 1861-1923. A concise record of the copper processing operations of the Wallaroo Smelters during the period 1861-1923
           C0382History of dentistry in South Australia
           L3236History of Donald & Christina McLean and their descendants: first wheat crop growers in South Australia 1838
           L3796History of Graham's Castle conference centre, Goolwa
           L6596History of Graham's Castle, Goolwa
           N0375History of Hahndorf
           Q4891History of Henry and Eliza Copas (1838-1925)
           L1797History of John Inverarity and family
           A0006History of Kenton Valley Church
           C1946History of Kingston
           N4569History of Moonta
           C1740History of Murray Bridge High School, 1913-1963
           Q5494History of nursing in South Australia. Date of recordings: 1976-1990. Total length: 80 hours 5 minutes (to date) Interviewer: Joan Durdin [SSL:M OH17]
           Q5580History of Port Adelaide. Chronology
           S0565History of Port MacDonnell in pictures
           Q5664History of Scott's Creek
           N4960History of South Australia: a romantic and successful experiment in colonization
           N0004'History of South Australian Football'
           Q5574History of Spalding
           Q1298History of St Michael and All Angels Anglican Church, Geranium, 1914-1977
           L4337History of Swan Reach
           N1166History of swimming & life-saving at Seacliff: a record of all major awards and achievements made by members during the past 50 years: 1930-1980
           Q3951History of T. W. Ingham & Son Pty Ltd. Date of recordings: April, May 1990. Total length: 5 hours 50 minutes (approx.) Interviewer: Glenyss Steedman [SSL:M OH94]
           C0013History of the Adelaide Cement Company [SSL:M D3172]
           C1188History of the Adelaide Hospital [SSL:M 1129]
           N3369History of the Adelaide Lyceum Club
           L3201History of the Allister family 1788 - 1994 ; England and Australia
           J0893History of the Allister family 1788-1994; England and Australia
           N4797History of the Balaklava Methodist Church, 1871-1971
           L0594History of the Birks family and family tree: 1994 reunion
           B1818History of the Burra Burra Mine and its people by James Thomas [Senior], 1837-1921: being an account of a true Cornish man
           A0069History of the Catholic Church in Broken Hill
           C2117History of the Churches of Christ in South Australia, 1846-1959
           S0951History of the City of Unley 1871-1971
           C1493History of the effective establishment of Congregationalism
           N6198History of the Falland family
           D1712History of the families of Bonython of Carclew in the Duchy of Cornwall to which is added an account of the Bonythons who settled in South Australia, the small branch at Newlyn East and St. Columb Minor, Cornwall, and those who settled in what is now Maine, U.S.A., in 1630
           T0433History of the Left Wing of the South Australian Labour Movement, 1908-1936
           N4890History of the Marino Golf Club Associates [i.e. women], 1925-1975
           Q3557History of the Metropolitan Lawn Tennis Association 1921-1981
           C2475History of the Mitcham Uniting Church, formerly the Wesleyan Methodist Church, then the Methodist Church. Centenary short history, 1882-1982
           C2350History of the Mitchell Memorial Presbyterian Church, Goodwood
           C1962History of the Outer Harbour, or Light's Passage
           Q2821History of the South Australian Brewing Company Limited: 1888-1988
           S0687'History of the South Australian Police Association'
           L5191History of the Verdun Church, 1879-1997
           C2281History of the White Australia Policy
           N4009History of the Woodville District Cricket Club Incorporated, 1937-1976. Prepared in conjunction with the centenary celebrations of the City of Woodville
           C2339'History of Unley' in Mitcham centenary celebrations
           C1318History of viticulture in South Australia [SSL:M D. 2847; D. 2848]
           L0686History of Waikerie: gateway to the Riverland
           D1603History of Woodville
           Q5628History, heritage, humour
           L5581History's Jigsaw: Pieces in the South-East Puzzle ; Struan House, Naracoorte, Saturday 20th September, Sunday 21st September 1997
           L0667Hitherto has the Lord helped us: a history of the Richmond Baptist Church, Adelaide, 1894 to 1994
           L5878Hoffmann, Corney, Gunther families in Australia 1836-1997
           S0765Hoffnungsthal, 1847-1972
           J1231Holidays and health in nineteenth and early twentieth century South Australia
           B1085Holy Trinity Anglican Church, Riverton, 1858-1983: souvenir of 125 years' celebration
           Q1267Holy Trinity Church historical sketches
           N5828Holy Trinity Church, Adelaide. 125th anniversary of the laying of the foundation stone, 1962
           N5279Holy Trinity Church, Riverton. Souvenir of 70 years' celebration, 1858-1928
           N4729Holy Trinity. The Pioneer Church in the Diocese of Adelaide; founded 1836
           Q1936Holy Trinity; the history of a city church
           L3139Home of the east wind, Hornsdale
           J0560Home of the east wind, Hornsdale
           L0211Home of the East wind: Hornsdale
           N4690Homicide in South Australia: rates and trends in comparative perspective
           L0676Hope and Fear
           M0432Hope Farm: cradle of the McLaren Vale Wine Industry. The life and times of its founder G.P. Manning, Maltster, farmer, winemaker and a brief history of McLaren Vale recorded from the reminiscences of early residents of the district
           N2184Horizons: a chronicle of school life at Orroroo, 1880-1980 [research by year 9 & year 10 history students]
           L1095Horner Index: to departures by passenger ship from South Australia directly for overseas, 1836-1887
           Q4097Horrie Simpson's Oodnadatta
           P1095Horse control reminiscences
           A0120Horse-drawn vehicles in South Australia
           J1106Horses for India from the Northern Territory
           J1215Horses for India from the Northern Territory
           C5151Horses, harrows and haystacks: Freeling through the years, 1860-1980
           L6450Horwood Bagshaw: 125 years progress, 1838-1963
           L1498Hosking family history and family tree of known descendants
           L0616Hoskins of South Australia
           Q1561Hotels and publicans in South Australia, 1836-1984
           C2400Hotels: RN 1195, and RN 105, 123, 143 [SSL:M]
           C3237House styles in Adelaide; a pictorial history
           L4818House styles, 1850 onwards
           D0995Houses around Adelaide
           Q2423How are you South Australia: songs that brought us together
           B2006How it happened: told to kindergarten children in South Australia by K. M. for the Kindergarten Union of South Australia jubilee year
           A0032How our forefathers died
           L3102How your street was named: a series of biographies of the people who gave their names to the streets of Mount Gambier, vol. II
           C4919Howard Florey: the making of a great scientist
           F0490Howchin, W. 1845-1937, Geologist and Clergyman. ADB9
           L0824Hoxton to Glencraigie: our Australian ancestry
           A0359Hubbe, U. Journalist, Farmer, Teacher, Interpreter, Land Agent and Legal Scholar, 1805-1892. ADB4
           A0360Hughes, J. B. Landowner, 1817-1881. ADB4
           X0016Human Australasia; studies of society and of education in Australia and New Zealand
           L0774Humble beginnings: Johann Carl Schmidt and Johann Carl August Schmidt and their descendants in Australia, 1858-1993
           L1921Humble beginnings: Johann Carl Schmidt and Johann Carl August Schmidt and their descendants in Australia 1858-1993
           S0595'Humble saddler gave name to vast car empire [Holden]
           L4547Hummock Hill to Whyalla: our hidden past ; history of Whyalla 1900-1970
           L3284Hummock Hill to Whyalla: our hidden past, history of Whyalla 1900-1970
           J1048Hummock Hill to Whyalla: our hidden past, history of Whyalla 1900-1970
           L0716Humorous memoirs of an apprentice
           L0302Humour, history and hearsay
           L2178Hundred of Kondoparinga historic buildings: a title search
           C0634Hundredth anniversary of the beginning of the training of Lutheran Pastors ...
           L0599Hundredth Anniversary of the beginning of the Training of Lutheran Pastors and Teachers in Australia 1845-1945
           L1305Huttons of berryfield: Melksham, Wiltshire, England and Gumeracha, South Australia
           L1205Huttons of berryfield: Melksham, Wiltshire, England and Gumeracha, South Australia
           C2479Huxtable history and family trees
           Z0046I just accepted it - it was my job. Housework before World War 2: interviews conducted by students of the 1981 course unit 'Women's work, women's world'
           D1934I remember
           Q1530I remember Mount Mary: a history of the district to commemorate the founding of the Mount Mary School one hundred years ago 1886-1986
           L0421I remember too
           Q3210I remember, I remember
           L1329I remember, I remember; with a biography of his father Harold Schroder
           D2104Ian Mudie: a bibliography. Compiled in the Research Service of the State Library of South Australia by J. J. Tonkin and J. Van Wageningen [Poetry, Jindyworabaks]
           L1444Icarus in the Antipodes
           Q1820Ideas and endeavours - the natural sciences in South Australia
           J1156Ideology, environment and legislation: South Australian attitudes to vegetation
           N7326I'm no lady. The reminiscences of Constance Jean, Lady Bonython, O.B.E., 1891-?
           L0603Images of Bradman: rare and famous photographs of a cricket legend, with special inclusions from Sir Donald Bradman's private collection
           P1047Immanuel College jubilee souvenir: Point Pass, North Adelaide, Walkerville
           L4096Immanuel, God with us: 150th anniversary of Immanuel Lutheran Church, Light Pass 1846-1996
           Q1737'Immigrant lives, 1836-1986'. Pp 143-170 in E. Richards [ed.] 'The Flinders history of South Australia; social history'
           C2351Immigrants in Australia: a demographic survey based upon the 1954 census
           Q1007In an essentially German village
           Q1796In her own name: women in South Australian history
           L4229In looking-glass land
           C1384In memoriam: William Jethro Brown
           L3286In memory of Leonard Stanley Marquis
           N4723In one splendour spun: an autobiography of a Quaker artist
           N0874In our second century of wine making
           D1590In retrospect [Autobiography]
           E0186In retrospect [based on 1966 report of Principal of Adelaide Teachers College Pts.1, 2 and 3. Dr Penny was Principal of Adelaide Teachers' College from 1948-1967. Predecessors C. Madley, A. Schulz]
           L2516In retrospect 1886-1986 [Kurralta Home]
           C0082In retrospect: the Wyatt Benevolent Institution Incorporated
           T8117In search of mineral wealth: the South Australian Geological Survey and Department of Mines and Energy to 1944
           B0872In search of mineral wealth: the South Australian Geological Survey and Department of Mines to 1944
           Q1901In Stow's footsteps: a chronological history of the Congregational churches in South Australia, 1837-1977
           J0934'In the interest of the country': a history of the Pastoral Board of South Australia, 1893-1993
           L5973In the Interests of Education: a history of Education Unionism in South Australia
           J1498In the interests of education: a history of education unionism in South Australia
           L4647In the Marist tradition: Sacred Heart College, Adelaide 1897-1997
           N4498In the midst of years: the story of Woodville Methodism, the year of jubilee - 1928
           L0461In the Shadow of the Bluff: the story of the Butler district, 1895-1995
           L0746In the wake of history
           L5200In the Wake of history 1801-1994 [Wake family]
           Q1413In the wake of St Jude, 1854-1985: a history of the Church of St Jude, Brighton, South Australia
           L2123Indebted to my memory [Barrett]
           T8111Independent members of the S.A. Parliament, 1927-1970 [2 Vols]
           L4186Index [to] Penola historical selections vols. 1-4
           N5580Index to Proceedings of the Royal Geographical Society of Australasia, South Australian Branch [RGSSA]
           Q1374Index to the minutes of the proceedings of the Legislative Council and to the printed papers connected therewith from the commencement of the first session of the Eighth Parliament [May 6th, 1875], to the close of the first session of the Eleventh Parliament [November 14th, 1884]: [and] general index to the minutes of the proceedings of the Legislative Council 1885-1904
           L2013Index, Penola Historical Selections vols 1-4
           Q1956Industrialization and South Australia
           C2378Industrialization: Cotton mills [SSL:M RN 419]
           T8968Infant education in state schools in South Australia
           C0662Infant welfare in South Australia today
           J1461Infants, graded schooling and the transition to real studenthood in colonial South Australia
           L0868Information on the Adelaide Unitarian Church
           B1541Inglis family history: the history of the three sons of Samuel and Elizabeth Inglis who emigrated to South Australia 1852, 1854, 1855
           D0727Initiation among the Pitjandjara of the Mann and Tomkinson Ranges in South Australia
           J1336Inneston - ghost of a gypsum town
           L3094Inquests 1900-1945 [microform]
           Q2355Inquests, 1880-1942
           B0427Inscriptions from West Terrace Cemetery, Adelaide: Vol.1: Catholic and Society of Friends section
           L0817Insights into South Australian history
           Q5365Insights to an island: a personal history as told by Kangaroo Islanders
           U2111Integration in a multicultural society: a case study of first and second generation Italians in Adelaide, South Australia
           Q1704'Interaction between the state and the agricultural sector'. Pp 112-129 in K. Sheridan [ed.] 'The state as developer ...'
           T0372Inter-faith marriage and the Catholic Church in Australia
           L5220International Capital Mobility & the Feldstein-Horioka Paradox Evidence from Settler Economies in the Gold Standard Era
           A0564Internment in Australia
           L0637Interview with Albert Malthouse. Interviewer: Brian Grosvenor [SL:M OH 275]
           L6740Interview with Albert Tully [Sound Recording] Interviewers: Margot Osborne and Tony Easton [OH 490]
           Q4855Interview with Alf Dowe. Date of recordings: 21 June 1980. Total length: 50 minutes. Interviewer: Gerry Patitsas [SSL:M OH105 (formerly D6384)]
           L0661Interview with Amy Wheaton. Interviewer: Jean Teasdale [SL:M OH 273]
           L0624Interview with Annie Ahrens [SL:M OH 223, formerly D 6625 (sound)]
           L1949Interview with Betty Duke, Secretary, Tubercular Soldiers' Aid Society [SL:M OH 238]
           L6741Interview with Bill Colebatch [Sound Recording] interviewer: Bill Edwards [OH 489]
           L0177Interview with Colin Branson (sound recording). Interviewer: Bernard O'Neill [SL:M OH 383]
           Q5496Interview with Dorothy Kingston [Niece of Charles Cameron Kingston] Date of recordings: 15 July 1961. Total length: 10 minutes. Interviewer: G.L. Fischer [SSL:M OH127 (formerly D4464/5)]
           Q2948Interview with Dr Llewellyn Davey. Date of recordings: 23 August 1988. Total length: 1 hour. Interviewer: Roslyn Paterson. Documentation: Interview log available SSL:M OH28
           L0496Interview with E.S. Booth (sound recording) [Stirling family]. Interviewer: Anna Pope [OH 295]
           L0441Interview with E.S. Booth {Stirling family] (sound recording). Interviewer: Anna Pope [OH 295]
           L0087Interview with Effie Reid (sound recording). Interviewer: Beth M. Robertson [SL:M OH 359]
           Q4965Interview with Elizabeth Leta Padman. Date of recordings: 12 September 1990. Total length: 35 minutes. Interviewer: Narrung Rural School students [SSL:M OH116]
           L0088Interview with Ella Martin (sound recording). Interviewer: John Calvert [SL:M OH 361]
           L1889Interview with Ellen Margaret Critchley, farmer's daughter [SL:M OH 240]
           L1755Interview with Ernest Arthur Graham, migrant, labourer, miner, reformatory superintendent [SL:M OH 246]
           L1054Interview with Frank Sawley, surveyor [SL:M OH 260]
           L0662Interview with Frank Willis. Interviewer: Rosemary Willis [SL:M OH 263]
           Q5065Interview with Fred Maxwell, Soldier. Date of recordings: c.1977. Total length: 30 minutes. Interviewer: Bill Chamberlain [SSL:M OH102]
           L0147Interview with Gertrude Radibratovic (sound recording). Interviewer: Vera Lagana [SL:M OH 330]
           L4487Interview with Grace Warlimont and Kathleen Grimmett (sound recording). Interviewer: Beth M. Robertson. [SL:M OH 403]
           Q3537Interview with Halbert Warren Ingham. Date of recordings: 17 April 1990. Total length: 2 hours 20 minutes. Interviewer: Glenyss Steedman [SSL:M OH94]
           L0595Interview with Harold Jack Finniss. Interviewer: John Tregenza [SL:M OH 284]
           L6525Interview with Hedley Brideson. Interviewers: Beth M. Robertson and Ruth Starke [Sound Recording] [OH 478]
           Q4692Interview with Herbert Charles ['Bert'] Standish. Date of recordings: August - October 1990. Total length: 9 hours 40 minutes. Interviewer: Beth M. Robertson [SSL:M OH101]
           L0644Interview with Herbert Pym. Interviewer: Malcolm McKenzie [SL:M OH 222]
           Q4864Interview with J. Ralph and Mrs Tamblyn. Date of recordings: 9 May 1984. Total length: 1 hour. Interviewer: Hazel Henning [SSL:M OH107]
           L2312Interview with James Paull Smith, tram driver, soldier, fruit blocker [SL:M OH 230]
           Q5067Interview with Janet Lindsay Whitington, b.1919. Date of recordings: January 1990 (in progress) Total length: 11 hours 30 minutes (approx. to date) Interviewer: Victoria Whitington [SSL:M OH88]
           Q3427Interview with Janet Lindsay Whitington. Date of recording: January 1990 (in progress) Total length: 7 hours 30 minutes (approximately) Interviewer: Victoria Whitington [SSL:M OH88]
           L2125Interview with Jeffrey Langdon Parsons, former Honorary Consul-General of Japan [SL:M OH 232]
           L2052Interview with Joan Durdin, nurse educator [SL:M OH 234]
           L0179Interview with John Leckie (sound recording). Interviewer: Ian Turner [SL:M OH 380]
           L1891Interview with John Morley, station hand and property manager [SL:M OH 241]
           L2054Interview with Lewis Hugh McPhail, farmer and soldier [SL:M OH 192]
           L1952Interview with Lucia Taddeo, migrant [SL:M OH 237]
           Q4862Interview with Nelly Rowe. Date of recordings: 9 March 1989. Total length: 55 minutes. Interviewer: Roslyn Paterson [SSL:M OH115]
           L1757Interview with Pauline O'Halloran Giles, yogi [SL:M OH 245]
           Q3017Interview with Reginald Lindsay Chuck. Date of recordings: 17 August 1988. Total length: 20 minutes. Interviewer: Kalangadoo Primary School students. Documentation: Full transcript available. [OH38]
           L0059Interview with Reverend Roger Correll [SL:M OH 378]
           Q4851Interview with Robert Glen Coote. Date of recordings: 30 May & 14 November 1990. Total length: 4 hours (approx.) Interviewer: Kenneth Bremner [SSL:M OH114]
           L2377Interview with Ron Barklay, sailor, Secretary of Seamen's Union of Australia [SL:M OH 204]
           L0640Interview with Sir Mellis Napier. Interviewer: G.H. Walter [SL:M OH 220, formerly D 5124 (sound)]
           Q5167Interview with Stanley Holm Watson [Soldier, railway engineer, b.1887] Date of recordings: July - September 1979. Total length: 9 hours 52 minutes. Interviewer: Helen Raduntz [SSL:M OH125]
           Q3027Interview with Vera Bockmann. Date of recordings: July 1988. Total length: 43 minutes. Interviewer: Tanunda Primary School students. Documentation: Interview summary available. [OH35]
           L0627Interview with Vera Bowden. Interviewer: Susan Marsden [SL:M OH 271, formerly D 6012 (sound)]
           Q4865Interview with Walter C. Were. Date of recordings: 3 March 1982. Total length: 1 hour 45 minutes. Interviewer: Narelle Peterson and Frances Were [SSL:M O108]
           L2056Interview with Wilfred Grant Webster (airman; Section Manager, ICI Australia) [SL:M OH 233]
           Q4859Interview with Wilfred Liddy. Date of recordings: August 1990 (and continuing) Total length: 3 hours 50 minutes (to date) Interviewer: John Liddy [SSL:M OH100]
           Q5498Interview with William Clem Sampson [Dam builder, b.1893] Date of recordings: 22 June 1978. Total length: 7 hours 15 minutes. Interviewer: Ronald Sampson [SSL:M OH106 (formerly D6569)
           Q5063Interviews by E.M. (Betty) Fisher. Date of recordings: December 1990. Total length: 7 hours (approx.) Interviewer: Betty Fisher and David Fisher [SSL:M OH120]
           L0633Interviews concerning Adelaide High School. Interviewer: John Wood [SL:M OH 112, formerly D 6617)]
           L1756Interviews concerning mental illness [SL:M OH 243]
           L0145Interviews concerning native vegetation in semi-arid South Australia, 1980-1985: summary record (sound recording). Interviewer: Merle Piggott [SL:M OH 334]
           Q5064Interviews concerning Parndana Soldier Settlement Scheme (and other areas of Kangaroo Island) Date of recordings: c.1977. Total length: 6 hours (approx.) Interviewer: Jean Woolley and Janice Kelly [SSL:M OH119]
           Q4197Interviews concerning the Dominican Convent School, Franklin Street. Date of recordings: July 1990 (and continuing) Total length: 2 hours 25 minutes (approx.) Interviewer: Helen Northey [SSL:M OH97]
           L5124Interviews Concerning The Unitarian Children's Library (sound recording) Interviewer: Juliana Bayfield. [OH 405]
           L4751Interviews concerning the Unitarian Children's Library: summary record (sound recording). Interviewer: Juliana Bayfield [OH 405]
           L2646Interviews with Helen E. Grimwood, Orphan, migrant [SL:M OH 199]
           L0180Interviews with old Territorians: summary record (sound recording). Interviewer: Catherine Slessor [SL:M OH 382]
           L5544Interviews with South Australian Concert Musicians (sound recording) Interviewer: Karl Schenscher [OH 423]
           L2379Interviews with the Cleland sisters [SL:M OH 202]
           P1202Introducing Kapunda, 1842-1970
           L1501Introducing the Kelly clein
           L6161Investigator Strait: Maritime Heritage Trail
           T0913Investment in human capital by education in South Australia, 1910-1968
           L5013Irish Enough for Sure: the descendants of the Reverend John and Ellen Armstrong
           M0244Irish origins: a family settlement in Australia
           L5902Irrepressible Irene: the journals of Irene Pech from Appila, Beginning in 1928 when She Was 13 years Old and including stories of Her Adult life
           C1468Islam in Australia, 1863-1932
           C2395Islands of South Australia [C.216] [SSL:M D.4045]
           L6304Issineseme Tik Ilgesi [Baltutis family; Text in Lithuanian]
           L0528It all began at Wadnama: addendum 1994 [Plew]
           L1519It all began at Wadnama: the family of John and Mary Plew, 1824-1984
           L5440It all Began in Devon, England: family history of John & Jane Robins & descendants 1848-1997
           Q4728It all takes time when looking back
           U2132Italian women in Australia from the 1870s to 1930s: from invisibility to motherhood
           L2499Italians and Australians in the writings of Guy Boothby and A.G. Hales
           C0252Italians and Germans in Australia
           Q5495Italo-Australian women in South Australia. Date of recordings: 1990-1991 (continuing) Total length: 16 hours 25 minutes (to date) Interviewer: Marina Berton and Caterina Andreacchio [SSL:M OH90]
           J0206Italo-Australian Women in South Australia. Date of recordings: 1990-91 (continuing) Total length: 18 hours 25 minutes (to date) Interviewer: Marina Berton & Caterina Andreacchio [SSL:M OH90]
           U1588It's just not cricket: the making of the Australian cricket crowd, 1877-1979
           L5775Ivy: a remarkable woman
           N5007J. G. Muster family history 1859-1979
           Q2231J. Gottfried Schilling: persecution, peace, pioneering, 1838-1988; the history and family tree of Johann Gottfried and Anna Rosina Schilling and their descendants
           Q5687Jabuk on the Range
           L6568Jack Fewster (1893-1949): a search for the man and his work
           L2401James and Janet, the Milnes of 'Appila West'
           C4930James Brown Memorial Trust Incorporated: "A great boon to suffering humanity"; a publication to commemorate the eighty-seventh anniversary of the Trust, formed 13th November, 1892
           L3762James Cant & Dora Chapman
           L1602James Jefferis: prophet of Federation
           J1358Jamestown butcher's shop is State's oldest [1878]
           Q0175Jamestown High School 75th anniversary, 1910-1985
           J1414Jamestown's walls of fame
           F0502Jauncey, L. C. 1899-1959, Economist and Author. ADB9
           L1102Jeanes' genes: a newsletter for descendants and relatives of Isaac Jeanes, who arrived in the colony from Timsbury, Somerset in 1856
           C1721'Jewish settlers in Australia, 1788-1961'
           C1458Jews in South Australia, 1836-1936
           L5895Jim and Annie on the Overland Telegraph [James O'brien, Chapple]
           L4073Jim Robb
           U1736Joanne Priest: her place in Adelaide's dance history
           C4164Johann Carl Friedrich Schiller, Caroline Henriette nee Fichtner and descendants: 125 years in Australia 1855-1980
           L5795Johann Carl Gottlieb Reinke and his wife, Maria Friederica Johanna Radder. prepared for the Reinke Family Reunion, held at Rosedale, South Australia on 25th May 1997
           L6830Johann Christian Hentschke; his life and descendants; a history of the family's foundation in Australia
           C3699Johann Christian Kubank and Johann Gottlieb Kubenk: a history and family tree 1815-1981
           N2637Johann Friedrich Mattiske and Anna Maria nee Blache and descendants
           B0804Johann Friedrich Miller: an historical and genealogical record [Adams, Adcock, Behrend, Hornibrook, Nuske, Schorback, Semlin, Smith, Sudholz]
           L3837Johann Gottlieb Rochow: a history and record of his life and descendants 1851-1971
           Q2888Johann Wilhelm Wilksch family tree: 150 years in Australia, 1839-1989
           B1185John C. Goodchild, 1898-1980: his life & art
           B1558John Diment Bagg and his descendants
           L2025John Henry Norton: bishop of railways
           L4013John Kauffmann: art photographer
           C2013John McDouall Stuart
           D1569John Ramsay, 1811-1867
           N4643John Shaw Neilson [Poetry, biography, South-East]
           Q5610John Street, Salisbury: a pictorial history
           N3298John Walker's Village: a history of Walkerville
           L0689John, J. Gottlieb and M. Rosine, their descendants 1845-1986
           F0509Johnston, T. H. 1881-1951, Biologist and Parasitologist. ADB9
           D1495Journal of a life of many moves. Translated by L. Liszewske, ed. by O. Homann
           C0620Journal souvenir of public electricity supply in South Australia, 1899 - 1949
           J0830Journal written for the Multicultural Women's Journal Group entitled 'Snapshot ... of the life of Janet Rowland'
           B1155Joy and sorrow interwoven: an autobiography
           L2542Jozef Johan Rosenboom: his ancestors and his descendants c. 1567-1992
           B1548Jubilee 150 news bulletin. - No.1 (Sept. 1982)-
           Q5585Jubilee celebrations
           E0426Jubilee celebrations 1895-1945
           D1999Jubilee celebrations of the consecration of the Lodge on the 12th November 1919
           N6851Jubilee celebrations, 10-13 October 1928. Souvenir programme
           L0219Jubilee celebrations, 1919-1969, Saturday, Sunday November 22 & 23 1969
           R0016Jubilee history of the Kindergarten Union of South Australia, 1905 - 1955. by A. Burgess and others
           B1547Jubilee jottings: news from the Community Service Organisations Committee. - Nov. 1982-
           E0444Jubilee of the Medical School of South Australia, 1885-1935
           S1273'Jubilee of the Willunga Railway'
           C1075Jubilee souvenir of public electricity supply in South Australia
           N3483Jubilee souvenir record, 1922-1972
           C4626Jubilee souvenir, Flinders Football League, 1912-1961
           C2306Jubilee Thanksgiving Memorial, 1886-1936
           C0504Jubilee without jubilation: fifty years of tax burdens and public debts
           P0500Jubilee year, 1940: a record of fifty years progress, 1890-1940
           D1573Jubilee, 1880-1930
           C0041Jubilee, 1883-1933 [St. Peters, Anglican]
           N5086Jubilee, 1923-1973
           N3584Jubilee, November 1933
           T0082Julian Rossi Ashton [1851-1942] as art politician
           U0068Junior secondary Science in South Australia, 1908-1970
           B1129Just a split second
           S0090'Kabbarli of desert places' [Daisy Bates]
           N4263Kabbarli; a personal memoir of Daisy Bates
           S0456Kadina Memorial High School 1924-1974
           Z0029Kadina: 1872-1972
           Q2233Kaesler chronicles: the story and family record of Gottfried and Christiane Kaesler and their descendants, 1845-1988. Genealogy compiled by the late Dulcie Koithan and Delphine Kaesler
           L0695Kaiser Stuhl, the Growers' Winery: a history of the Barossa Co-operative Winery Limited, 1931-1982
           L1408Kalangadoo Primary School
           N7356Kalkabury became Arthurton
           N5846Kangarilla historical records: a tribute to the early pioneers
           N6279Kangarilla Primary School history
           L4294Kangaroo Island
           Q5512Kangaroo Island heritage survey
           S0192Kangaroo Island shipwrecks
           N0882Kangaroo Island South Australia, cradle of a colony: the earliest history and legends of Ultima Thule, the island at the end of the world
           C2298Kangaroo Island. its progress and prospects
           L4295Kangaroo Island: 160 years of settlement
           L6299Kangaroo Island: a brief Chronological history, Pre 1800-1997
           J0042Kaniva circle centenary 1889-1989
           N6905Kapunda Hospital centenary, 1877-1977
           N5284Kapunda Model School, Primary School, 1878-1978: centenary magazine
           Q5223Karoonda Area School and schools of the district: 75 years of schools, 50 years of the Area School
           Q5670Karoonda East Murray: a history to 1986
           B1549Keain - Keane, O'Halloran - Kennedy: some family history notes
           L0635Keith Community Library's AMP Women's History Project. Interviewers: Carolyn Bullen, Adair Dunsford, Michael Eckert, Jill Milne, Ro Ross, Lynette Staude and Mary Stubing-Mugg[SL:M OH 189]
           L1457Kelly Clein family tree 1838-1988
           P1048Kelly's first fifty: a history of the Katinga - Kelly Cricket Club 1934 to 1984
           Q5511Kensington and Norwood heritage survey
           N0325Ketch hand: life aboard the little ships of the South Australian gulfs
           B2167Ketches of South Australia (a record of small sailing ships on the coast of South Australia 1836-1970)
           Q5621Keyneton 1839-1980
           Q5630Kidman Park and local areas 1836-1986
           F0522Kidman, Sir S. 1857-1935, Pastoralist. ADB9
           L6848Kidman's Legacy: Kapunda High School; a history
           N0982Kilburn Primary School, 1914-1979
           N7263Killing me softly [the destruction of a heritage]
           C5019Kimba CWA 1931-1981 golden jubilee
           T5839Kindergarten and community: the work of the Kindergarten Union of South Australia
           C0370King O'Malley
           C3548King O'Malley, 'The American Bounder' [A.L.P., biography]
           L6617Kingoonya: a way of life; the history of the Kingoonya Township and District
           D2141Kingston flashbacks part 1
           N3412Kingston flashbacks: centenary of District Council of Lacepede, 1873-1973. Part 2
           J1278Kith and Kin [Family History]
           D2156Koolunga centenary 1869-1969. Souvenir brochure
           N0161Koolunga centenary 1869-1969: souvenir brochure
           P0057Koolunga Post Office centenary
           N6916Koolunga School, 1877-1977
           N0617Koongawa and Cootra Districts jubilee, 1929-1979
           C1143Koonibba jubilee booklet, 1901-1926
           L1775Kooyonga, 1923-1983: the story of a golf club
           Q3539Koster Neighbourhood Centre oral history of Trinity Gardens. Date of recordings: March, April 1990 (in progress) Total length: 1 hour 30 minutes (approximately) Interviewer: Paul Moffat [SSL:M OH92]
           Q3953Koster Neighbourhood Centre's oral history of Trinity Gardens. Date of recordings: From March 1990 (in progress) Tota length: 4 hours 30 minutes (approx.) Interviewer: Paul Moffitt [SSL:M OH92]
           Q1320Kratka Biografija Dragoljuba Draze Mihailovica [1843-1946]
           B0336Kreig history, 1847-1971 [family]
           L4523Krieg family history 1847-1997
           B0340Krieg history, 1971-1981
           B1015Kruger jars 'n' fencing wire: stories about the Barossa Germans, the Barossa Aborigines and local characters. Drawings by G. Kraft
           D2301Kuchel, 1838-1970
           A0044Kulpara and Yankalilla centenaries
           C4146Kunga Tuko: a history of Kanmantoo
           C4642Kybunga Primary School 1881-1981
           Q5673Kybybolite, a pictorial history
           L3506Kyre College
           C0533Labor's thirty years' record in South Australia
           R0052'Labour conquers all'; Norwood School 1877-1977
           F0527Lade, F. 1868-1948, Clergyman. ADB9
           Q4895Ladies of the province: some notable Unley women born in the 19th century
           P1148Ladies please bring a plate
           M0419Lameroo, South Australia: telephone history
           Q1707'Land and housing provision'. Pp 166-186 in K. Sheridan [ed.] 'The state as developer ...'
           T8114Land and people: European land settlement in the South-East of South Australia, 1840-1940
           D0633Land and wages: the economic effect of land values on labour and wages [Single tax]
           L3138Land development control and the South Australian Supreme Court
           N6935Land of contrasts. Recollections
           C0657Land of mirage: the story of men, cattle and camels on the Birdsville Track
           U2149Land of promise
           C2300Land of promise: the story of the Pinnaroo Country
           C1947Land settlement in the state of South Australia
           Q3009Land subdivision map of the Black Forest Extension Estate (Glandore). 1 item. [SSL:M C935]
           C1172Land use and farm management in ... Kuitpo, South Australia
           C2312Land utilization in Australia
           L0678Langbein family history 1811 to 1994
           P0898Langmeil Kirchen-Chor souvenir, 1885-1935
           Q3727Largs Bay Centenary booklet 1882-1982
           B1350Largs Bay centenary booklet 1882-1982; contains Centenary Programme
           N2969Largs Bay Primary School 50th anniversary, 1924-1974
           Q3745Largs Bay School: history 1919-1983
           B1188Largs Bay School: history, 1919-1983
           Q3593Largs Bay Uniting Church 1900-1988. A brief history
           C4970Lasseter did not lie
           L6334Laudate Dominum: Music at Adelaide's Catholic Cathedral 1845-1995
           S0712Laura days: a peep at the bygone
           B1351Law on North Terrace 1883-1983
           L5996Law Society of South Australia Legal Assistance Scheme 1933-1972: an Oral history (Sound Recording) interviewer: Rob Linn [OH 455]
           Q1772Lawmakers and Wayward Whigs; law and justice in South Australia
           U2153Lawn bowls, the sport of gentlemen: a history of the Adelaide Bowling Club 1897-1995
           L6062Lawn Bowls: the Sport of Gentlemen; a Centenary history of the Adelaide Bowling Club
           E0459Le Fevre Model School [1878-1978?]
           B1681Le Hunte Football League, 1918-1982 [Thevenard?]
           B0525Lead with a watchful eye: the Silver Jubilee of guide dogs in Australia
           N5480Lean times and lively days: Hahndorf Primary School 1879-1979
           Q1793Learning and other things; sources for a social history of South Australian education
           T8095Learning to be a nurse, 1879-1920: early steps in the professionalisation of nursing in South Australia
           C1791'Lecture on the River Murray'
           A0182Legislation and the settlement pattern: some differences between Victoria and South Australia
           B1352Leslie (Alvie) clan newsletter. - No.1 (March 1976) -
           L1971Letter written by George Moore to David Easson on the betrothal of his son George to Grace Easson [SL:M D 8022 (L)]
           L0417Letters from Axel
           J0818Letters, notes and photographs of the family of Frederick Slaney Poole
           T0548Liberalism and Liberal organization in South Australia, 1890-1938
           L0999Liebelt 1986: an update of the Liebelt family history published in 1975
           Q5545Life around the Light: a history of the Mallala District Council Area
           C1787Life as I see it
           L0065Life at Koonibba Mission: summary record (sound recording). Interviewers: Sue Anderson and Jodie Coleman [SL:M OH 142]
           E0262Life of Mother Mary [MacKillop], foundress of the Sisterhood of Saint Joseph of the Sacred Heart
           X0363Life of Mother Mary of the Cross, 1842-1909; foundress of the Australian Sisters of St. Joseph [McKillop, MacKillop]
           L1383Life on Swan Reach Mission, 1925-1956: summary record (sound recording) [SL:M OH 358]
           L4404Life on Swan Reach mission, 1925-1956: summary record (sound recording). Interviewers: Sue Anderson, Carolyn Blanks and Rhondda Harriss. [SL:M 358]
           Q5662Life on the range: historical notes and reminiscences of the Avenue Range district
           D1071Light Pass [Immanuel] Parish centenary 1863-1963 [Lutheran]
           Q5659Light Pass revisited: a history of people, places and events at Light Pass, South Australia
           L6077Lighthouses of South Australia
           L0751Like pieces of gold: a story of women's contribution to water services in South Australia
           L2591Links with the past: a history of golf at Glenelg
           Q3030List of burials at Houghton cemetery compiled by M. D. Jaunay. [SSL:M D6714 (T)]
           C2371List of Colonial and State Governors: RN 22; Governors' Private Secretaries; RN 501; Vice-Regal family marriages: RN 489; Colonial and other flags and emblems: RN 599 [SSL:M]
           A0018List of diaries, journals and reminiscences of people voyaging to South Australia from Britain during the nineteenth century [from holdings in SAA, index]
           L3167Lithgow letters
           L5924Little Para Pilgrims: a history of the Primitive Methodist, Wesleyan and Methodist Churches in Salisbury, South Australia
           Q1895Living in South Australia: a social history. Vol 1: Before 1836 to 1914. Vol 2: After 1914
           U2170Living the truth: the Dominican Sisters in South Australia 1868-1958
           B0966Lobethal (Valley of Praise): a report of a joint research project by the School of Architecture, South Australian Institute of Technology and the Department of Geography, Adelaide College of the Arts and Education, for South Australian Department of Environment and Planning
           Q5537Lobethal, "Valley of Praise" : a heritage survey carried out for the South Australian Department of Environment and Planning
           L4982Lobethal-Woodside Presbyterian Church: Souvenir history, 1846-1936
           U0216Local government and community in South Australia
           B2379Lock and districts: an illustrated history. 70 years of agriculture, the settlers and their lives, 1914-1984
           P0531Lock Uniting Church [Formerly Methodist], 1934-1984
           N0170Lockleys Primary School, 1916-1976
           L0312London to Morton Grange: the story of the descendants of William Hassam of Woodchester
           Q1806Long division; state schooling in South Australian society
           P0174Looking back to the days of talk and chalk
           Q4474Looking back: a collection of reminiscences
           Q4473Looking back: a collection of reminiscences
           P0013Looking back: a history of Iron Knob [Whyalla]
           Q1121Loreto Convent: Marryatville, South Australia, 1905-1975
           B1777Lost Adelaide: a photographic record
           L5455Love and Freedom: Professional Women and the Reshaping of Personal life
           X0087Loveday School Golden jubilee, 1973; a keepsake history
           C4530Lower Inman Congregational Church: 75th anniversary and memorial service, 28th November 1976
           M0430Lower Inman Congregational Church: 75th anniversary and memorial service, November 1976
           D2376Lower Inman, past and present
           L1696Lower Mitcham Uniting Church
           Q5588Loxton Centenary Week
           B0860Loxton: the first 75 years, 1907-1982
           N1392Lucindale Area School centenary, 1880-1980
           C0575Lucindale's story
           L2169Lucy and Everard families in South Australia
           L3410Lured from their native land [Read]
           S0098'Lutheran centenary: Palmer, South Australia'
           N0648Lutheran Church, Bethany. Service of praise October 21st 1979, to acknowledge the 50th year since dedication of the pipe organ, October 20th 1929
           L0636Lyceum Club Adelaide Oral History: Interviewer: Yvonne Abbott and others [SRG 438/29]
           N5026Lyndoch Baptist Church centenary 1859-1959: report of Church's 100 years of history
           L1413Lyrup Village: a century of association 1894-1994
           L5770M.T.T. Employees (Traffic), 1909-1974 [Microform]
           Q4582Maaike's memoirs, 1912-1982
           B0566Macclesfield Catholic picnic 1883-1983
           Q5093Macclesfield Jubilee 1840-1990: families old and new
           Q2431MacDermott House. Saint Peter's College, Saint Peters South Australia: Golden jubilee, 1937-1987
           N7405Magill sketchbook. Drawings by M. McLaren
           J0911Magpie Creek Junction, history of Brinkworth and District to commemorate the centenary of the Brinkworth Township 1892-1992
           L3211Magpie Creek Junction: history of Brinkworth and District to commemorate the centenary of the Brinkworth township 1892-1992
           Q5682Magpie flyover: an impression of the Tatiara
           C0764Mail Branch history
           J1386'Mainly a question of motherhood'': professional advice-giving and infant welfare
           U2179Maintaining the ethos: ritual, symbol and acculturation in Catholic schools: a situational analysis
           L6210Makers of 20th Century Modern Architecture: a Bio-Critical Sourcebook
           T6309Making good Australians : the work of three South Australian educators [A. Williams, B. Roach, G.C. Henderson]
           N2778Mallala Methodist Church centenary, 1874-1974
           N6476Mallee fowl. Centenary edition 1876-1976
           D0022Mallee memories: some folk history of Beulah and District
           D2199Mallyon, 1850-1933: a sketchbook of early Church architecture in the Mid-North of South Australia
           N4327Malvern Methodism 1890-1940. Some thoughts concerning the Methodist Church at Malvern, South Australia
           N7008Man and his environment. A study of the development of the Reynella community
           T0523Managerial politics; the Young Liberal Movement and the Liberal and Country League [LCL], 1929-1970
           Q4730Manning's place names of South Australia
           Q2101Mannum Baptist Church, 1888-1988
           D0220Mannum yesterday
           N4526Mannum: the Church of Saint Andrew Apostle and Martyr, 1910-1960. Jubilee celebrations
           Q4834Manuscript entitled "An History of the Press in South Australia" by L.S. Marquis [SSL:M D7088 (Lit Ms)]
           J0204Manuscript of "The Paths of Life" by Albert E. Watts under the pseudonym Burt West, in six chapters covering his childhood, the war years, experiences in the Middle East, emigration to Australia and work as maintenance superintendent on the Sydney Opera House [SSL:M D 8011 (Lit Ms)
           Q3028Manuscript on the "Cultivation of lemons and oranges in Italy" partly translated from an essay by the Brothers Cassalla. [SSL:M D6713 (Lit Ms)]
           L2295Manuscript written by E.W. Harrison of the life of Edward J. Eyre [SL:M D 7182 (T)]
           J0803Manuscripts written by Nancy McKinnon (formerly Whittaker and Parrott): 'Harry His Story' is the story of her husband Revd Harry Parrott, 1908-1956; 'The Roots from which we have sprung' is a family history; and 'Scraps of History' was a journal written for the Multicultural Women's Journal Group' in 1993
           L4724Many a good day had
           Q5635Marananga, our history and heritage
           L4438Marble Hill, South Australia: the story of South Australia's vice-regal summer residence
           Q1431Marble Hill: South Australian Vice-Regal Summer Residence, 1879-1955
           C1310Marginal lands
           Q5678Marrabel and district: the legend of Curio
           B1696Marree and the tracks beyond in black and white: commemorating the centenary of Marree 1883-1983
           B1557Marree: a historical perspective; Marree centenary, proclaimed 20th December 1883, celebrated 1st-4th September 1983
           Q1743'Marriage and divorce'. Pp 312-332 in E. Richards [ed.] 'The Flinders history of South Australia; social history'
           Q1755Marriage in Australia
           L3248Marryatville Bowling Club Incorporated: golden jubilee year 1960 - 1961
           J0982Marryatville Bowling Club Incorporated: golden jubilee year 1960-1961
           L0807Marshalling the Marschalls: commemorating 140 years in Australia, 1854-1994
           Q2103Martin and Anna Kuhlmann (nee Modra) and their Van der Loost families, 1800-1988
           B2078Mary Ann and John Morgan, Burra 1855-1983
           L0467Mary MacKillop Women: what are they doing now?
           B0050Mary MacKillop: a woman before her time [McKillop]
           B1698Mary MacKillop: spirituality and charisms
           L5450Mary Martin: a Double life; Australia - India 1915-1973
           N3938Masons, millers and medicine: James Crabb Verco and his sons
           L1594Mawson's Antarctic Diaries, and 'Remembering Sir Douglas Mawson' [sound recording: a five-part radio series
           L3491Mayfield family tree
           Q3730Mayor's Reports
           B2002McCabe family centenary 1878-1978: celebrated on 14th May 1978
           L5909Mcelroy: Pioneer family of the South-East and their descendants 1847-1997
           L4440McEwins in the antipodes
           N3862McLaren Vale Primary School centenary, 1876-1976
           Q2615McLaren Vale Uniting Church, 1858-1988
           L3384McLaren, Woolcock, McKerlie: Fifth Creek, Sixth Creek, Montacute
           L2179Meadows township & surrounds; green hills, Kuitpo, Prospect Hill, Blackfellows Creek
           C4578Measuring instruments: tools of knowledge and control [History of Science]
           E0150Medical School Jubilee celebration; 1885-1935
           L1513Meechi marrowbones: 150 years of humour and history in the Bremer Valley; the Scots of the Bremer
           Q4108Meechi Marrowbones: 150 years of humour and history in the Bremer Valley; the Scots of Bremer
           L0985Meet the cousins
           L4452Meet the Minges in Australia
           L0244Meet the Minges in Australia
           L4116Meier family: recollections
           Q2617Melrose Country Women's Association; 50 years of history
           N1585Melrose Primary School centenary celebrations, October 19-21, 1979
           J1284Memoirs (concluded)
           J1276Memoirs (cont.)
           J1281Memoirs (cont.)
           P0901Memoirs of 71 years spent on the West Coast in the district of Denial and Murat Bays, of South Australia, 1893-1964 [SSL:M D4895 (1)]
           N4317Memoirs of an abominable showman
           N0046Memoirs of Mrs R. S. Casely, 1839-1916
           L6310Memoirs of the Mutual Thoughts [Text in Ukrainian]
           Q1464Memoirs of the Peep Hill Public School, 1883-1939
           B0504Memorabilia of the Revd. William Longbottom and descendants in Australia
           Q3088Memorabilia of Ungarra School, 1914-1989
           C1256Memorial to Daisy Bates
           Q3600Memorials in South Australia 1802-1920 - an interim list. February 1988
           P1227Memories in stone: a collection of plaques recording historic events and people of South Australia
           C0828Memories of a long life
           L1502Memories of a past era in radio, or 'Born with a valve in my hand'
           F0013Memories of my life [SSL:M D6446(1)]
           L1686Memories of Steepe Cottage [Forde]
           Q5624Memories of Wyanna
           Q5095Memories of yesterday
           L4500Memory's open door
           Q5684Men of metal: a chronicle of the metal casting industry in South Australia, 1836-1986
           D2251Men of the Honey Bee
           Q2000Men of the mines
           N3095Men of the Murray: a surveyor's story
           L2399Mephan Ferguson: a biography
           Q1834Merrindie: a family's farm
           N3127Methodism in the Clare District
           N2049Methodism in Unley, 1849-1977
           C1279Methodist index, 1836-1938 [References to the Bible Christian, Methodist New Connexion, Primitive Methodist, United Methodist, Free Wesleyan Methodist and Methodist Churches
           C1991'Metropolitan water supply'
           L1097Middleton memoirs: a history of the family of Joseph and Elizabeth Middleton, arrived in South Australia on the "Buffalo", December 28 1836
           L2091Migrant sailing ships from Hamburg
           L1596Migration to South Australia: using primary sources
           L1335Mildren family history: a history of the Mildren and associated families in Cornwall and Australia
           L0570Miles Apart: the history of a Haskard family
           C2427Milestones of motoring: forty-three years of service to motorists
           N4742Millicent centenary souvenir: 100 years of progress, 1870-1970
           N6366Mindful militants: the Amalgamated Engineering Union in Australia, 1920-1972
           C4810Minerawuta: Ram Paddock Gate; an historic Adnjamathanha settlement in the Flinders Ranges, South Australia
           C4341Mines in Burnside: their historical significance: recommendations for their preservation. Illustrated by S. Cotton
           B0570Mining in South Australia: a pictorial history
           C2377Mining: RN 15, 218, 226, 469, 575 [SSL:M]
           L1422Mintaro from the 1850s: Millers and their contemporaries
           N3503Mintaro Primary School centenary, 1872-1972
           N0200Mintaro Primary School centenary, 1872-1972
           L3654Minute book [of the] Encounter Bay Board of Advice
           L4606Minute books 1933-1959 and 1959-1966, and newspaper clipping, 1970 [SRG 577]
           L1549Minute books, tournament records and photographs of the Glenelg Croquet Club [SL:M SRG 505]
           L1442Miscellaneous certificates
           L1022Miscellaneous certificates
           L2194Miscellaneous certificates
           L1936Miscellaneous certificates
           L2274Miscellaneous certificates
           L0102Miscellaneous letters and documents relating to Captain Charles Harvey Bagot and to the Bagot family, comprising notes and extracts of general family genealogical interest together with commissions agreements, Letters Patent relating to Capt. C.H. Bagot's brothers and sisters, copies of printed death and obituary notices of Mrs M.M. Slack, nee Bagot, copies of three poems in manuscript, letters to Capt. Bagot from cousins and business associates, bills of lading, and literary manuscript 'The Heart Stone' by an elderly Bagot lady [SL:M PRG 1084]
           Q4622Miscellaneous publications
           C1908Miss Kate Cocks, her life and work
           D1834Missioning the Murray: a graphic story of the soldier settlements
           L1423Mitcham [Adelaide] Burial Register [microform]
           L1430Mitcham [Adelaide] Burial Register [microform]
           L1424Mitcham [Adelaide] Cemetery Inscriptions [microform]
           P1119Mitcham Methodist Ladies Guild 50th birthday: Golden Jubilee 1973; a short history of the Guild over the past 50 years
           L5867Mitcham School 150 years of history: 1847-1997
           N7408Modbury Primary School centenary, 1877-1977
           L3520Model Trust Deed for churches, parsonages &c Vesting in Synod
           Q1465Monarto 1847-1986
           Q5541Montacute Centenary of ... First Hundred Years 1846-1946
           C0523Montacute, South Australia: the first hundred years
           Q5653Montana 1882-1982
           L1425Monumental Inscriptions of West Terrace Cemetery. Transcribed by the South Australian Genealogy and Heraldry Society during 1978-1979, microfilmed by D. Boundy [microform]
           L1426Moonta Cemetery Inscriptions [microform]
           N0206Moonta Cooper centenary, 1861-1961 [Mining]
           N3790Moonta Methodist Church centenary celebrations, August 1974
           Q5503Moonta Mines Conservation Area interpretive concept plan
           Q5504Moonta Mines State Heritage Area draft management plan
           N3139Moonta, Wallaroo, Kadina sketchbook. Drawings by A. Phillips
           N0018Moonta: official souvenir to commemorate the 'Back to Moonta' celebrations, September 14-18, 1927
           L0200Moorook Primary School: centenary souvenir, 1894-1994; a keepsake for past and present students
           B0304Moorook: bend in the river
           L0830More ends: something of a history of Edward Giles of Walton-on-Thames, England, and South Australia gathered by his distant cousin, Paul Giles
           T5863More sinned against than sinning: prostitution in South Australia, 1836-1914
           A0087More sinned against than sinning? Prostitution in S.A., 1836-1914 [summary of unpublished paper to conference at Flinders University, October 4 1980
           N0366Morgan centenary, 1878-1978
           Q1442Morgan Heritage Study, working paper 1: summary of history
           Q1443Morgan Heritage Study, working paper 2: Morgan Heritage Area, Section A: the railway and wharf reserve
           L0525Morgan: a local history [kit]
           L0587Morialta: fire in the mist
           Q2242Mornington: a gentleman's residence
           C4535Morphett Vale Primary School, 1879-1979
           M0434Morphett Vale Primary School, 1879-1979
           N0482Mothers and Babies Health Association [M.B.H.A.]: 1909-1979
           C1427Mothers' and Babies' Health Association of South Australia. Jubilee: the first fifty years
           A0145Motor registration records in South Australia, 1906-1934
           Q5506Mound Springs heritage survey data sheets for European settlement assessment of South Australian mound springs
           Q5518Mount Barker district heritage survey: stage 1
           L4297Mount Barker Mill
           Z0274Mount Barker Primary School 1877-1977
           N6733Mount Barker Primary School, 1877-1977
           Q5631Mount Benson: a history of the Mount Benson district
           C4444Mount Burr Sawmill jubilee, 1931-1981
           Q5509Mount Gambier - National Estate study
           L6351Mount Gambier and District: Moving Memories 1920s-1980s [Videorecording]
           N5823Mount Gambier District pictorial, 1854-1947
           C4925Mount Gambier Institute history: 1862-1980
           N3142Mount Gambier on the move [1856-1936]
           U0447Mount Gambier: primacy in the Lower South-East. A functional analysis
           L0788Mount Magnificent Farm, 1867-1990
           N4527Mount Pleasant: the Church of Saint John the Evangelist, 1860-1960. Centenary celebrations
           A0077Mount Torrens Cemetery transcriptions
           N4528Mount Torrens: the Church of Saint George the Martyr, 1860-1960. Centenary celebrations
           J0382Mr. Hicken's pears
           C1755Mrs David Randall's reminiscences
           J1335Mrs Norton and Grassy Flat school: did she fall or was she pushed?
           C1292Mrs. Mahony's scrap-book
           L0914Mt Gunson: memoirs of a mining community
           C5030Mt. Bryan School, 1881-1981
           Q5571Mt. Gunson: memoirs of a mining community
           L2606Mud and man: a history of earth buildings in Australasia
           L1115Muddy Waters: proceedings of the first conference on the submerged and terrestrial archaeology of historic shipping on the River Murray, Echuca, September 21-23 1992
           N2774Muirden, William 1872-1940, School proprietor ADB Vol. 10
           S0664Mundoora centenary 1874-1974
           N3155Mundoora centenary, 1874-1974
           N1796Munno Para: a brief history
           L0247Murdoch Hill Methodist Church 1866-1966 centenary 17th and 18th September 1966
           L0921Murdock family tree
           N1345Murray Bridge, South Australia, 1924-1974: a royal jubilee souvenir publication compiled by Corporation and Historical Society to mark 50 years as a municipality
           L3361Murray Bridge-Mobilong Jubilee Carnival: souvenir programme and guide book
           C1461Murray pioneers: South Australia, 1839-1964
           C2384Murray River shipping: RN 23, 31, 71, 74A, 243, 244, 457, 463, 491, 503, 522, 542, 583; the Bedford Ms at D 4078; the Tolley articles at D 3804; Coastal shipping: RN 86, 88, 298, 318, 474, 602; Overseas shipping: RN 56, 93, 119, 124, 295, 322, 488; Harbour development: 1069 [SSL:M]
           B0873Muscle and pluck forever! The South Australian Fire Services, 1840-1982
           J1326Museum and B & B in restored apothecary
           U0019Music in State-supported schooling in South Australia, 1836-1956
           C4414Musing and amusing: articles, essays, stories and poems by members of the South Australian Country Women's Association which appeared originally in various publications of the Association between 1936 and 1978, with illustrations made in 1981 by members of the Association
           L1777My father's house: the Bryson story of life on four continents
           L0718My father's house: the Bryson story of life on four continents
           B1834My grandfather's horses. Photography by R. McFarlane
           L6262My Grandmother Was a Mann
           Q3758My life amongst the ketches as a shipwright 1912 to 1963
           A0671My life and work [Autobiography, ALP]
           C2183My life story
           N3138My life story with experiences
           Q2893My memories of life and family from the time I can remember: about 1906 to 1988
           Q1056My mother said. An anecdotal history concerning South Australia from 1838 to 1910
           C0460My reminiscences of the early days [SSL:M 1291: A draft]
           L0692My schoolday memoirs
           Q1943My several lives: China, geriatrics and gardens; the story of a South Australian doctor [C.J. Davenport, E.J. Stuckey, K. Hetzell]
           L1943My story
           L2493My three-score years and ten [parts 1-3]
           Q3726My yesteryear in Port Adelaide
           B0908Myponga: Bible Christian - Methodist - Uniting, 1883-1983
           Q1949Myself and Michael Innes: a memoir
           M0015Nanna's memoirs
           N7261Naracoorte Golf Club 1928-1978. A history
           M0440Naracoorte Hospital, 1881-1981: the story of the first hundred years
           Q5542Narridy Centenary: souvenir brochure 1871-1971
           L2020Narrow gauge memories: the locomotives
           L3821Nash family tree
           D0739Nautical School ships in Australia, 1850-1920 [Reformatory, Industrial Schools]
           A0074Nazi stratagems and their effects on Germans in Australia to 1945
           P0912Neales Flat, St Stephen's Lutheran Church hundredth anniversary, 1874-1974
           U0249'Need, not creed': a history of the Adelaide Central Methodist Mission, 1900-1952
           U2218Need, not creed: a history of the Adelaide Central Methodist Mission 1900-1952
           Q3863Needles & pins: South Australian embroidery and needlework 1864-1988
           L0493Neill Malcolm XIII Laird b. 1797 d. 1857, John Malcolm XIV Laird b. 1805 d. 1893 of Poltalloch
           Q5668Nesfield: a brief history
           Q1833Never a dull moment: a story of infant and junior primary schools of South Australia
           J1143Never favoured and now forgotten: a tribute to a 'good Labor man' [F. Ward]
           L1491New beginnings of Robert Fox
           C0003New lives for old: prison work of Mrs E. B. Turner
           B0240New rainbow - down the years: tales of twentieth century Walkerville
           C2419Newspaper cuttings [two volumes] on South Australian Churches: SSL:M 853. Card index to newspaper references to the Churches [Buildings, furnishings, openings, foundation stones and oddments of early Church history]. Baptist Church: A 700; Church of England: RN, 193, 470. Mohammedans [Mahometans]: RN 615; Society of Friends: RN 49 [SAA]
           L6421Ngadjuri Oral Histories [Sound Recording] Interviewers: Sue Anderson and Fred Warrior [OH 482]
           Q5529Ngaiawang Folk Province. Preliminary inventory of the cultural landscape
           L0809Nicholas and Esther Williamson: the tree of descendants ...
           J1169Nineteenth-century Adelaide in a global context
           C4948Ninetieth jubilee of the Evangelical Lutheran St Peter's Church, Callington, South Australia, 1864-1954
           A0672No charity there. A short history of social welfare in Australia
           L2614No monument of stone: Elizabeth Woolcock's struggle through life
           U2227No need to be afraid: Italian settlers in South Australia between 1839 and the Second World War
           Q5523Noarlunga heritage study
           L4689Nohse - Rohkohl
           C1254Non-Britishers in Australia
           C4411Noonan history [family]
           L1431North Brighton [Adelaide] Burial Register [microform]
           Q1284North Terrace ... past and present
           L0364Northern Narrow Gauge
           C1577Northern Territory: its history and great possibilities
           C1571Northern Territory: tragic incidents recalled
           M0039Norton Summit Baptist Church, 1876-1976
           C0954Norton's Summit of other days [SSL:M A.787]
           L0530Norwood Public School Jubilee Souvenir: 1877-1927
           L0320Nostalgia and notes from Two Wells: a collection of miscellany from Two Wells
           L0531Not - 'Just Ordinary People': the Keyte family of Major's Creek and Moruya, New South Wales
           T8641Not a game but a way of life: some aspects of the effect of social change on the game of golf in Australia, with special reference to South Australia
           L0736Not for ourselves: A history of St Andrew's Hospital, Adelaide South Australia
           L4712Not quite straight: a memoir
           L0879Not saints, but girls: the first hundred years of St Peter's Collegiate Girls' School
           C1127Not without courage ... Hawke & Co. Ltd
           L5163Notable Lives: Profiles of 21 South Australians
           C0551Notes and reminiscences [SSL:M 614.88C]
           P1141Notes on engineers, technicians, manufacturers and contractors who have served South Australia
           C2617Notes on engineers, technicians, manufacturers and contractors who have served South Australia: a preliminary document for comment and discussion
           N5579Notes on ship models in the Art Gallery of South Australia
           L2060Notes on the Beesley family in South Australia
           N5943Notes on the history of the Society, 1875-1975
           Q0020Notes on the Institute Building, North Terrace
           L0139Notes on, and photographs of, pie carts [SL:M D 7269 (Misc)]
           L4014Ntaria, Hermannsburg: an introduction to the place, its history, and its people
           N2542Number 20. A pictorial history of theological education at No. 20 King William Road: 1914-1926 Chapman - Alexander Bible Institute, 1927-1968 Wesley College, 1969-1980 Parkin - Wesley College
           U0912'Nunga and proud of it'. Aboriginal languages in Adelaide: from the loss of 'Mother-Tongue' to language revival
           W0183Nursing in South Australia: the first hundred years, 1839-1937 [Destitute Asylum; Mental Hospitals; Bush Church Aid Society; District Trained Nursing Society; Mothers' and Babies' Health Association]
           X0247Nursing in South Australia; the first hundred years, 1837-1937
           L2571Nursing Oral Histories [SL:M OH 198]
           L1357Nursing Oral Histories [SL:M OH 200]]
           L5474O, Nobel Poet: the Poetry and Prose of Carl Ehregott Johann Von Stanke, 1861-1938
           B0841Oakbank: over the fallen log
           J1081Obituary: Richard Hugh Bell Kearns (1914-1991)
           U2234'Occupation typist': economics, gender and supply in the South Australian office, 1900-1935
           L1746Of many things: biographical notes regarding Robert Charles Venn of Adelaide, his origins, exploits and descendants
           F0556Of pioneers and people - the Johann Gersch story [Boras, Heinrich, Jericho, Kleinig, Lutze, Modistach, Modra, Schwarz]
           J0051Of ships, strikes and summer nights
           N5037Official civic record of South Australia, centenary year, 1936
           Q5578Official souvenir booklet
           N0356'Old and historic, but far from sleepy' [Truro]
           L0769Old Bob: the life story of Bob Robins B.E. M., 1902-1991
           L1929Old Bob: the life story of Bob Robins, BEM, 1902-1991
           C3337Old Clarendon Winery
           B1699Old Gawler: Murray Street, 1870-1920
           L0568Old Strathalbyn and its people, 1839-1939
           J0467Old Strathalbyn and its people,1839 - 1939
           S1285'Oldest South Australian medallist: Schlank Pty Ltd'
           Q2440On behalf of children ... a history of the South Australian Association of School Parents' Clubs, 1988
           U2235'On parade': spectacle, crowds and collective loyalties in Australia, 1901-1938
           N4719On the occurrence of marine fossiliferous rocks at Kerguelen Island. Section of a well-bore at Mulgundawa, near Wellington, South Australia
           L0544On the Streets Where You Live: a series of biographies of the people who gave their names to the streets of Mount Gambier. Volume 1
           Q2839On the wings of the Flying Fish: a history of lifesaving at Port Elliot
           D2455Once there was a very old gum tree. Sketches and art work by N. Garndorf
           J0882Once upon a wireless: an oral history of Australian commercial radio: summary record (sound recording) interviewers: Paul Linkson, Alec Macaskill, Bryce Radford & Vaughan Harvey
           J1070Once upon a wireless: an oral history of Australian commercial radio: summary record [sound recording] Interviewers: Nancy Flannery, Vaughan Harvey, Paul Linkson, Alec Macaskill & Bryce Radford
           L4406Once upon a wireless: an oral history of Australian commercial radio: summary record (sound recording) Interviewers: Nancy Flannery, Vaughan Harvey, Paul Linkson, Alec Macaskill, Bill Mudie, Rick Palmer & Bryce Radford [SL:M 309]
           Q0511One continuous picnic: a history of eating in Australia
           P0375One foot on the ladder: origins and outcomes of girls' secondary schooling in South Australia
           L0375One hell of a wonderful life
           L4988One hundred and Ten years with Golden Grove Presbyterian Church
           L2485One hundred Bay Sheffields
           N2996One hundred years of achievement 1858-1958
           C0009One hundred years of benevolent work
           N1095One hundred years of Christian witness in the Hundred of Baroota
           N5630One hundred years of education. Being a record of the development of the Education System of South Australia 1836-1936, with supplementary section covering educational developments in the past decade
           D0012One hundred years of Gawler Primary School
           D2458One hundred years of Local Government in the Tatiara, 1876-1976: a very brief history of Local Government issued by the District Council of Tatiara to mark its centenary celebrations held from 30th September to 11th October, 1976
           S0866One hundred years of Local Government: the District Council of Truro 1876-1976
           L5929One hundred years of Medical practice: the story of Ardmeen at 146 Belair road, Hawthorn
           C0950One hundred years of Methodism in Mount Gambier
           N4641One hundred years of rope making in South Australia. Centenary, 1871-1971
           N6516One hundred years of the Printing Union [PKIU] in South Australia, 1874-1974
           B0043One hundred years of Witness [Methodist?]
           N1336One Lord, one faith, one baptism: a history of Churches of Christ in Australia
           L4441Onkaparinga District Council: Balhannah; history volume 6a
           L4442Onkaparinga District Council: Balhannah; search volume 6
           L4443Onkaparinga District Council: Charleston; search and history volume 3
           L4444Onkaparinga District Council: Forest Range & Lenswood; search and history volume 1
           L4446Onkaparinga District Council: Lobethal: Lobethal; search volume 2
           L4445Onkaparinga District Council: Lobethal; history volume 2a
           L4447Onkaparinga District Council: Oakbank; search and history volume 5
           L4448Onkaparinga District Council: Woodside; history volume 4a
           L4449Onkaparinga District Council: Woodside; search volume 4
           Q5643Onkaparinga Heritage
           N1614Onward in faith: a history of the Quorn Uniting Church, 1880-1980
           Q5627Opening the doors of the past: heritage survey of Le Fevre Peninsula
           T5800Operation and review of administrative action in South Australia
           L5737Oppression to opportunity: Noske - Nuske families in Australia, 1847-1997
           L0442Oral History of Ornithology in South Australia: summary record (sound recording). Interviewers: Penelope Paton and Joan Paton [OH 164]
           L1617Oral history of women's political activity [SL:M OH 250]
           L0641Oral History of Women's Political Activity. Interviewers: Barbara Baird, Helen Chryssides, June Donovan and Adair Dunsford [SL:M OH 250]
           T6232Oral perceptions: the evolution of a community in the Mount Compass area, 1892-1978
           B1102Order of service: 125th anniversary of Church dedication: Nain Lutheran Church
           T8048Origins and early history of women police in South Australia, 1915-1935
           U2240Origins: a history of the Adelaide New Theatre movement, 1937-1950
           B0346Orroroo Agricultural Show Society: down through the years (1882-1982)
           N3813Orroroo and district 75th anniversary 1887-1962: souvenir
           N7462Osterstock Australian centenary 1976
           L5723Other Times: the life and work of Max Fatchen
           N4389Our Alice Springs. A brief history from its earliest times to the present
           C1910Our Bible Christian heritage
           C3340Our built heritage: proceedings of a seminar organised by the Department of Continuing Education
           C1875Our century
           L3163Our Don Bradman; our eleven [sound recording]
           C1201Our early pastoral possession and the pioneers ...
           L5446Our family Hams
           M0010Our first 100 years, 1877-1977
           L4462Our first fifty years: history of the Lodge of Loyalty, number 149 S.A.C
           C1000Our first hundred years: the Baptist Church of South Australia
           L0481Our Heart is the Land: aboriginal reminiscences from the Western Lake Eyre Basin
           L3081Our heart is the land: aboriginal reminiscences from the Western Lake Eyre basin
           Q2540Our honourable inheritance: a history of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Australia
           C1941Our invasion by the Chinese [SSL:M A 1165]
           Q1454Our Lady of the River: historical recollections, 1920-1986
           L5932Our Milne Clan, including Alexander, Paterson, Forbes, Macdonald, Hutchison and Stewart
           L0796Our own Matilda: Matilda Jane Evans 1827-1886 [Franc, Congreve]
           L1119Our past is special [Brompton Primary School. Video]
           L1219Our past is special [Brompton Primary School. Video]
           D0281Our South Australian past
           N6258Our strange past: Pine Creek, Appila 1875-1975
           L4015Our tracks: down through our life [Bell family]
           B1070Ours were the hearts to dare: a history of women's amateur athletics in South Australia, 1930-1980
           N6522Out of the rough: a history of the Mount Lofty Golf Club, 1925-1975
           E0313Out of the silence: Australia's Schools of the Air
           L1365Outback ghettoes: aborigines, institutionalisation and survival
           D2299Outback Policeman
           C4721Outline of origin and development of Mannum and District Council area
           N1434Over forty years ago
           Q5568Over the Hills to Nairne; historical glimpses of a South Australian Town
           L0905Overland Corner: a history of Overland Corner and its hotel
           S0935'Overland Telegraph centenary'
           S0936'Overland Telegraph centenary and review of telecommunication'
           S0938'Overland Telegraph Line: 100 years'
           L4692Owen Football Club 1909-1976
           L4345Paddle-boats of the Murray-Darling river system
           L3698Palm house restoration [videorecording]
           C3731Palmer Primary School centenary 1882-1982
           L1705Panorama U.C.A. [Uniting Church]
           L1039Paper written by C.G.F. Bauer "Angaston as it was in the early Fifties" for the Appila Agricultural Bureau in 1897
           W0129Papers [Directors of Education, the development of psychological work in the Education Department, 'Children and their Lawmakers', Venereal Diseases [Compulsory Treatment] Bill, Aborigines, Woman's Christian Temperance Union, League of Women Voters. SSL:M PRG 104]
           W0144Papers 1909-1965 [South Australian Journal of Nursing, Adelaide University Graduates' Union Gazette, Dependent Children, Interstate Congress of Workers, 1909; Stirling, H.; Spence, C.; Goldstein, V.; Aboriginal and Half-Caste Children; Read, Dr. G.; the Mothers' and Babies' Health Association; Truby King Mothercraft League; the place of Women in the Medical Profession; Morley, E. A.; Adelaide Children's Hospital; Mayo's out-Patient Clinic, 1923-1926. SSL:M PRG 127]
           L0103Papers and personal effects of Dr. J.J. Bray, comprising illuminated addresses, Letters Patent, certificates, regulations, caricatures, letters, legal opinions (with index), subject files, scrapbooks of newspaper cuttings, typescript of legal dissertation (Ll.D.), transcripts of proceedings, ceremonial dress and metal containers, photographs[SL:M PRG 1098]
           L0044Papers and photographs of the Shepherd and Middleton families, comprising diaries, photographs, photograph albums and daguerrotypes, certificates, genealogical papers, papers relating to estate matters, letters, newspaper cuttings [SL:M PRG 1102]
           L1555papers as collected by the Little Brothers & Barwell Boys' Association [SL:M SRG 503]
           L1965Papers collected by Margaret Klaebe relating to the poet John Shaw Neilson, comprising a typescript commentary by N. Robb, manuscript poem 'Lines written in memory of Adam Lindsay Gordon' by Neilson, newscuttings and photographs; and two poems written by W. Neilson [SL:M PRG 990]
           J0712Papers of Air Vice-Marshal A.E. ('Biffy') Borton comprising letters received from Ross Smith, Mrs Janette Verney, his father Col. Arthur Close Borton and others, journals by A.E. Borton while serving in the R.F.C. in the Middle East and of his flight from England to Cairo (both 1918); share certificate and personal share register of A.C. Borton; notes on Cheveney estate, Yalding, Kent; account with Norwood Sanatorium; papers relating to the purchase of 16th C. furniture; account book kept by A.C. Borton; photographs relating to Ross Smith; insurance papers for Yalding Parish Church; newspaper cuttings; printed regulations; menu; ink sketch; brass service uniform buttons
           J0798Papers of Allan Claud McDonald comprising mining records of metallurgic studies and his employment oat the Port Pirie Smelters (B.H.A.S. P/L) and Wiluna Gold Mines
           L2131Papers of Amos William 'Clover' Howard, nursery and farmer of Blakiston, comprising notes, correspondence, journals of account and press cuttings relating chiefly to his development of Subterranean Clover (Trifolium Subterraneum), together with photographs and correspondence of Cecil Howard and transcripts and bibliographies by David E. Symon, agrostologist [SL:M PRG 987]
           L6716Papers of Dame Nancy Buttfield, politician, comprising diaries kept by her as Nancy Holden, photographs including family photographs and photographs relating to her career and to 'Fairfield' youth camp, curriculum vitae, itinerary for Papua New Guinea trip and papers relating to the Dame Nancy Buttfield Embroidery Prize
           L1050Papers of Ellinor Gertrude Walker 1893-1900, comprising juvenile writings, poetry, play scripts, papers relating to pageants, typescript articles and short story, copyright certificates, musical scores, autobiographical notes, citation, obituaries, photograph, letter [SL:M PRG 1019]
           L1367Papers of Eric Herman Geisler (1899-1963), first headmaster of the Hairdressers' Training College, comprising letters, personal documents, contracts, police travel records, hairdressing-related items, advertising material, photographs, certificates, printed items [SL:M PRG 1028]
           Q4187Papers of Frank S. Kealley consisting of manuscripts of short stories and articles for school children, correspondence relating to "The Children's Hour", pen and ink sketches by Mary Milton, sketches by F. S. Kealley, lessons plan and architectural plans and colour sketches by F. S. Kealley of two residences [SSL:M PRG 910]
           Q4186Papers of H. W. ("Bert") Blyth comprising notebooks, notes, letters, telegrams, certificate, ration cards and photographs [SSL:M PRG 907]
           L0111Papers of H.H. Finlayson, mammologist, comprising recipe book 1807-1827, reminisces of H.H. Finlayson and of Helen Finlayson 1878-1895, chemistry notes, papers relating to farming at Sheaoak Ridge, Kangarilla, field notes, specimen lists, bibliographies and correspondence 1921-1991, manuscripts of journal articles and of 'The Red Centre', personal diaries 1970-1991, Sir Joseph Verco medal and biographical notes [SL:M PRG 1092]
           Q3944Papers of Herman August Thomson, Master Mariner, comprising book of accounts kept aboard the S S "Coolgardie" and tugs "Necelbee" and "Uraidla" and reminiscences of seafaring experiences together with yachting diaries and photograph album kept by his son, Lancelot Martin Thomson, Commodore of the Henley Sailing Club [SSL:M PRG 905]
           L0022Papers of Irene Bell, peace activist, comprising three International Women's Day Committee circulars, International Women's Day Committee life member's badge, Medal of the Order of Australia with investiture programme and citation, photograph of Irene Bell and of portrait presented to Irene Bell and eulogies of Irene Bell [SL:M PRG 1088]
           L4574Papers of James Charles Coke, commission agent, comprising letter of instruction from William Younghusband to undertake voyage trading in sandalwood, correspondence relating to trade in copper ore between South Australia and Wales, including correspondence with Henry Ayers, personal letters from Wales, letters relating to milling partnership with John Stevens, ships' papers listing imports and exports, tables and returns, invoices, genealogical data and grant of probate in estate of Charles Simmons Coke [PRG 1114]
           L6291Papers of James Llewelin Lewis, master mariner and owner of the ill-fated ketch Prima Donna, comprising apprenticeship indenture, mariners' ticket, certificates of discharge, testimonials, cargo book, ship registration, letters (including final letter to Annie Lewis), certificates of birth, death and marriage and portrait photograph, together with oral histories of Captain J.L. Lewis and his widow, Annie, recorded by Enid Chapman
           L1900Papers of Janet Cerise Harvey, nee Douglas, comprising birth and baptismal certificates, school girl's art works, school reports, Public Examinations Board certificate, business college report, portrait photograph and botanical transcriptions illustrated by hand [SL:M PRG 993]
           Q3258Papers of Jean Robertson, actress, comprising scrapbook relating to her acting career, telegrams from well wishers, theatre programmes and portrait photographs of Jean Robertson, George Arliss and Maurice Moscovitch together with press cuttings relating to her brother, Kenneth Robertson [SSL:M PRG 899]
           L5989Papers of Jessie Katherine March, missionary teacher, comprising letters from New Britain, including letters from former students in Kuanua language, letters from past pupils of Croker Island Methodist Mission, letters written at Otford, New South Wales, letters from Brachina, diary extracts, reminiscences and photographs of New Britain, children evacuated from Croker Island, Flinders Ranges and Ukurumpa, Eastern Highlands Papua New Guinea, together with transcriptions and biographical notes by Heather Graham
           L6295Papers of John Frederick Wood, historian and sports writer, comprising scrapbooks and notes relating to Australian football, football players and football clubs in South Australia, particularly Port Adelaide Football Club, manuscript for his history of the Margarey Medal and notes on baseball and the Glenelg Sailing Club
           Q4686Papers of John Henry Wiles of "Glenbank" manager of the Glen Osmond Quarries and Sanitary Inspector for the Burnside District Council, and family, comprising diaries, correspondence, household accounts, children's copybooks, school workbooks and memorabilia [SSL:M PRG 916]
           Q4421Papers of John Snoswell [boat builder of Deal] and descendants, comprising a list of his tools brought out on the "Africaine", family correspondence, volunteer militia target register, inventories of contents of Duke of Wellington Hotel and of residence "Hofwyl" Mt Lofty. Cash books, bank books, invoices and legal memoranda of John Marilyn Snoswell, saddler and farmer. Rent books and diaries, including World War I diaries of Cleveland Frank Snoswell, photographs of military camp, family photographs, ambrotype of Elizabeth Snoswell, probate and other papers relating to Snoswell family estates and genealogical data [SSL:M PRG 912]
           L2292Papers of Malcolm Cornelius Bonnar 1888-1975, comprising seven volumes of his war diaries 1915-1919, two army commissions (1918, 1920), copies of a letter from General Birdwood 1919, the citation for the Military Cross 1920, marriage certificate 1919, a letter from his grandfather 1905, Intermediate Certificate 1906, newspaper cuttings and printed items [SL:M PRG 983]
           L2206Papers of Mr Leslie R. Berry, comprising letters, reminiscences, manuscript essay, certificates, illuminated address, printed material, photographs and genealogical papers [SL:M PRG 985]
           L0006Papers of Mrs Ialene Eliza Dobson, nee Kluge, comprising certificates, letters, telegrams, photographs, identity and electoral cards, invitation, school text books, land tax assessment papers, debenture certificate, insurance papers, valuation for property at Plympton, ledger book of Plympton Ladies' Choir, and membership badges. Also included is a clearance certificate for Mrs Dobson's husband, A.L. Dobson, from his Masonic Lodge [SL:M PRG 1104]
           J0839Papers of Mrs Zita C. Smart comprising reminiscences of former employees of Ellis Cafes, price lists and menus, reunion attendance book, photographs, printed brochures, photocopies and newspaper cuttings relating to Ellis Cafes
           Q5152Papers of Natalia Davies, civil defence organiser, comprising Civil Defence Society and Women's Air Training Corps papers, lecture notes, service record, badges, photographs of civil defence exercises, press cuttings, scripts of short stories and plays, papers relating to Lampeter and lecture notes, certificates and correspondence of Amylis Laffer together with stretcher and trunk containing bandages, blackout papers, ground sheet, inert gas samples, gas mask and helmets [SSL:M PRG 925]
           Q5161Papers of Nita Olive Julia Thompson (1888-1970), author, comprising literary manuscripts of novels, short stories and poetry, personal diaries 1923-1961, family letters received and correspondence with publishers, newspaper cuttings, financial records, and three literary manuscripts of her sister Rachel Azalia Lydia Thompson 1883-1965 [SSL:M PRG 926]
           J0776Papers of Nora Kelly, equestrienne and journalist, comprising riding club score sheets, photographs, motion picture film footage, sound cassettes, diaries, journal articles, newspaper cuttings, speech notes, correspondence, cards, legal memoranda and school exercises
           Q3008Papers of Raymond Hynson Harvey, consisting of lecture notes written while studying for the Bachelor of Engineering degree at the University of Adelaide, and later writings by him. [SSL:M PRG 835 Restricted]
           L5535Papers of Robert J. Scrimgeour, Presbyterian Minister and church historian, comprising historical extracts, notes, correspondence and photographs relating to Presbyterian churches and church institutions, biographical cards, notes and photographs of Presbyterian ministers and papers and photographs relating to Robert Mitchell and Smith of Dunesk Mission assembled for a biography of Mitchell
           Q2954Papers of Robert McKinnon Wallace, merchant seaman comprising apprentice's indenture, continuous certificate of discharge, record of service book, character testimonials and photographs [SSL:M PRG 825]
           Q2990Papers of Sir Alexander Lyell McEwin, farmer and politician and his wife Dora Winifred nee Williams, relating mainly to Sir Lyell's activities as Chief Secretary of Health, Minister of Mines and President of the Legislative Council [SSL:M PRG 830]
           L4741Papers of the Burrows family of Gawler comprising extracts of birth certificates for Henry Burrows (1879) and his wife Ethel, nee Hambridge (1880), their marriage certificate (1905), a birth certificate for their son Jon Douglas Burrows (1918), and death certificate for Harry Burrows (1965); diary kept by Mrs Ethel Burrows while on an overseas trip to England in 1938; a photograph album of the trip, other photographs and papers relating to funeral expenses, and a membership card for the Gawler Baptist Church
           J0749Papers of the Gilbert family of Pewsey Vale including Joseph (1800-1881), his son William (1850-1923) and his grandsons Thomas (1889-1938) and Joseph (1884-1915). Papers relating to 1911 Coronation Cadet Contingent
           J0770Papers of the Jarman family of Kingston, South-East, comprising correspondence (ca. 1868-1949), apprenticeship indenture (1863), Will (1920), papers relating to religious matters (ca. 1868-1900), papers relating to J.J. Jarman's trip to England (1876), diaries (1886, 1924, 1936), papers relating to business and household affairs (ca. 1900-1930), business ledger (1903-1904), legal documents (1900-1922), and other family papers and photographs
           L5317Papers of the Lawson family comprising a note book belonging to Paul Harrald Lawson, account, letters, marriage certificates, brand certificate, membership certificate, invitation, papers relating to lease of burial plot, succession duty statements, newspaper cuttings relating to P. Harrald Lawson, and two photographs
           J0788Papers of the Livingston family of 'Curratum' and 'Benara', Mount Gambier, comprising family papers, photographs, artworks, letters, telegrams, diaries of Frank W. Livingston and sister, invitations, programmes, certificates, records relating to Miss Emily Livingston and her interest in Girl Guide movement, newspaper cuttings albums, printed material relating to 1911 overseas tour by John Livingston II and photographs of the family and their South-East properties
           L0141Papers of the Modern Pickwick Club, comprising the first minute book (1890-1891), programmes of reunions and annual dinners (1904-1990), rules (1921, 1934), reminiscences compiled by A. cooper in 1990, and a letter from an English Pickwick Club [SL:M SRG 566]
           L6714Papers of the Rev. Dr J.R. Blanchard, C.B.E., Presbyterian minister, comprising correspondence, a diary, sermons and addresses, scripts for radio broadcasts and epilogues, Bevan Memorial Lecture, newspaper and periodical articles, photographs, papers relating to the English Reformed Church, (Amsterdam, The Netherlands) and report on visit to Sholinghur and Pallipat
           Q3012Papers of the Reverend John Harold Madden, Anglican Clergyman, including certificates issued by the Anglican Church, by masonic lodges and by the Order of St John of Jerusalem; photographs of churches and church people. [SSL:M PRG 836]
           L5659Papers of the Yeatman family comprising reminiscences, letters, RMO report of Dr John C. Yeatman during WW2, transcript of a speech given by Dr Yeatman to the Lyceum Club and miscellaneous correspondence
           Q4959Papers of Thomas Barrett Bell, workingman of Queenstown, comprising Dust Scavenger's agreement forms, works references, fitter's certificate and photographs together with Brief History of the Life of Thomas Barrett Bell by Irene Bell [SSL:M PRG 924]
           Q4831Papers of Thomas Henderson, farmer of Enfield, comprising genealogical table, portrait photograph, Montacute Farms lease agreement, Cheltenham Cemetery allotment lease, probate grant and succession duties statement [SSL:M PRG 922]
           L5652Papers of W.H. Gray, landowner, comprising indentures for lease of property by Gray and Gray's estate, 1854, 1874- 1943, Gray's estate city plans 1912, deed book, trustees' statements 1896-1906 and rent ledgers 1934-1956
           J0695Papers of William Alexander, an emigrant under the Barwell scheme, comprising apprenticeship papers, passenger's ticket for the steamship 'Bendigo', diary of the voyage and a photograph of the Barwell Boys taken in Kintore Avenue
           J0868Papers of William Henry Watts, seaman, timber worker and unionist, comprising certificates of discharge and character following his service on sailing ships (1865-1879); lists of sailing ships and dates of service; auctioneer's maps of New Kingston, Hd. of Port Adelaide (ca. 1893); two letters to his daughter Miss Watts about transfer of her father's property of Rosewater (1939); a photograph of W.H. Watts and a newspaper obituary (1916)
           W0124Papers relating to the Wilderness School run by the Misses Brown, 1886-1969 [Wilderness School Magazine, Parents and Friends Association. Brown, Margaret; Brown, Mary Howe; Brown, Mamie. SSL:M PRG 156-1-5]
           W0198Papers, 1926-1963 [National Council of Women, Venereal Diseases Bill 1947. SSL:M]
           W0130Papers, C.1905-1967 [Kindergarten Union; Mellor, K. SSL:M PRG 253]
           L2554Papers, doocuments, correspondence relating to Sir J.L. Bonython's political interests, including business records for the 'Advertiser' [SL:M PRG 979]
           W0145Papers. C.1917-1962 [Order of the British Empire; Patriotic work in our schools 1915-1917; South Australian Children's Patriotic Fund; Schools of the Air; Ferguson, Mary; Women's Centenary Committee; Lady Gowrie; Girl Guides, National Council of Women; Kindergarten Union. SSL:M PRG 107]
           L4841Parade to Kensington
           C5109Parilla 1907-1980: a history of the land and its people
           Q5639Parilla Well: a short history of a South Australian country community
           B0319Park Street, the one hundred years of the Park Street, Unley, Church of Christ, 1882-1982
           L3827Parkside School jubilee souvenir 1885-1935
           Q1723'Parliament and Government'. Pp 351-380 in D. Jaensch [ed.] 'The Flinders history of South Australia; political history'
           L4298Parliament House
           J0597Parliament, parties and people. Australian politics today
           A0093Parliamentarians for the Seat of Gumeracha, 1857-1957
           Q1241Parrakie ... water under stone: a brief history 1906-1986
           Q1724'Party System: an overview'. Pp 381-393 in D. Jaensch [ed.] 'The Flinders history of South Australia; political history'
           C4370Paruna District, South Australia: telecommunications history
           B0995Paruna: from scrub to hub, 1913-1983
           A0151Past and present of rural Eyre Peninsula
           B1173Past and present: Peterborough Primary School
           L0642Pastimes in the early twentieth century in the Lower South-East. Interviewers: Joan Chewings and Pannsy Opperman [SL:M OH 222]
           N5757Pastor Doug: the story of Sir Douglas Nicholls, Aboriginal Leader
           C1948Pastoral lands
           N0053Pastoral pioneers of South Australia [index D. Aldersey, biographies]
           J1363Pastoral stations and reserves in South and Central Australia, 1850s-1950s
           C4843Past-times: early children's books in the State Library of South Australia, Myer Exhibition Gallery July 13-31, 1981. Prepared by J. Bayfield, P. Moore and S. Williams
           J0897Paths of righteousness: the history of Christ Church, Mount Gambier and St. Margaret's East Gambier
           L3203Paths of righteousness: the history of Christ Church, Mount Gambier and St. Margaret's East Gambier [and Holy Cross]
           D1554Pathway through India: the life of Amy Parsons, Pioneer [Missions]
           N6649Patrick McMahon Glynn: letters to his family [1874-1927]
           S0480Patrick McMahon Glynn; a founder of Australian Federation
           U2249Patterns and profiles: a study of the settlement population of the Mount Barker region, 1836-1841
           Q1773Patterns in perpetuity: a study of adaptive planning processes
           A0169Patterns of post-European Aboriginal migration in South Australia
           D0034Patterson family history 1849-1978
           A0057Paving the way. The Women's Suffrage Movement in South Australia
           L4494Paxton Square, Burra, South Australia
           L1433Payneham Cemetery [Adelaide] Burial Register [microform]
           L0759Payneham cemetery transcriptions [microform]
           C1374Payneham Methodist Church: a hundred years of Methodism
           B1920Payneham: garden village to city
           C4651Peace Church Salem, 1856-1981
           W0187Pearls from the deep. The story of Colebrook Home for Aboriginal Children, Quorn South Australia [Harris, Miss; Lock, Miss; United Aborigines Mission; Colebrook Home; Hyde, Miss R.; Rutter, Miss; Department of Aboriginal Affairs]
           L1220Pedigree chart: families of Horner, Rogers, Sutton (South Australia)
           L1120Pedigree chart: families of Horner, Rogers, Sutton (South Australia)
           L1221Pedigree chart: Hiern (Devon and South Australia)
           L1121Pedigree chart: Hiern (Devon and South Australia)
           L1009Pedlers of Australia 1838-1986
           L2204Peeling the onion: the story of a family [Blackburn]
           L2559'Peggy': a short story of horse and buggy days on Yorke Peninsula. With recipe appended [SL:M D 7158 (Lit. Ms.)]
           S0310Pekina: century and beyond
           L0529Penfold, Time Honoured: the history of Dr C.R. Penfold and Penfold Wines
           L4131Penfolds: the rewards of patience. 3rd ed.
           L0720Penicuik to the plains: a history of the Veitch family
           N5311Pennington Junior Primary. Back to school golden jubilee, 1929-1979
           L0243Penola commemorative biographies: the Josephites
           D2456Penola Primary School centenary history, 1979
           L1434Penola: historical selections, volume V
           C5038Penola: historical selections
           P0542Penola: historical selections, Volume III
           Q3347Penola: historical selections, Volume IV
           B0523People and places
           C1255People and places
           Q2110People, places and serious business: District Council of Kingscote, 1888-1988
           Q3348Percy Chennell: the man who killed the lottery
           C2595Percy Grainger; with a prefatory note by B. Britten and P. Pears
           C3001Percy Grainger's Kipling settings: a study of the manuscript sources
           E0080Permanent Heads of the Education Department: a retrospective glance
           B2280Pertaringa: glimpses of Hills' history
           L1520Peter McDonald 1851-1986: the family tree and a little history of Peter and Margaret and their descendants
           C4745Peterborough Baptist Centenary 1880-1980: souvenir programme
           N3822Peterborough centenary souvenir programme
           Q5507Peterborough heritage study
           M0001Peterborough Primary School 1881-1976. Assembled by year 7 students
           N3757Peterborough Profile. Drawings by B. Walls
           N3823Peterborough times, 1976 [centenary issue, Oct 7 1976]
           Q5638Petersburgh to Peterborough: a journey from 1875 to 1986
           C3871Pfeiffer family from Rakau 1779-1980. Descendants of J. Christian Pfeiffer [Auricht, Hausler, Kalleske, Kruschel, Schilling, Scholz, Schulz]
           L2283Philip Hollins of the Horseshoe Inn
           Q2622Phillips family tree, 1854-1989
           L1376Photograph album and newspaper clippings relating to the Young family of Clare [SL:M PRG 1026)]
           L3988Photos of Rose Grainger and of 3 short accounts of her life by herself, in her own hand-writing
           U0605Physical and social development of Salisbury, South Australia
           N0029Pichi Richi Railway, Flinders Rangers, South Australia [Quorn]
           A0134Picnics in the hills
           U1770Picnics, principles and public lectures: the social, cultural and intellectual role of the Baptist Church in South Australian country towns
           Q5626Pictorial history of Renmark: celebrating 100 years, 1887-1987 incorporating the Renmark and Paringa districts
           L4207Pictorial of Penwortham 1839-1996. Volume Two
           Q1327Pictorial of Watervale, 1846-1986: volume one
           F0644Picture theatre building in S.A. [SSL:M A928]
           Q1583Picture theatre buildings in South Australia [reminiscences of V. Jurs, Mortlock A928]
           J1333Piecing together the school at Grassy Flat
           U2261Pingle Farm [Noarlunga]
           C3397Pioneer building techniques in South Australia. First prepared as study on regional pioneer building techniques for the National Trust of South Australia, 1976
           Q2059Pioneer in Lutheran aged care: Fullarton Lutheran Homes; sixtieth anniversary, 1928-1988
           N0138Pioneering and progress of Kimba
           L3388Pioneering at Caralue and Cootra
           L1528Pioneering culture: Mechanics' Institutes and Schools of Arts in Australia
           N6341Pioneering in Australia and New Zealand: incidents in the life of the late Mrs. W. H. Reynolds [Dunedin, New Zealand] as recounted by herself
           Q1285Pioneering in South Australia
           C1076Pioneering in the back blocks of South Australia
           Q2004Pioneering Millicent and district: celebrating 100 years of the Millicent Agricultural Bureau, 1888 to 1988
           C1065Pioneers and problems: South Australia's musical history
           C4136Pioneers and progress: a history of the Lameroo District. Comp. in association with the Lameroo and District Historical Society
           C1752Pioneers of South Australia 1838-1936
           N1587Pioneers, priests and people: a history of Christ Church, O'Halloran Hill
           N3737Pirie Street Church, 1849-1972
           R0089Place names of South Australia
           C1945Place, taste and tradition: a study of Australian art since 1788
           U0675Planning and conservation of the historic urban environment in South Australia
           L6508Poem titled "The Test Match" by George Crowley, and a letter from Alec Crowley to Mr and Mrs Gillogly of Wingham, NSW, relating to the writer. The poem's story concerns the radio broadcast of a cricket match in which Don Bradman played
           D0825Points from the regulations and proclamations under the Fisheries Act, 1917-1962
           U2264Poison in the hands of children: the debate over gambling in 1960s South Australia
           Q1930Poles in Australia and Oceania, 1790-1940
           Q1592Policing the Cooper, 1874-1952
           B0650Popular revivalism in South Australia [1870's to 1920's]
           U1533Populate or perish: the decline of South Australian country towns, 1911-1961
           Q1738'Population change since 1836'. Pp 171-193 in E. Richards [ed.] 'The Flinders history of South Australia; social history'
           Q1824Port Adelaide 1836-1986: mudflats to metropolis
           C4157Port Adelaide and its Institute: 1851-1979
           D1070Port Adelaide Church. The history of the Church. The first 115 years
           C1674Port Adelaide Congregational Church. These hundred years
           Q5533Port Adelaide conservation study
           J1354Port Adelaide Customs records go to Australian Archives
           L6858Port Adelaide Football Club Souvenir Jubilee year book
           Q3732Port Adelaide News
           C1553Port Adelaide Presbyterian Church
           L5018Port Adelaide Presbyterian Church: the history of the Church ; the first 115 years
           D2169Port Adelaide Primary School centenary souvenir, 1862-1970
           B0584Port Adelaide since 1856: 125th anniversary
           D0826Port Adelaide: a brief history of harbor development and control
           C2134'Port Augusta'
           L5019Port Augusta Presbyterian Church: one hundred years ; 1885-1985 ; a brief history / compiled by the Minister and Members of the Charge, assisted by Friends of the Congregation
           N5492Port Augusta West Football Club Inc.: an historical booklet, 1915-1970
           C5169Port Augusta West Primary School centenary 1881-1981: echoes of the past
           D2218Port Broughton story, 1871-1971
           Q1169Port Broughton Uniting Methodist Church, 1885-1985
           Q5528Port Elliot and Goolwa heritage study
           N4532Port Elliot Council Chamber, 1879-1979
           T0500Port Elliot, 1848-1964: the rise and fall of a colonial port
           L5611Port Elliot: a history in words and pictures
           L5744Port Elliot: a history in words and pictures
           Q3734Port History Project. Tape-recorded interviews [SSL:M D6567]
           C4006Port Lincoln shipping [Whales, disasters, and the sea link with Adelaide]
           L1412Port MacDonnell and district
           S0981'Port MacDonnell District Council celebrates a centenary'
           L0762Port MacDonnell School history, 1863-1953
           Q0381Port Noarlunga Football Club: a history, 1935-1985
           P0145Port Pirie Motor Cycle Club 60th anniversary, 1924-1984
           Q5597Port Pirie Official Souvenir of Diamond Jubilee
           B0509Port Pirie remembers. Ill by I. Hele
           L4300Port Victoria
           Q4861Port Victoria Rural School Oral History Project, 1988. Date of recordings: November 1988 - June 1989. Total length: 2 hours (approx. to date) Interviewer: Port Victoria Rural School students [SSL:M OH113]
           L0749Port Vincent: shipping port to pleasure resort
           D2442Port Wakefield and Districts: commemorating a century of Local Government
           Q1941Port Willunga: the wreck of the 'Star of Greece' and an history of its jetties
           Q2635Porter ... they be thy people: an historical and genealogical record of the Porter families who settled in South Australia from 1839 to 1987
           F0583Portrait of a pioneer family 1838-1971 : F.W. Nitschke & his descendants [Arnold, Hubner, Kroeker, Kinke, Mattschoss, Seidel, Zimmerman]
           A0080Portraits of steam [Railways, Northern South Australia]
           J1345Post Office records a mine for personal, local history
           Q3677Postal history of Enfield
           L4764Post-colonisation heritage study of Glenthorne CSIRO field station
           C2388Posts and telegraph, overland mails [SSL:M RN 219]
           U2292Poverty, pauperism and power: the history of the Adelaide Benevolent and Strangers' Friend Society, 1894-1914
           Q3757Power in the Port
           L4529Power, progress & profit: a history of the Australian accounting profession
           Q0107Practical patriots: the work of the Cheer-up Society in South Australia, 1914-1964
           P1098Praise the pioneers and pursue their program: Temperance Alliance of South Australia centenary book, 1884-1984
           T6224Preaching the everlasting gospel: the Seventh Day Adventist Church in South Australia
           U0356Pre-industrial towns: a spatial and functional analysis over time and space. A comparative study of nineteenth-century South Australian and medieval Suffolk towns
           C1824'Preserve heritage of good town planning'
           T8692Pressure groups and public education policy in South Australia, 1910-1975
           B0070Price Centenary 1882-1982
           U0055Priest-Teachers and their schools in Australia
           C2227Prince Alfred College
           L1887Printing and publishing in South Australia: an exhibition of books, newspapers and journals printed and published in South Australia 1937-1968
           D2451Prints of historical buildings in the City of Kensington and Norwood. 12 pen and colour wash prints, published by City of Kensington and Norwood for its 125th anniversary. Contents: Heynes Book Shop, Rising Sun Inn [1st Norwood Hotel], Town Hall, Clayton Church, Adelaide Miethke House, Prince Alfred College, St. Matthew's Church, the Acacias, St. Ignatius College, St. Bartholomew's Church
           T0915Private and denominational secondary schools of South Australia; their growth and development (with special reference to the twentieth century)
           Q0034Private papers of South Australian historians held in the South Australian Archives
           L6152Proceedings at the ... Annual General Meeting
           N4304Proceedings of History of Moonta seminar, September 1970
           J1500Producing the Over-Aged Child in South Australian primary schools
           J1457Producing the Over-Aged Child in South Australian primary schools
           Q1966Professional engineers in Australia: institutional response in a developing economy, 1860-1980
           N7197Programme. 50th anniversary celebrations, September 1977. Grand Parade & Membership Activities Carnival. Railways Recreation Ground
           Q5596Progressive Port Lincoln, Eyre Peninsula, South Australia
           S0705Prospect, 1872-1972
           L2161Providence: 125 years of Josephite aged care 1868-1993
           U2305Provisional school teachers in South Australia, 1875-1915
           U2308Psychological theory and its application to departmental policy in South Australian schools in the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries
           U0044Psychological theory and its application to Departmental policy in South Australian schools in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries
           J1443Public assets - a case study: South Australia's Travelling Stock Reserves
           U2312Public land and the public mind: origins of public land policy in South Australia 1834-1929
           B1819Public Library Services in South Australia: the story to 1976
           T0853Public opinion and law in South Australia, 1836 - 1920
           U0678Public participation in the planning process: a review of the Australian scene and the main overseas trends as they affect Australia, with particular reference to the Noarlunga Regional Centre
           N3110Published papers of E.A. Cornish: a memorial volume
           Q3718Published sources of South Australian history - a select subject bibliography
           L5032Pulteney Grammar School 1847-1997: a Record
           X0098Pulteney Grammar School, 1847-1973
           N6336Pulteney Grammar School. The centenary: 1848-1948
           U1655Pupil teachers and junior teachers in South Australian schools 1873-1965: an historical and humanistic sociological analysis
           L0537Put a Fire in Her Boys
           Q5612Puttapa: springs from Beltana
           L0906Puzzle it out!: Women of note through the ages
           L1816Pyap and beyond: a biography of the Davies pioneers of South Australia
           Q3426Quaker women oral history project. Date of recordings: 1988 and 1989 (in progress) Total length: 9 hours 30 minutes (approximately) Interviewers: Jennifer Mann, Winsome Paul and Jasmine Payget (Additional material - comprising approximately 2 hours of recordings - has been added to this collection during the current month) [SSL:M OH13]
           J1089Quality Control in twentieth century South Australia
           U2317Quality control in twentieth century South Australia
           U0254Quality control in twentieth-century South Australia
           Q5658Quite remarkable: the story of the formation of the District Council of Mount Remarkable
           Q5611Quorn and District Centenary 1878-1978
           M0300R. Ingleby Ll.B. Q.C., 1820-1881. His family in South Australia, 1950-1980
           N3626R. P. Hewgill, Priest, 1875-1960 [Church of England]
           L0444Radio interview with Vera Bochmann (sound recording). Interviewer: Bryce Radford [OH 302]
           L0443Radio interviews with Len Beadell (sound recording). Interviewer: Bryce Radford [OH 303]
           L0646Radio interviews with Paul Maguire and Sir Mellis Napier[SL:M OH 126, formerly D4464 (sound)]
           J0883Radio programs about South Australian families: Radio 5AN; summary record (sound recording) interviewer: Philip Satchell
           L6422Radio Programs Commemorating the Closure of John Martins [Sound Recording] interviewer: Philip Satchell [OH 481]
           L6744Radiography in South Australia, 1930-1980 [Sound Recording] interviewer: Graham Truman and Graham Tidswell [OH 484]
           B0320Rails on the top end: the Adelaide Darwin Transcontinental Railway
           Q2453Rails through swamp and sands: a history of the Port Adelaide railway
           N4344Rails to the bay. In commemoration of the fortieth anniversary of the reopening of the South Terrace and Glenelg Railway as an electric tramway on December 14 1929
           L3269Rain in these shoes: anecdotal memoirs of Adelina Rossetto
           J1020Rain in these shoes: anecdotal memoirs of Adelina Rossetto
           L6362Ralph Louis Frederick Hains 30 March 1913 - 22 January 1989: his story
           L6089Ransom's Corner: Four Generations, 1852-1985
           Q1779Rations, residence, resources
           L0882Ratsch family history in South Australia 1869-1991: Johann Carl Julius Ratsch, January 1819-188, his wife Louise nee Griesche, 1840-1929 and their descendants
           L0507Raywood in the Adelaide Hills: the magnificent garden of T.C. Wollaston
           Q0969Razorback Range country: a history of the settlement and development of Mount Bryan district
           T0742Reaction to perception of shipping hazards, Curlew Point to Newland Head, 1836 to 1914
           L3342Read family history, Bute South Australia
           Q4906Real history: the Real Estate Institute of South Australia, 1919-1989
           C4122Rebels and precursors: the revolutionary years of Australian art [Jindyworobaks, Angry Penguins, R. Ingamells, M. Harris]
           L5490Recollections ...: a tribute to Heather Gell by those who Remember
           P0669Recollections of a lifetime in the Australian wine industry, from the years 1921-1978
           L0825Recollections of an Allendaler
           B2125Recollections of Joseph & Anne Patterson's family 1849-1983
           F0009Recollections of Miss Caroline Emily Clark [SSL:M PRG 389/9]
           B0682Recollections of Prospect, 1982
           L2513Recollections of Sydney Holmes Hamilton 1898-1987 [Ewell vineyards]
           N0209Recollections of the South Coast Area of South Australia, 1853-1978 [Harding family]
           S0566Recollections of the South-East
           L2363Recollections of three South Australian librarians by C. Badger [SL:M D 7172 (T)
           L0108Record consisting of a research note on A.M. (Archie) Ross of Salters Creek near Owen [SL:M PRG 913]
           Q2930Record consisting of an original 35mm nitrate film. Description on canister reads: "Film from Stanley Wine Company taken many years ago by Mr S. McLean of Clare". [SSL:M BRG 197]
           C3950Record of Broadview [Methodist] Uniting Church 1930-1980
           D1793Record of Northern Yorke Peninsula Agricultural Bureau Field Trial and Show Society, 1894-1945
           J0844Record of S.A. Assistant Masters' Association of Independent Schools of South Australia, and S.A. Independent Schools Board Inc., comprising minutes, miscellaneous correspondence, and a brief history of the Board
           L1158Record, comprising Cornish Emigrants' Roll compiled by the Cornish Association of SA and identifying people who were born in Cornwall and migrated to South Australia [SRG 515]
           L1258Record, comprising Cornish Emigrants' Roll compiled by the Cornish Association of SA and identifying people who were born in Cornwall and migrated to South Australia [SRG 515]
           L0149Recordings by Ron Edwards (sound recording) [SL:M OH 344]
           L4243Recordings concerning Alfred and Helga Freund-Zinnbauer: summary record [Sound recording]
           L0448Recordings concerning the Thebarton area: summary record (sound recording). Inteviewers: Ingrid Srubjan, Susan Marsden, Jean Durban and Eric Were [OH 297]
           L0052Recordings of Joyce Steele (Sound Recording). Interviewer: Meg Denton [SL:M OH 368]
           W0199Records [Leavitt, Mrs. C.; Equal Citizenship Department; Status of Women Department. Held in Temperance House, Adelaide]
           W0120Records [the Lady Mayoress, Non-Party Association, Mother's Union, the Women Teachers' Association, Catholic Women's League. SSL:M GRG 89]
           J0757Records comprising a minute book of the Green's Plains West School Committee (later the Thrington School Committee), 1916-1959, together with a letter regarding the closure of the school, photograph of the school, a letter to Miss Essie White (teacher at the school) and photograph of Miss White, and a photograph of a horse team during floods in the 1930s
           J0817Records comprising a typescript manuscript of an unpublished novel entitled 'Wanted, a General (a story for housewives)' together with essays and short stories, letter to and from the Polkinghorne family, articles by or about the Polkinghorne family and miscellaneous documents and photographs
           L5813Records comprising minutes of the Wine and Brandy Producers' Association and those of earlier organisations
           Q5492Records comprising subject files and correspondence files [SSL:M SRG 445 Restricted]
           Q4519Records consisting of letters received by Dr Pulleine from J.F. Jones, George R. Leggett, S.E. MacDonnell(?) and Wilfred Partridge. Also includes an annotated newspaper clipping, an article on "The Tasmanians and their Stone Culture", and a catalogue of his collection of artefacts sold at auction in 1972 [SSL:M D7077(L)]
           Q2935Records consisting of minutes of board and various committees, property files, publicity files, records relating to the running of Adelaide Miethke House, publications and project files [SSL:M SRG 403]
           Q2934Records consisting of photocopies of transcripts of A. W. Wilson's memoirs, short stories and poems, together with copies of documents and newspaper cuttings relating to Wilson. Transcripts have been prepared by his granddaughter, Bronwen Thomas [SSL:M PRG 820]
           Q2964Records consisting of photographic copies of a display of family records housed in the Sturton Church Salisbury. Histories of the church and the family are included in the records [SSL:M D6979 (Misc)]
           Q4195Records consisting of share registers, financial records, wages books and correspondence [SSL:M BRG 222]