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1318OAKFORD, Mary Ann
1319OAKFORD, Thomas
7953OAKLEY, John Herman
8948OASTLER, Mary
2146PT 259OATES, Edward J
79541282OBORN, Emily Elizabeth Russell
7955659OBORN, Herbert Russell
3306145OBORN, Herbert Russell
325289OBORN, John Stuart Russell
7956868OBORN, John Stuart Russell
39332200OBORN, Mary Ray
7957OBORN, Thomas Symons
7958O'BRIEN, Elizabeth Frances
7959O'BRIEN, Elizabeth Teresa Monica
7960O'BRIEN, Frances Josephine
39102180BO'BRIEN, Mary Ursula Frances
1320O'BRIEN, Rebecca
1321O'BRIEN, Thomas
7961O'BRIEN, Vera Gwendolyn
3563398O'BRIEN, Vera Gwendolyn
49181185O'BYRNE, Mary
39242191AOCKFORD, Florence Harriet
39312196OCKLEY, Sarah Evelyn
39362203O'CONNELL, Johannah Catherine
7962O'CONNELL, John
29851098O'CONNELL, Margaret
9355O'CONNELL, Margaret [2]
39202187O'CONNELL, Mary
3450286O'CONNELL, Sylvester Michael
49121177O'CONNELL, Timothy
3685524O'CONNELL, William Aloysius
8748O'DEA, Ellen Blanche
49131178O'DEA, Florence Mary [nee HENZELL]
7963O'DEA, Kathleen Rose
49141179O'DEA, Michael Leyden
49211886O'DEA, Patrick
39042175O'DEA, Patrick
7964ODGERS, John James
2709821ODGERS, John James
7965327ODGERS, Josiah Walter [Walter Josiah?]
2575PT 686ODGERS, Walter Josiah [Josiah Walter ?]
1325O'DONNELL, John
1326O'DONNELL, Patrick L.
39272193O'DRISCOLL, Ethel [Edith?] Annie
79661033OGDEN, Olive Isabel
30091122OGDEN, Olive Isabel
320746OGDEN, Olive Isabel
9000O'GORMAN, Nora Margaret
49281193O'GRADY, Mary Angeline Lucille
316612O'GRADY, Mary Angeline Lucille
28991012O'GRADY, Mary Angeline Lucille
39212188O'GRADY, Mary Jane
1328O'GRADY, Michael
39052176BO'GRADY, Thurza Lillian
7967785O'HALLORAN, Catherine
1329O'HALLORAN, Ellen
1330O'HALLORAN, Martin
2039PT 150OHLMEYER, Johanna
7968253O'KELLY, Christopher Carl
3281119O'KELLY, Christopher Carl
1331OLDHAM, Margaret
7969OLDHAM, Wilfrid
3651490OLDHAM, Wilfrid
3701540OLDHAM, Wilfrid
49151180O'LEARY, Daniel
7970O'LEARY, Humphrey James
39282194AO'LEARY, Kathleen
39292194BO'LEARY, Mary Julia
9226O'LEARY, Susan
7971OLIVER, Kate Agnes
7972485OLIVER, William Davison
2483PT 594OLIVER, William Davison
4389127O'LOUGHLIN, Bridget (nee CANNY)
3564399O'LOUGHLIN, Helena Marion
7973O'LOUGHLIN, Helena Marion
7974355O'LOUGHLIN, Joseph Patrick
39152184BO'LOUGHLIN, Thomas Stephen
7975O'MAHONEY, Ellen
1335O'MAHONEY, James P
49261191O'MAHONY, Mary Agnes
8849O'NEAL, Maria
9208O'NEIL, Alice
1336O'NEIL, Mary
9339O'NEILL, Mary Ellen
1337O'NEILLE, Anastasia S.
2180PT 293OPIE, Amelia
39082179OPIE, Amelia
39162185AOPIE, Edith Blanche
3330169OPIE, Elizabeth Irene
7976281OPIE, Elizabeth Irene
7977648OPIE, Ellie Louisa
28891002OPIE, Ellie Louisa
2398PT 510OPIE, Nicholas
7978318OPIE, Nicholas
2311PT 423OPIE, William
3386224ORAM, George Fred
7979ORAM, Gwynfred
1338ORCHARD, Ann
1339ORCHARD, John
7980O'REILLY, Edith Rose
29561069OSBORNE, Edmund Arthur
9068OSBORNE, Ellen Adelaide
3331170OSBORNE, George Wingrove
1340OSBORNE, John
1341OSBORNE, Mary
1342OSBORNE, Samuel
2127PT 239OSBORNE, William Henry
7981671OSBORNE, William Henry
7982638O'SHAUGHNESSY, Michael Joseph
9314O'SHEA, Mary Kate
6719OSMOND, Henry Fox
1904PT 14OSTER, P.J.
7983626O'SULLIVAN, Edmund
1344O'SULLIVAN, Ellen
39092180AO'SULLIVAN, Horatio
1347O'SULLIVAN, James J
9167O'SULLIVAN, Margaret
39112181AO'SULLIVAN, Margaret (nee OLDHAM)
39222189O'SULLIVAN, Mary Ann
8746O'SULLIVAN, Mary Ursula
39342201OSWALD, Ada
320847OSWALD, Ada
3042OSWALD, Ada
7984OSWALD, George Harry
3411247OSWALD, George Harry
7985773OSWALD, Hillsea Muriel
7986OTTAWAY, William Stanley
2682794OTTAWAY, William Stanley
1350OTTO, Charles F.
1351OWEN, Adelaide
29051018OWEN, Edith
316713OWEN, Edith
49291194OWEN, Edith
49171182OWEN, George
1352OWEN, James
1353OWEN, Marion
7987OWEN, Minnie Lucas
316814OWEN, Sarah
308219OWEN, Sarah
49301195OWEN, Sarah
1354OWEN, William W.
8888OWENS, George

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