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Attribution and Referencing

Under Moral Rights law, you must provide sufficient acknowledgement of the work copied, identifying the creator/author and the work from which the copy is taken (by its title and other descriptive information). Acknowledging the source of your work also helps avoid claims of plagiarism.

Moral Rights include:

  • Right of attribution: The right to be acknowledged as the author/creator of the work.
  • Right against false attribution: The right not to be falsely attributed as the author/creator of an unauthorised version of the work
  • Right of integrity: No alteration, mutilation, derogatory treatment.

A standard attribution statement should include:

  • author
  • publication year
  • title
  • publisher
  • figure/chapter page numbers
  • if copied from a website, the URL and the date accessed.

If you don't know the source of the work, you need to indicate this with the following statement:

Source unknown. All reasonable efforts have been taken to identify the copyright owner of this material. If you are the copyright owner or know who they are, please contact

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