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Copyright Notices

The Copyright Act requires the University to display notices on individual works copied or communicated for the educational purposes of the University. The University is also required to display prescribed warning notices on University equipment used to make print copies or to create electronic reproductions. These notices provide some protection against the University being found liable for authorising copyright infringements by students or staff.

Under s.39 and s.104 of the Copyright Act, the University is required to display Warning Notices on University equipment which is used to make print copies or to create electronic reproductions.

Where equipment is unsupervised or does not display the required Notices warning users of the implications of their copying practices, the University can be found liable for authorising copyright infringement.

Under s.39A of the Copyright Act, all University of South Australia Faculties, Departments and Libraries must affix this Notice near or on all University equipment which can be used to copy or communicate copyright material, including machines with the capacity to create electronic reproductions.

This Copyright Notice should be displayed if you are reproducing or communicating any text, images, or notated music in electronic form.

 Copyright Notice

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