Other provisions for students with disabilities

Format shifting (personal use)

This provision allows individuals to make a single copy of non infringing material they own into another format for personal use. This provision may be of use to a person with a disability who wishes to convert material they own into an accessible form.

Research and Study

This provision allows an individual to copy limited amounts from a copyright work for their research or study. Works copied in reliance on this provision may be copied in any format, including accessible formats without the need to obtain prior written permission from the Copyright owner. For more information on whether or not you can rely on the 'Fair Dealing' provisions please refer to Copyright Overview.

Educational Licences

The University's Statutory Licences can be used to copy limited amounts of text (including sheet music), images and television and radio broadcasts for the University's educational purposes. You may be able to rely on these licences to assist students with disabilities as material can be reproduced under the licences in hardcopy or electronic formats and in accessible formats such as Braille or large print. These licences can be used to assist students with any disability, not just print or intellectual. Refer to Educational Licences for further information.

Publisher copies

Some publisher's provide digital versions of their publications for exclusive use by print disabled students. You will need to ensure that you comply with any terms and conditions of use governing use of the digital file.

NOTE: These versions are not always compatible with the University's software.