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Managing references


Referencing, or citing, is the practice of acknowledging sources of information and ideas that you have used.

As with most academic writing, you need to provide evidence for all sources you refer to - not only to acknowledge 'ownership' but also because the source gives credibility to the ideas you are expressing.

References within a paper must follow a consistent system, or style. Referencing styles are consistent ways of displaying a citation or a reference within a document. Generally the reference will display the author, title and publication details of an item. The University of South Australia’s version (Harvard-UniSA) of the Harvard Author-Date system is used for many courses.

Roadmap to Referencing

Need help referencing using the Harvard-UniSA style? Not sure what type of source you have?

Follow the Roadmap to referencing (opens in new window) to help you decide what your source is and show you how to reference it according to Harvard-UniSA style.

The Learning and Teaching Unit’s referencing webpage also has more information, including help with other referencing styles.

Reference management

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