Find out what you can borrow and access, including eBooks and laptops. Learn how to request and return items, how recalls work and what to do if you’ve lost your card

  • UniSA students: Scan your student ID barcode to borrow from the self-check machines. You can use either your student ID card or download the 'University of South Australia' Student App to do this.

    OUA students: Use your OUA card to borrow from the self-check machines.

    You are responsible for all items borrowed on your card.

    If you are having difficulty borrowing an item please use the nearest service point to ask for help or contact Ask the Library.

    • Up to 50 items may be borrowed
    • Main collection (8 weeks)
    • High Demand (4 hour and 4 day)
    • Journals (14 day)
    • eBooks:
      • Loan periods for eBooks vary by publisher
      • You can find out more about using eBooks through the guide
  • UniSA staff and students can borrow in person from:

    Present your Student ID card at their Service Desks. For more information on borrowing conditions at these Libraries, please see their websites.

    To borrow from another University Library that is a member of University Libraries of Australia and New Zealand (ULANZ), it is important to verify eligibility with the Library you wish to register with as local borrowing conditions may apply.

  • Laptops are available at each metropolitan campus for loan to UniSA, CELUSA & SAIBT students. 

    They can be borrowed for up to 4 days, on a first come first serve basis.

    Renewals and requests cannot be made on laptops. 

    Laptops not returned on time will incur overdue fines ($5 per day) and invoicing will apply for lost or damaged laptops or missing parts.


    • All laptops are located in the self-service LapSafe units
      • City West: Level 2 of the Jeffrey Smart building, near the Tech Zone
      • City East: Level 3 in the corridor opposite computer barn B3-30
      • Magill: East Wing, to the right of the entrance up the steps
      • Mawson Lakes: Ground floor, behind the Ask the Library/IT Service Point
    • Laptops are available for loan during each building’s opening hours
    • Available laptops are indicated by a blue light
    • Laptops that are still charging are indicated with a red light
    • Laptops are loaned with a charger (no mouse or bag)
    • You will need your student card or the Student App to borrow a laptop
    • Follow the instructions on the unit to borrow the laptop


    • You will need to use your student card or the Student App to return the laptop
    • To complete the return process, you must plug the charger in the self-service unit into the laptop
    • The laptop will remain on your record until it has been plugged in so please make sure that you have connected it to the power source
    • Please make sure you save your work on a USB or external drive before returning the laptop to the Library. Once the laptop is rebooted all added files will be cleared in the same way as the machines in the computer pools

    Laptop details

    • All laptops have wireless networking capabilities which allows connection to the University network while on campus

    Software available on each laptop:

    • Microsoft Windows 7 (x64)
    • Adobe Digital Editions
    • Adobe Flash Player
    • Adobe Reader
    • Apple QuickTime Player
    • EndNote
    • Microsoft Internet Explorer
    • Microsoft Office Professional Plus:
      • Microsoft Access
      • Microsoft Excel
      • Microsoft OneNote
      • Microsoft Outlook
      • Microsoft PowerPoint
      • Microsoft Publisher
      • Microsoft Word
    • Mozilla Firefox
    • Microsoft Security Essentials
    • Skype
    • VLC Media Player

    Conditions of use

    • By borrowing a laptop, students accept responsibility for the care of the laptop and will make sure that it is returned in good condition and on time
    • Loans are limited to one laptop per student
    • Borrowers who are suspended will not be able to borrow a laptop
    • If a laptop is returned with parts missing or faulty, you may be charged replacement costs
    • Damaged or non-returned laptops may be invoiced at cost
    • Costs will be determined by the University’s Information Technology unit
    • Please contact Ask the Library immediately to report any problems
  • 4 day loans and main collection items are automatically renewed.

    Use myLibrary to keep track of when items are due for return

    An item will not be renewed if any of the following apply:

    • It is a 4 hour loan
    • It has been requested by another patron (fines apply for the late return of recalled items)
    • It has already been renewed for the maximum time allowed
      • Up to 40 weeks for main collection items (subject to recall)
      • Up to 28 days for Journal and DM collection items (subject to recall)
      • Up to 16 days for 4 day loans (subject to recall)
    • You are suspended from borrowing
    • You owe more than $110 in Library fees
    • Your patron record has expired
  • Document Requests

    UniSA staff and students can request electronic delivery of documents (journal articles and conference papers) held by the Library and not available at your home campus.

    Once you have found an item in the Library catalogue:

    Physical Item Request

    • Requests can be placed on items that are currently out on loan or held at another campus
    • Requests cannot be placed on 4 hour loans or items held within our special collections
    • Requested items must be delivered to another campus. Items requested at the same campus will be cancelled 

    Requesting an item

    Once you have found an item in the Library catalogue:

    • View Availability for information about the item's location and availability
    • If the item is unavailable, click on the green Request button 
    • Log in to myLibrary using your University username and password
    • Select your Pickup Location 
      • If the requested item is available at the selected pickup campus, you are expected to retrieve it yourself.
      • If you are eligible for postal delivery services select the location Off Campus Library Service and the item will be sent to you
    • Click on Request

    You will receive an email when the item is ready for collection and you will need to borrow the item using the self-check machines.

    Items that are on the shelf at another campus or held within offsite warehouse should be available within 2 working days.

    You can keep track of requests as well as cancel your request(s) by logging in to myLibrary.

    If you are having trouble placing a request contact Ask the Library.

    Checking the status of an item request

    • Select myLibrary and login using your UniSA username and password
    • Scroll down to review your requests
    • Requests pending are not yet available
    • Requests available are ready for collection at your Pickup Location. These items will be held for 4 days. Check the Expiry Date of the request
    • For more information regarding your request contact Ask the Library.

    How long do I have to collect my item?

    • Requests will remain on the item request shelf for 4 days once they become available
    • You will need to borrow the item using the self-check machines
    • If an item is not borrowed within 4 days it will be removed from the item request shelf
    • The email notification that you receive about your request will indicate when it will be removed from the item request shelf if it is not borrowed

    My request status is ‘pending’, what does this mean?

    • This means that your request is not available yet
    • Regularly check the status of your request via myLibrary but it is important to remember that it might take some time for your item to become available
    • Item availability depends on whether the item is on loan or whether it needs to be transferred from one campus to another
  • Recalls occur when an item that is on loan is requested by another patron.

    What if I need an item on loan to another patron?

    • Placing a request for the item via the Library Catalogue will automatically generate a recall of the item
    • For main collection items, this will reduce the current borrower's loan period to a 14 day loan
    • You will receive an email when the item is ready for collection

    What if an item on loan to me is recalled?

    • If you have an item that has been requested by another patron, automatic renewals will not occur
    • Fines apply if the recalled items are not returned by the amended date
    • Check myLibrary to keep track of when items are due for return

    At the time of borrowing:

    • If you borrow an item which already has a request on it, the loan period is automatically reduced to 14 days for main collection items
    • Keep track of due dates via myLibrary

    Existing items already on loan:

    • The weekly Borrowing Activity Statement sent every Monday by email will inform you if an item you have borrowed has been recalled and the new due date
    • For main collection items, this will be 14 days from the date of recall. If the item is already due within the recall period then that due date will remain unchanged
    • For 4 day loans the due date will remain unchanged
  • Check myLibrary to keep track of when items are due for return. Items can be returned via the returns chutes at any Campus Library.

    Oversized items that do not fit in the return chute can be returned during opening hours within each library.

    Returns Chutes

    Return chutes can be found at the following locations:

    City East

    • To the left of the library entrance (see video)
    • There is also a return chute inside the Library near the photocopiers

    City West

    • There are two return chutes located on level one of the Jeffery Smart Building:
      • one is next to the southern lift near the CareerShop
      • one is located near FMAssist
    • You can view their locations on the Digital wayfinder


    • Outside the library entrance on the left hand side

    Mawson Lakes

    • Inside the glass foyer on the right before entering the Library
    • To return items at this campus outside of opening hours, you will need your student ID card. Please visit Security to activate your card for this access


    • In the external Library wall, access via the walkway leading to the Library’s entrance (just before the set of electronic doors)


    • The Library sends a weekly email Borrowing Activity Statement every Monday
    • This statement will include details of all items on loan, their due dates and any outstanding fines/fees. It will also indicate if an item has been recalled or the due date changed
    • Patrons with no loans or outstanding fines/fees will not be sent this notice
    • The Library will no longer send courtesy Overdue or Recall notices
    • The Library will continue to send out notices relating to requests available for collection and invoices
    • Emails are sent to UniSA student accounts
    • To avoid overdue fines and invoice processing fees return your items by the due date
    • Check due dates by logging onto myLibrary
    • For further information contact Ask the Library
  • If you have lost your card you will need to report this to Campus Central and organise a replacement card.

  • Please report any lost items to Ask the Library.

    A $110 Lost Item Replacement fee will be charged if an item is lost or damaged.

    If you are paying:
    • On campus, all payments for both cash and credit card (visa and mastercard) at Campus Central
    • Via telephone for credit card payments (visa and mastercard only), contact Ask the Library Service on 1300 137 659
    • For cheque and money order payments post to Library Administration, GPO Box 2471, Adelaide SA 5001

  • Library fines and fees apply for non-returned, lost or damaged items.

    To avoid Library fees:

    • Take note of the due date on your loan receipt
    • Return items on time
    • Read your University email every day to check for Library notices
    • Don't ask others to return items for you
    • Keep track of your due dates via myLibrary
  • Overdue fines are applied for High Demand and recalled items requested by other patrons and not returned by the due date.

    Overdue fines will accrue at the following intervals:

    • 4 hour loan: $2 per hour overdue
    • 4 day loan: $5 per day overdue
    • 14 day loan: $2 per day overdue
    • Main collection recalled items: $2 per day overdue
  • Each overdue item is invoiced for $110 Lost Item Replacement fee.

    This fee is separate to any overdue fines accrued and will need to be paid if the item is not returned.

  • Items that continue to be overdue are invoiced at the following intervals:

    • 4 hour loan: 4 days overdue
    • 4 day loan: 8 days overdue
    • 14 day loan: 28 days overdue
    • 8 week loan: 28 days overdue

    Remember you should be checking your loan receipt, myLibrary or myUniSA.

  • Return your overdue item; then you will only be liable for any associated overdue fines.

    If you have lost the item please contact Ask the Library.

  • You can pay fines in person, by phone or by mail:

    • On campus: all payments for both cash and credit card can be paid at Campus Central (all credit card payments must be made either by Visa or MasterCard)
    • By phone: contact Ask the Library on 1300 137 659 to pay via credit card (Visa or MasterCard)
    • By mail: cheques and money orders should be posted to:

    Library Administration
    GPO Box 2471
    Adelaide SA

    Please note: Library fees cannot be paid by WebPay, Post BillPay or Bpay.

  • Library staff will consider all legitimate concerns relating to fees.

    Reasons that do not constitute a basis for dispute include:

    • lack of knowledge of Library policy
    • unwillingness to take responsibility for material loaned to a third party
    • forgetting the due date
    • non-receipt of weekly activity notices via email or in the mail
    • email inbox was full
    • disagreement with Library penalty policy
    • returning items to non-UniSA libraries by mistake
    • not being on campus
    • on study period breaks, summer vacation or on placement
    • changed opening hours
    • It is important to make sure that all library fines are paid as soon as possible to avoid the risk of being placed in Bad Financial Standing with the University 
    • If you owe $110 or more in Library fees you will be blocked from borrowing
    • Borrowers remain in Bad Financial Standing until all fees are cleared
    • If you have been placed in Bad Financial Standing due to outstanding Library fines please contact Ask the Library or visit Campus Central to pay your fines
    • It takes approximately 1-2 business days for the Bad Financial Standing to be cleared after a Library fine has been paid.
    • If you have any questions about this please contact Ask the Library for assistance

    Postgraduate Research Degree Students:

    • If you are receiving a research degree scholarship please be aware that Bad Financial Standing stops payment of stipends until outstanding fees are paid
    • For more information regarding  research degree scholarship payments please contact Graduate Research
    • For more information about Library fines and fees please contact Ask the Library