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Catalogue Tips

5 ways to get the most out of the library catalogue

This month the Library is highlighting some useful features that will help you get the most out of the Library Catalogue. These features work best when signed in. You can sign in using the MyLibrary or Sign in button in the top right of screen on the Library website or Catalogue. Check out the information below or watch the 5 ways video.

1. Save your favourites

To save resources to your personal favourites list, select the pin icon on right of individual resources.

To save a whole search set, select the pin icon at the top of your search results.

The list of your favourite resources and searches can be found by selecting your name in the top right of screen and choosing Saved items.

2. Set up alerts

To set up an email alert for new resources on a specific topic, create a search and save it to your favourites folder following the instructions above. Then go to your Saved items, and choose the heading Saved searches. Locate the search you would like to receive alerts for, then select the bell icon. The alert will be sent to your UniSA email by default.

3. Personalise your results

You can personalise your search results to your research or teaching discipline to see more relevant results from the Catalogue. Select the Personalise option at the top of your search results, tick the relevant disciplines, and select Personalise it!

Once your disciplines are set, personalisation can easily be toggled on and off using the Personalise button.

4. Use voice searching

The Catalogue can now be searched using speech recognition. To use this feature, select the microphone icon in the search bar and begin speaking your search terms.

5. See what’s new

It’s easy to see new resources that have been added to the Library collection. Run a search on your topic of interest, then using the Refine my results menu on the left, locate the filter for Recently added and select the time period you would like to see.

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