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Study Spaces

There are a variety of student spaces in each library for individual study and group work.

Check the floor plans of each campus for locations:

City East | City West | Magill | Mawson Lakes

Please don't leave any personal items unattended in the Library, make sure you return all Library items and leave the space tidy when you go.

The Library accepts no responsibility for loss of personal items, and anything left unattended may be moved by Library staff.

The Library is planning for the SP5 exam period. Dates to be confirmed. 

Designated quiet spaces

  • If student study rooms are not available, the following designated areas can be used by students to complete their exams
  • During exam period, signage will be displayed within the Library to notify library users of these spaces
  • Mix of PCs plus powered BYOD areas. These are existing quiet areas


City East

Brookman Building

All of level 4 including Library training room (centenary Building)

City West

Jeffrey Smart Building

All of level 4


B Building

All East wing including Mezzanine

Mawson Lakes

C Building

All of Level 3


From 4th May to 4th July

Study rooms

  • From 4th May – 28th June: the block that prevents booking a room more than 7 days ahead has been removed
  • From 30th May – 4th July: room booking duration has been extended from 2 hours to 4 hours
  • Bookings will be forfeited if the student does not occupy the room within 10 minutes of the start time

For further details - see Exams in the Library

Each campus library has a range of bookable study spaces including individual and group study rooms. Most are equipped with computers and whiteboards and some contain additional equipment including smartboards.

Check the details of individual study rooms and make a booking on the booking pages or by using the Student App

You can book a room up to a week ahead, for a maximum of one 2-hour session per day. Your booking will be forfeited if you do not occupy the room within 10 minutes of the start time.

Group study zones have large communal tables, whiteboards and other equipment for group discussion and collaboration. Feel free to talk, but be considerate of others who are working in these areas.

Some areas have been designated as silent or quiet study zones for individual study. Please switch your phone to silent, use headphones with the volume turned down and keep conversation to a minimum – please leave the area if you need to talk.

If you find students are disrupting your study in the quiet or silent areas, you should speak with them directly and point out the "silent" or "quiet" signs to them. If they continue to disrupt you, please contact library staff and we will be happy to assist you.

Informal zones and lounges have comfortable seating for when you need a break from study.

There are computer pools and individual PCs for student use in all libraries. Check the Pool Availability webpage to see which computers are free.

Training rooms and collaborative teaching spaces also contain PCs and are free for students to use when they are not booked. Check the room schedule on or near the door.

Adaptive Technology Suites are available at each of the metropolitan campus libraries and include specialised computer facilities for use by UniSA students with disabilities.

Once you have registered for this service with Disability Services, you can access the suites with your student card. More information is available through the Disability Hub.

You make a booking up to a week ahead, for a maximum of 4 hours per day (2 x 2 hour bookings).

Multi access suites have been established in all metropolitan libraries with a modified version available at 101 Currie Street.

Smartboards allow you to interact with digital content projected onto the board – you can control applications directly from the board using your hands or the pen tools provided.

There are smartboards in JS2-02, JS4-02 and JS6-02 at City West. Watch this video for an introduction to their use.

Boards with SMART Technologies are in A2-09 at Magill and C2-13 at Mawson Lakes. A variety of applications can be used with the SMART Board including Notebook software which is specifically designed for use with the board. To open Notebook on the computer attached to the board go to:

Start > SMART Technologies > Notebook Software > Notebook Software 10.

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Please observe UniSA social distancing protocols and the capacity of the study room that you book.