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Text, Images and Digital Readings

The University of South Australia has a licence that enables staff to copy and communicate limited amounts of text and images for the educational purposes of the University, without needing to obtain permission from the copyright owners.


  • Copying must be for the non-commercial educational purposes of the University.
  • Strict copying limits apply
  • Access must be restricted to University of South Australia staff and students.
  • The Copyright Notice should be displayed for material made available online or in digital form (e.g. email, DVD, PowerPoint) prior to communication.


You may link to a website without infringing copyright, provided that the content on that website is not in itself infringing. Before linking to a website check the terms and conditions on linking. Some websites do not allow deep linking - only a link to the home page is permitted. If it is not obvious to the user that they are being linked to another website, the copyright owner might be able to argue that the link infringes copyright.

Class Handouts

You may print as many copies as necessary of book chapters, journal articles or slides from your PowerPoint presentation to distribute to your students. For example, if there are 200 students in the class, you can print 200 copies, plus some spares. The only limits which apply are the limits to how much you can copy from the work itself.

Digital Readings:

Contact the Digital Readings Service for assistance in providing access to articles and chapters you want to make available as eReadings online.

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