TV and Radio Broadcasts

University of South Australia staff are able to copy and communicate television and radio broadcasts from free-to-air, satellite and cable services for the educational purposes of the University without obtaining permission from the copyright owners.

Any television or radio broadcast can be copied, including podcasts of broadcasts originally aired as free-to-air broadcasts and available from the broadcaster's website (e.g. podcasts of ABC programmes originally screened on TV). This does not include subscription services such as Presto, Stan and Netflix.

To make content from these services (and other commercially purchased content) available online will generally require permission. For assistance with obtaining permission please contact Ask The Library.

There is no limit on how much or what type of material can be copied. Broadcasts of commercials, documentaries, feature films and television shows can all be copied, regardless of their commercial availability.

There are no limits on the number of copies you can make; however, each copy must be clearly labelled and deposited in the Library before you can use it.

Podcasts which have been created exclusively for the internet (i.e. not broadcast 'free-to-air') cannot be copied for the educational purposes of the University. However, you may provide access to these materials via a link.

Copying or communicating pre-recorded AV material is strictly prohibited. However, you may play commercially purchased or hired DVDs, CDs or videos (in part or in full) to students in the classroom without infringing copyright.

The audience must be restricted to those taking part in the course of instruction, or who are otherwise directly connected with the University. Hired videos are subject to contractual arrangement and should be used only in accordance with the terms and conditions of the rental agreement.

You may copy podcasts and webcasts of overseas broadcasts provided the country hosting the website is a signatory to the Rome Convention for the Protection of Performers, Producers of Phonograms and Broadcasting Organizations.

  • Copying must be for the non-commercial educational purposes of the University.
  • Access must be restricted to University of South Australia staff and students.
  • The Copyright Notice should be displayed full-screen immediately prior to communicating the program to the screen.
  • All off-air broadcast recordings should be labelled, stating that the copy has been made for the University of South Australia, the date of the broadcast and the date the copy was made.
  • A Terms of Use Notice should be incorporated into the cover of any CD/DVD containing material copied, which clearly states the conditions under which the content is being made available.

For assistance in uploading media files to the library streaming server, contact the Digital Readings Service.

  • EduTV (via Informit) - Find over 30,000 programs from a range of learning areas. Includes documentaries, and programs broadcast on pay TV channels such as The History Channel, National Geographic, BBC Knowledge and Discovery.
  • TVNews (via Informit) - Streamed videos of Australian television news, current affairs and selected documentaries from the free-to-air networks. Content from 2007 onwards.

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