Cultural Advice

Aboriginal Peoples are advised the Library Collection contains images, voices and names of deceased people in physical and online resources.

The Library recognises the significance of the traditional cultural knowledges contained within its Collection. The Library acknowledge some materials contain language that may not reflect current attitudes, was published without consent or recognition, or, is offensive. These materials reflect the views of the authors and/or the period in which they were produced and do not represent the views of the Library.

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International Day of People with Disability

International Day of People with Disability is December 3.

Did you know that:

UniSA Library is committed to supporting people with a disability by providing inclusive accessible spaces and resources, and along with every part of the University, an equal opportunity workplace.  For more information on the services the Library provides, please see our Diversity and Inclusion page.

What can I do to support my peers and colleagues who have a disability?

There are many things you can do to ensure people with a disability feel included in your classes, workplaces, and communities. A great place to start is the A to Z of disability etiquette - check out this resource for tips on how to adjust your communication style to be more inclusive of people with various disabilities.

What about in the workplace?

In April 2023 the Federal Government declared Australia needs to do better at employing people with a disability. We can start by remembering that disability is not just limited to people in wheelchairs; there are many different faces to disability, including hidden disabilities. The Australian Government has made available these useful resources:

More information is available from JobAccess.

How can I make my teaching more inclusive?

These great resources contain information on inclusive teaching and research practices:

There are also a number of high quality resources on the Making Advocacy Accessible webpage of The Commons Social Change website including inclusive research, First Nations Peoples with disabilities and an Australian Disability Language Guide.

Is there anything else I should know?

Yes, the following resources also provide useful information.