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Workshops and Seminars

These HDR workshops are offered as part of the University's EDGEx program and are designed to support Research Degree Candidates throughout the research life cycle.

Find out more about our wide range of research workshops by looking at the workshop descriptions.

Individual appointments or tailored workshops can be arranged by contacting your Library Services Team.

Workshops are listed at the link below. If no workshops appear none have been scheduled.

All workshops in the series should be booked to secure your place to attend. A detailed description for each workshop is available to help you decide which session is best for you. You can contact your Library Services Team to arrange an individual appointment or tailored workshops for your research group.

If you are completing a higher degree by research you MUST register via EDGEx.

Staff, postgraduate coursework and honours students can view sessions and register here

There is an online equivalent for every Library workshop.

Browse our research guides to learn at your own pace anywhere, anytime and on any device.

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Videos cover topics such as: Endnote, Learning Nvivo, SPSS statistics training, Data visualisation tips and tricks and Tableau training.

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iThenticate (an online tool to help avoid plagiarism and to educate yourself about responsible research writing)

iThenticate is an online tool which has been designed especially for academic researchers and Higher Degree by Research candidates. It is also used by most of the major journals to screen submissions before they are sent out for review. The system can be used both to check your own research writing to prevent inadvertent plagiarism, and can also be used to help develop the quality of your writing and help develop your own writing 'voice'.

To use iThenticate you just need to be registered, and an account can be established by emailing a request to from your UniSA email account. (All commencing research students are now registered on iThenticate at enrolment, but if you're not sure whether this was the case for you or if you have registered but forgotten your password, send an email explaining the situation to and we will sort it out.)

Documents or segments of writing are easily submitted to the system and these are then compared with millions of other documents in both the various iThenticate databases and also the Internet more generally. iThenticate generates a colour-coded similarity report showing any matched text and where the original can be found. This report is usually generated within a few minutes of submission. Submitted documents are NOT stored in the iThenticate database for comparison with future submissions. This means that documents are not compared with earlier versions of themselves and, therefore, that iThenticate can be used more easily in a developmental way. Your documents are available to you for later reference and can also be shared with your supervisor or other iThenticate users should you wish to do so.

If you want to know more about iThenticate a Moodle resource site has been developed. This includes sections on accessing and using iThenticate, interpreting reports, FAQs and, for those wanting more complete understanding, the full iThenticate user manual. The iThenticate website also contains useful information, but remember to register through before trying to log in so that you are not prompted to 'buy credits' which you do not need!

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