Description: A work of art in a gallery, exhibition, installation or public place


  • Types of artwork include paintings, sculptures, murals etc.
  • Works of art cannot be easily recovered by readers, so describe them in detail in-text instead of referencing.
  • Italicise the titles of artworks.
  • If you wish to cite a work of art found online or in a book, refer to 'Image or diagram'

In-text citation

Format and layout:

There is no standard reference format for artworks, so convey as much information about the artwork (e.g. title, artist, date of creation, location) as possible in your sentence.


Piccinini's 2005 sculpture Big Mother, housed in the Art Gallery of South Australia, presents...

Reference List / Bibliography

Format and layout:

Objects like artworks cannot be easily recovered by readers, so do not include entries in your reference list. Describe in-text in as much detail as required, as above.