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Magazine Article

Description: An article in a magazine containing news or editorial opinion


  • If a magazine article has no author, cite the magazine title as author and include the specific date of publication in brackets in-text, e.g.
    • In-text: The Economist (2012, p. 86) highlights...
    • Reference listThe Economist 2012, 'Reforming LIBOR: the $300 trillion question', vol. 404, no. 8804, p. 86.

In-text citation

Format and layout:

Author's family name OR Authoring body (year, page number if applicable)
(Author's family name OR Authoring body year, page number if applicable)


Giedroyc and Reed (2012, p. 25) compare...

...equivalent musicians (Giedroyc & Reed 2012, p. 25). legend (McEachen 2011, p. 82).

Reference List / Bibliography

Format and layout:

Author's family name, Initial(s) year, 'Title of article', Title of magazine, date OR publication information, pp. x–xx.


Giedroyc, M & Reed, B 2012, 'Was Lennon really a genius?', The Spectator, 6 October, pp. 24–6.

McEachen, B 2011, 'Dante on Dante', Empire, no. 127, pp. 82-6

Wolff, R 2012, 'Warhol Warhol everywhere', ARTnews, vol. 111, no. 8, pp. 76–81.

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